12 August 2016

Create new beauty products with these mixology tips

Makeup artist Dino Dilio shows you how to bump up your makeup routine by mixing your products together!

do you know dealios do anime we're going

to talk about makeup mixology so you can be a little scientist at home you might have all of these products right now but you might not know how they can actually work for you and make things a little bit easier bump up your looks by mixing things together and also to right there's so many new products coming out on the market every day now that you wonder if what you have is good enough yeah right or do I need to have that other thing so you probably have all of these things I'm going to show you how to make those expensive products the first one is concealer so we all have a good concealer but what you can do now is you can actually add a little bit of light reflection into your concealer so what you're gonna do is the first thing when I talk about is your hand this is your mixing palette this is what makeup artists always used to test and mix and everything the great thing about it it super cleans easily but the heat of your hand helps to melt the product so we're working with all wet and creamy products today yeah so this is a great palette when you're doing that that's why artists are caught you guys are constantly washing your hair oh is this

is your workspace artworks me and also we're watching them just to not put it on other people sometimes it happens you know you get on their clothes that's true so what you can do is take a little bit of your concealer you can use a this is like a palette knife that you as makeup artists use but you can use like a butter knife or a toothpick even ok what you're going to do is take a little bit of cream of the concealer then I'm taking this is like an illuminating pen it's like lumen-a ting cream but it's in a pen form so you're gonna do is you're gonna put that on next to it and you gotta give a couple couple drop these things are always tricky sometimes you need a lot of clicks to make their there okay then mix it so I'm gonna mix it on your hand you're gonna see how nice and creamy becomes and see how it's got that nice light reflection and that reflects light makes us look younger my guys and I wish I could wear it but I looked so like and going to a disco you know i love my disco right hahaha so that's why some mix up on that batter so dark concealer completely you get a little bit a little bit of a light reflection nice now so everyone has a

foundation but sometimes in the summer time you want to switch to a tinted moisturizer right so like your own it's all basically equal parts you're gonna take us quarter to however many squirts you need for your foundation and you're gonna take equal amounts of a moisturizer okay whatever whatever my your whatever user on your face were already okay and then it mix those together and you get a really very sheer mm-hmm and lighter your tinted moisturizer which everyone loves to switch to in the summer months nice and lightweight because I do not need your makeup melting down your face and the hot Sun this is gonna make you feel like you're not when it's much much later and on the weight on the weight side as well right now in the same subject as foundations we also can add illumination to foundation lumination two foundational a collar so what you do this is just an average foundation that doesn't give a lot of reflection it's just you know kind of a natural finish you can see okay and then to add it just like we did with concealer you're gonna add some shine that a little bit of illuminator this one is for the face

it's the primer so you can use pry anything that has illumination and look how that adds a beautiful reflection again to make us young and it's okay that you're putting that everywhere on your face right because your foundation you're using for full coverage it's okay if you've got that aluminum on tip and want to say is when you were a reflection if you're a little fuller in the face on the bottom maybe don't do it under the cheekbone to the jawline got it okay cuz otherwise if you do it there the light reflects and it can make it look bigger right remember light reflection is highlight so wherever you put his gonna amplify got it we have time for another one yeah right on so cream blush we love cream blush but sometimes we get a color summer comes along we got a bit of a tan it's not bright enough so all you want to do could just do it all with your fingers so take your cream blush first down your hand pallet put a bit more than you think you need okay then I'm gonna take this sort of poppy pink and I'm gonna add a little bit take your lipstick yeah thank your breath exactly mix that in yeah maybe you think oh it's a bit too

bright at more of the light and look at you've created a custom blush and then you wear that with your lipstick and you are a hot what I'm so good okay that is great there's so many times when makeup artists take out colors and you think that is way too much if you're the one that's responsible for making the mix yeah make it as bright or is not bright as you want it when I see clients and I do lessons this is what I'll do it said what do you think of that coho it's too bright so I start to show them a temper down or then he got those girls that want it loud right and as it is but just gonna put this all over your face why not yeah you do another one sure okay so a lot of you may have these facial mists which have multiple purposes it can either hydrate your skin you can use it after makeup to set your makeup yeah but it's also really good to is most eyeshadows can be used wet when you add an eyeshadow becomes more intense and it lasts longer on your eyes so what you do is your gonna take your mr. yeah you're gonna miss your brush you're gonna pick up your eyeshadow and look how intense that is that's good and you're not having to go in tonight

Shadowfell valentines again that intense is a really good trick to a cheap I makeup yeah you know when you put it on and go where to go right wedding it's like me think of water big water paint in school right that's yeah I love that there's one thing you need to know always though when it comes to mixing your sunscreen in the products yeah don't do it no you have to this is the only exception because if you start mixing something into your sunscreen you're lowering the protection of your sunscreen you're diluting it so if it's a 30 you're not gonna get 30 you're gonna maybe get 20 or 15 the more of whatever you mix into it is gonna dilute it and take away the protection factor thank you for that it welcomes your lack of science on this