11 June 2018


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hey guys what's up so today I'm here I'm back you know it's been a while so I bought this juice from juice land it took him like approximately like 20 minutes to make I'd say not even kidding twenty minutes and it sucks so not sponsored you know I'm sure be getting ready today as I do every single other video that I've ever made ever I'm gonna be vlogging - what so I'm excited for that so last time you'll know I had a lights in my background because I shouldn't spice things up and the lights didn't work you know they kept falling it just wasn't a good you know it wasn't a good situation however the backgrounds boring you know I'm trying to spice it up always I'm trying to add new stuff to make it look better so I added some pictures cuz you know the pictures worth a thousand words so I thought I'd add some pictures you know the character from roblox his name is noob and then I have David he's a minion this week so y'all been really wanting an IRA routine and I haven't been doing it because I don't want to so I'm gonna do it now because I got to stop avoiding the issue I gotta just do it and get it

over with so that no one can roast me about it anymore so I'm doing it I want to say I did buy a new mirror from Ikea I thought it was gonna like help with my setup but then I realized y'all ain't gonna see the mirror like the mirror is like what I look at and it's really it's a big mirror it's an Ikea and it shows all my imperfections even better than my other mirror did that's really great to know when I'm happy I spent money on that because now I will never get that money back and it was $20 which that's a lot of money also I'm not talking through this eyebrow routine I'm just gonna do it and hopefully you'll catch on and just realize how to do it because I don't want to talk through it because it's self-explanatory she Nelson's new video was so good and I genuinely now believe that the earth is flat so I joined the Flat Earth believer squad hopefully they'll take me in as one of them you know I'm feeling like they probably have like a house somewhere like the team town house but like Flat Earth believer house and I want to move there so yeah the earth is flat and how I know this you may be asked because Shane Dawson

said it and has shane dawson ever been wrong gotcha so now we thought that rounds out with cooler [Music] oopsies so my phone died so you don't really get it I brought a team but I want to go to Tanic on that's just how it'd be if you ever wanted to meet me well that's where it would be oh my god why am i such a good poet goddess I'm proud of myself anyway so yeah I'm just you know I just want to talk about that for a second I want to go to Tanika on so bad not only because like I feel like it'd be cool to like me like the two people who like wouldn't like know who I am but I would love to freaking meet people who like who like you know her going you feel me like I want to go as a fan because I am a fan of so many people who are going so I want to go but here is the issue I'm pretty sure it's like freaking in one day or something I don't like 10 days still but like that's like nothing and also I don't know where it is you know you feel me like I don't know where it is if it's not in Texas I'd have to get a plane ticket and I don't know how to

do that so also I'm like too so I can't like do that by myself but you know maybe I'd make a way to do it if I was gonna go anyway specialist my thought of the day if you are Tana mojo and you're watching this or you know you know how all that works if you're one of the two if you know how it works or if your tin of mojo please tell me how to do that because I would love to know how to get to Tana cone because that would be so freaking fun wouldn't it that would be so fun I tried to film yesterday I was just doing my thing you know how they do like doing my makeup and literally I was doing the same exact thing I was doing today I was doing the same exact spot and I was doing my eye shadow and I wish do and I was doing a cut crease half cut crease actually because I was gonna do glitter and I did the cut crease and then it looked bad so I started crying and here's the thing I was gonna keep going with my makeup and like finish it off and just like stop crying and like you know do that I was gonna do that I was really gonna finesse everyone but then I cried off my makeup I just kept going you know it was just kind of like

the constant flow I don't know why I wasn't even that sad what okay it was but like I don't know why was that you just kind of happened you know it was just one of those moments I'm living my best life and I'm back to normal honestly yesterday I was just in a weird mood I guess so I'm back today and I'm better than I ever was that's not true [Music] yee-yee tears are just pain and leaving the body that's not true though one time I broke my arm and I cried and after I was done crying my arm was still broken so you know the pain was still there so I'm having to think about the fact that I am a youtuber and I get too shocked you know and you know I don't even recognize myself as a youtuber because I kind of just feel like you know like I'm just here you know I'm just kind of swagging around my eyebrows are really like doing that today like I kind of like feel like spark or likes walk what's his name Swan like sparks pop Spock Spock why does that look so unblended I promise it's like not actually that I'm blinded it just looks like it is because I'm just trolling you I'm just pranking you right now this is

a prank life is [Music] okay so I'm done with ah that's the quickest I'd like it average on my makeup like and literally ever let's go you know it's so I'm just that target you know help me [Music] people judge me everywhere I go and it's hard for me okay it's really hard in my acne gross [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you [Music] hey guys back from Target target was so savage and swaggy it was like it was unbelievable I thought I'll go for or so haha I promise next video will be so good like I'm never filming on this freakin phone again I swear to God like next video I swearing in a bye camera and I swear it's gonna be the most savage best video you've ever freaking seen so you best be ready you best be

ready for it because it's gonna be so good [Music] you [Music]