25 March 2019

Cosmetic brands - La Mer

so good afternoon it is Monday March

25th 14:16 restarting an American cosmetic brands with brand lemare we will introduce some basic products some collections and anything that's of relevance here Solomon is so-called taupe or old cosmetics that it means this means that is very very expensive it simply brand for those women over 50 for wealthy well-off who want to look young forever and I and now showing respect to those women so now we will check couple of basic creams of lemare maybe I will use this magazine here I will write on the lid for daily right here creme de la Mer moisturizing cream Solomon creme de menthe 60 milliliters the hero the icon the original moisture miracle ultra rich moisturizing cream with an instant do with finish its mere mention inspires in feat adoration and they called devotion skin looks instantly radiant and the natural balance as intersection faith this is by the way us brand I was thinking it's French and if you watch now how about the treatment lotion 150 milliliters perfect read this

silky watery lotion deeply hydrates and sets your skin up for success optimizing every step in your LOM hair regimen like liquid energy is fast absorbing treatment delivers a rush of targeted hydration and drives moisture in the skin to visibly abate and the complexion the revitalizing tournament a fusion of marine alga and 73 sea minerals revives replenishes and helps optimize skin function softening waters a unique and powerful delivery system increases skin's ability to absorb moisture plumping from within for an optimal health health and training go how about summer the eye concentrate 80 milliliters total transformation is concentrated eye cream visibly reduces the look of dark circles for sparkling vitality this rich and deeply emollients formula heart hydrates conditions substance lines and wrinkles for a smooth and healthy appearance radiant Furman brightness brightens qualified and stimuli skin's natural collagen and elastin to boost firmness and tone lemare the revitalizing hydrating serum when hydration levels are low so is skin glow this lightweight replenishing saloon

awakens fatality one drop at a time transforming skin on contact infused with sea salts actives and the legendary healing energies of miracle drops this treatment creates a haven of healthy continuous hydration for your most radiant use or contraction how about the moisturizing soft cream 60 milliliters softest hard core this subtle moisturizing cream nourishes skin with an instant luminous finish created with microscopic moisturizing spheres for the ultimate smooth and light weight section this soft variation of creme de la Mer delivers the same game-changing benefits as the original skin looks instantly radiant and naturally balanced as imperfection straight 1ld concentrate beauty's best-kept secret this velvety smooth some churros alexia complements skin's natural healing process to restore a local health and vitality design the tools visible irritation and redness caused by cosmetic procedures such as chemical peels my throat term operation and laser treatment the concentrate contains a mega dose of miracle growth the healing force that flows through all Amer to help hydrate

suit and prepare and finally lament bring oil car favorite the multitasking dual phase oil that transforms everything this game changer flawed skin with hydration and miraculous beauty benefits soft and put a smooth skin glows with translucency and help turning radiant collagen production improves helping soft angelou of emerging clients and twinkles while visibly firming skin so this was plumber it's us Rotom let's see composition of transdermal cream ingredients Miller controls and line he formulated without parabens and Stalin's ingredients listing seaweed alga extract mineral oil paraffin Amla quidam petrolatum in clicks ring is Alexa the cam sytrus or T folia slime extract microcrystalline box Sara microcrystalline ax lanolin alcohols sesamum Indicom seed oil eucalyptus globulus tree oil magnesium sulphate sesamum Indicom seed medicago sativa alfalfa seed powder oriental fan knows sunflower seed cake trueness a McDowell's doses sweet almond seed meal sodium in coconut potassium gluconate copper coconut calcium gluconate magnesium buchanan's zinc

gluconate Terrapin tocopherol suit synaptic neots in beta carotene Nestle alert aluminum Dussehra octal the kernel hydric acid CNO cobalamin magnesium sarah Pantanal liminal granule Lena wall Rock see citronella citronella pencil salad central metal floor official piazzoli known material is o piazzoli non-alcohol donald and fragrant perfume so this was example of ingredients in creme de menthe [Music] so this was creme de la Mer I hope you liked my little window into the world of cosmetics and we continue next time which is great rival children have a great skin to all women