11 October 2017

Daily Kpop Idol Makeup ✨ THE FACE SHOP 2-in-1 Curling Mascara Review | FISHMEATDIE

I hope you guys like this simple everyday K-pop Idol Look! ✨ The Mascara and the lashes really complete the look, and I love that THE FACE SHOP's 2-in-1 ...

hey guys hi mekka my channel so for

today's video I'll be doing an unboxing as well as a makeup tutorial with the products that I recently got from the face shop so the face shop just sent me this wonderful jar full of makeup product and later I'll be removing my makeup and demoing them for you guys so the main star of this jar is the two-in-one curling mascara so this one is not like any regular mascara it actually comes with two brushes the first brush is your normal mascara wand for like your top lashes and you know for normal lengthening and curling but the second hidden brush is actually on the top so when you open it charge on my mascara gave birth so aside from the mascara they also sent me this multi stick foundation it comes in a two and then on the other side you have a brush to buff it out if you guys can see in the middle of the foundation there's something white and I think that's actually like an essence for like that Joey look the super cover concealer in the shade m203 the ink gel pencil liner in the shade 10 raspberry burgundy the brow mastic ink pen which is a marker type of product actually really like the Prada the single blush in the shade o

our 3d Matt touch lipstick in the shade the are zeros as well as these three single eyeshadow so actually went to the face shop a long time ago and I remember swatching this particular shade and I wanted to get it so bad but I was so broke but now I finally have a chance to try this out on my eyes and I cannot wait so that was it for this mini unboxing and onto the makeup tutorial let go the face shop's 21 curling mascara contains two ones a big one for normal ashes and a small one for bottom lashes they promised to catch and curl all hidden lashes and has an extra hold effect that can last from morning till night they promise to be extra curling cooked drying and super lightweight the 200 curling mascara is come in two shades black and brown and they're available in all the facial outlets as well as the face shops east store first I'll be using the face shops aircon make a base to prime my face this product has SPF 30 PA plus plus and the lavender color will color correcting the yellow tone of my skin before applying foundation I'll be concealing and color correcting my skin using the

LA girl HD Pro concealers I originally only wanted to use the fake up concealer that I got to highlight my face but the coverage was so good that I actually ended up using it to cover some of my acne scars as well after concealing and color correcting I'll be going in with my foundation unfortunately these thick foundation that the fish upset me was a bit too light for my liking I'll probably use it as a cream highlighter in the future but for now I'll be using my new Kat Von D foundation although it's full coverage it feels very lightweight and comfortable after foundation I'll be highlighting my under eyes and my nose virtue with the super cover concealer from the faceshop I found that aside from being full coverage this concealer doesn't crease at all and it does really well under heat oil and sweat once it's on I'll dampen my beauty sponge with the nature public Alamos and I'll use the fish ops oil clear blotting powder to set my under eyes immediately this ensures that it doesn't move throughout the day as I mentioned I really like the brow lasting ink pen database shops and me at first I

thought that it would be too thick I actually find that it's very manageable and super easy to use if you want more precise brows you can use a concealer or another brow product to sharpen them I find that on days when I'm rushing join my brows on with the smarter super convenient since I had the time for this video I decided to go ahead and sharpen it with my NYX eyebrow powder after filling in my brows I'll be using a brow Cara to match them with my hair when my tooth has broke are finished I picked up this designing brow car from the faceshop and it was actually a really good match with the ink pen and with my hair once my brows are matching match with my hair I'm going to be contouring my nose I used to do my brows quite near with each other but nowadays I give them more space and I blend them in together with my nose contour [Music] after the nose comes the cheeks and to bring out a more pronounced cheekbone effect I'll be using the all blotting powder again to reverse contour [Music] for my eyes I'm going to start off with

a light wash all over my lids next I'll be using a dense round brush and I'll be applying this rosy color into my crease one way of making it then nicely is to gradually bring the color above your crease and not to just fully concentrate on the crease using an angled fluffy brush I'll be contouring the outer v of my eyes as well as bringing back the first rosy color into the bottom lashline to give it a pop of bling I'll be using my fingers to pop this warm gold color into the middle of my eyes I've never used a pencil liner before this so I was really worried that the line that I was gonna draw would be too thick I actually followed a young musician sujin technique from her fall makeup tutorial and I was actually really surprised with how nice the eyeliner came out the fish ups in gel liner is super creamy and it's super easy to work with and as you can see the raspberry color really matched well with my eye shadows too after lining my eyes I'll be adding this champagne shade into the inner corners of my eye for lashes I'll be using these super cheap ones that I got from forever 21 after the

glue on the lashes becomes tacky I use tweezers to place them on my lashes starting from the ends once it's secure I press the falsies and my natural lashes together with an eyelash curler to end my eye makeup I'll be finishing with mascara I really like using the faceshop stewin curling mascara in black for my top lashes because it really makes them full and the brown one for my lower lashes because they look super super natural the big brush gets into every individual top lash and coats it evenly but it doesn't really feel heavy at all I do see it's like curling effect on my lashes and you can use it daily on its own without falsies but for maximum crawls and 4dk popping look that I'm going for today suggest curling your lashes beforehand the mascara dries really complete and so far I've never had a clumping problem the slim one catches and Lincoln's off my bottom lashes and helps to give me bigger looking eyes when I first started applying mascara on my bottom lashes they would always run or they would always stain my under eye area but happy to say that this mascara from the faceshop doesn't do that at all it dries

really quickly it doesn't smudge it doesn't run and it doesn't look too spidery or too unnatural to her lips I'm going to be using in his face canola honey lip balm followed by the fish of Matt Touch lipstick in the shade skin nature Brown although this lipstick is a very bold brown based red lip color I finally gives a natural my lip but better effect when layered on sheer what I usually do is a put it on the center of my lips and diffuse the edges with a brush so yes that was it for my makeup tutorial using the two in one curling mascaras from the face shop so I really really like these mascaras they're very lengthening and they're very volumizing to the lashes it doesn't clump at all and I actually prefer using the slim brown one on my lower lashes because I feel like they look more natural and the big black wand is actually really good for your top lashes because they really do that give it that very dough-like like llama like effect so these two are now my go-to lashes combination if you guys are interested in any of the products that I use today in this video do check out the description box below all the products

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