04 July 2017

Curly Hair Care Routine From The Experts | Wavy Hair Care Tips

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icon to never miss any updates of new videos from both my styles hey guys this is avnish and we're happy in the head to be today we're gonna talk about everything to do with curly hair how to enhance its natural texture what kind of product to use to enhance its natural beauty and how not to torture [Music] survivors Pallavi she has really beautifully curly hair and what we're going to do today is all we're going to wash it and we're going to naturally style it using a diffuser that's the correct way to dry really really curly hair and this same thing we're gonna do today can be applied to Maile very going all the way up to really win little curly hair so that's a great way to shampoo your hair is to shampoo the scalp really gently and to condition there now for curly hair I want to use preferably silicone sulfate and paraben free products now the band is not so important of the ingredients because taking called a barrier to form on the hair thereby not allowing any moisture to penetrate so today we've use a Pro Kara it's a shampoo which is sulfate and by urban freak

[Music] so guys you finish washing ballotines hello slightly squeeze all the excess water out by using a cotton t-shirt or really tinder the correct way to the jungle for the air is only when is this dripping wet one doesn't wanna comb or brush through all finger comb curly hair once dry because that's exactly what leads to study hair yeah so at this point around when you've come out of the shower Oh you can also comb your hair when there is conditional still in the hair you guys I'm gonna use a little bit of the Moroccan calling perfection cream I'm going to make sure with a little bit of Hadi aloe vera gel this generally will apply on the face and body as well we are going to use it on the hair it's really really light yeah now mixing the two you can use either one is one you don't have to use both I'm using both for more definition and I'm going to gently sort of take sections and just emulsify it through the hair from the mid to the end we're going to proceed with the scrunching of it what does contouring means it means gently sort of closing the fifth of your

hands on your hair just as if you were crumpling a piece of people yeah so we're just going to go into this upward motion of scrunching there now here I'm just going to be using the till attachment is called the diffuser okay one can find it in any beauty store you can get the one that fits the mouth of your dryer we're going to be using a Chow bar today to attach it does okay the heat under speed boats can be medium or you can if you want to dried a bit faster use high heat with medium speed if you use full speed you're going to end up filling the head out for medium speed or low speed works the best yeah so we're doing in small section probably told me earlier that she is trying to grow out so here at this point in time is not layered at all now I do need for curly hair you definitely want to layer the hair out whether it's really short hair were you wearing holy pixie or bob or you have really really long hair newer is the best option because you can sort of take the weight out and it calls much better as if you leave it unload the weight of the hair will pull it down and it won't call to its maximum capacity

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] so this is how ring with Akane Colleen Pallavi here is once you done defusing you can also take the wrists vertical sections and twirl them around your finger this is called single twisty so these will give you more ropey kind of columns you know so you can also take a little bit of the gel or maybe even some maraca nut oils and just sort of tight on the shaft of the hair and just single twist it this will give you more definition around the face and also has settle any trace phrase that you might have so you can even plot for more volume that I just go upside down with your hair and go back up they'll give you a lot of root lift and body normally when you see Korea people they have a lot of natural volume anyway but in case your hairs on the finer side you can definitely flop and you'll get a lot of amazing root lift and one so guys the diffusing or or if you think Lewis Conger here will you give this incredible sort of a wet look because of the gel and the leaving cream the

reviews because the main problem that people have this fully baby hair is the fact that they always think it looks dry damaged frizzy unmanageable acceptor so this will allow you to keep and tame your career adn so guys we finish the Baldrige look today Pallavi what do you think well I think the fabulous is perfectly volumize I love it also so internally baby how you guys three main thing the super important one to not comb your hair dry ever cause combing will equal phase ii keep your hair really beautifully moisturized because the main thing with Halle Berry as it loses moisture really quickly at all times so please try and use silicon substrate and paraben free products as in the longer run it is really benefiting hope you guys like this video don't forget to subscribe to book my style thank you you