12 June 2017

CURLY HAIR ROUTINE + Summer hair care tips | Mariah Leeanne

Hello curly girls! I have an updated curly hair routine for you all plus some tips and tricks on how to take care of your hair for summer time. I hope you all enjoy, ...


hi guys today's video I'm going to be doing a curly hair routine I have not done a curly hair routine and quite some time so I'm super excited for this video make sure you guys stay tuned towards the end of the video because I'm going to be sharing some of my tips on how you can protect your hair during the summertime and also how to protect your hair if you're going to pull or Beach and all of that good stuff so I hope you guys all enjoyed this video make sure you subscribe to my channel and let's get started I'm starting off with Co washed hair and I'm using my kinky curly knot today this is a leave-in conditioner and a detangler it smells amazing has such a nice lip to it and I really like it because it's very lightweight and its really good for my hair type so now I just section my hair in half and I detangle it with a white tooth comb Oh [Music] so after I detangle my hair I apply a styling product lately I've been using the diva curl styling cream I absolutely love this product it's a very lightweight it doesn't weigh down my

hair so it gives me the volume that I like and also it's a hundred percent sulfate paraben and silicone free which is awesome now using my Denman brush I actually use this brush in the shower to detangle my hair but lately I've been loving using this after I apply my products it kind of helps I get the product on every single strand and really give you like that defined curl without any first [Music] and then I just repeat the same process all throughout my hair [Music] so once all of the product is doing my hair I actually come my hair back just because I don't like to part my hair and then air dry or blow-dry like that I don't really like to have like a harsh part in my hair if that makes sense I like to kind of like be able to flip it to either side so I like to blow-dry it straight back [Music] and then after I scrunch my hair I let my hair air dry for about thirty minutes and then I like to blow-dry I use my Revlon blow-dryer on warm heat and on the lowest speed now I know some

of you guys are probably wondering why I'm not diffusing my hair and to be honest I don't diffuse my hair all the time if anything I use just a regular blow-dryer by itself personally I think it gives my hair the volume that I like every time I diffuse my hair it makes my curls a lot shorter more tight it gives me volume but I don't know I just personally like to use a blow dryer without the diffuser attachment it's just a personal preference and this is honestly how I get the most volume also I like to blow-dry my hair upside down and this gives me a lot of volume so you guys might want to try that out as well [Music] once my hair is a hundred percent dry I like to separate my curls I like to just separate some of the bigger clumps but you want to be careful that you're not doing this too much because this can add frizz now using my pick I just flip my hair upside down and I like to pick from underneath rather than picking at the top of my hair because it does tend to make my hair a little bit frizzy err but honestly I kind of like first that's what mainly gives me my volume but if I

pick up the top my hair is going to be too frizzy and then it just won't look good then I like to just find my part and lay down my edges so to lay down my edges I use my Shea Moisture curling gel souffle I actually use this in my hair and I really didn't like the way it felt in my hair my hair just really doesn't like gels so I found an alternative way to use this and I use it to lay down my edges and it does a great job of doing that [Music] [Music] [Music] okay so now I'm moving on to ways where you can protect your hair during the summertime I do want to apologize if I hear my son he is actually right down here he is a wide-awake right now he does not want to take a nap and I really wanted to do this video for you guys so I'm sorry if you hear him but yeah let's get started my first tip would be try to wear a protective style or wear your hair in a loose bun or braids I personally like to do buns I don't always wear them loose just because I do like to wear my hair and you slip back bun or like you know do like flat twists

or something like that but it is always better to wear your hair in a loose bun or even wear a hat so these are the type of hats that I like they're kind of like hipster and urban and typically on a day where I'm going to be outside for a long time I would put my hair and a hat like this um since it is summer though this would be really hot so what I would do is I would put my hand up first so I just go ahead and grab my hair and then I get click like this something like this would be perfect for the summertime you're going to be out all day or if you wanted to just put a hat on you get then go ahead and rock your hair like this I personally think this is really cute so next we're going to be talking about how you can sell your hair at a pool now chlorine is not good for any hair type chlorine is very drying so it would be ideal to swim in a saltwater pool but most pools do have chlorine in them so a way that you can swim in a pool with chlorine is make sure that you wet your hair first because your hair is going to want to absorb any type of liquid then it comes in contact with so if your hair comes in contact with chlorine your hair is going to absorb all that chlorine so

I like to get my hair wet before I go in the pool and then also you can add a little bit of conditioner so that way you have even more protection over your hair and also wear your hair in a loose bun or braids and your hair won't get as tangled in the water now if you guys have the chance to after you get out the pool you want to wash your hair immediately you don't want the chlorine sitting in your hair so what I recommend is if you're going to a friend's pool bring shampoo and conditioner with you they usually have showers at the pool so that way you just take a shower there or if you have a full clothes buy your house go home and wash it out of your hair because you don't want the chlorine sitting in it my next tip is going to be deep treatment I'm not usually about like once every two weeks I should be masking a little bit more but I have a son else so it's a little bit harder for me to find time to do a mask but I would recommend doing a mask at least once or twice a week but you do have to be careful of the proteins that may be in your deep treatment because if you have too much protein it can cause breakage so just be mindful of that my next tip

would be putting a SPF in your you can do carrot seed oil shea butter hazelnut oil coconut oil sesame oil all of those oils have a natural SPF in it so if you put that in a spray bottle mixed with water you can just spray that all over your hair and your hair will be protected alright guys so that is all for today's video I hope you enjoyed it please let me know down in the comments below on what you guys would like to see next also don't forget to follow my Instagram and subscribe to my channel and with all that being said I love you guys so much and have a great day [Music]