20 December 2018

COMPLEXION FAVORITES 2018| Foundation, Concealer, Primer, Setting Products

Rounding up my favorite Foundations, Concealers, Primers, and Setting Products for 2018! ---PRODUCTS MENTIONED--- *Links with an * are affiliate links and ...

hey everybody today I'm going to be

doing another 2018 favorites video and I'm gonna be focusing on complexion products so that's primary sound ations concealers and setting products so I'm gonna let you know what all of my favorites were for 2018 I also have a few foundations that didn't completely work out for me either so I'm gonna mention those as well so without further ado why don't we just go ahead and jump right in because I have a lot to talk about so first let's go ahead and talk about primers and this is probably not gonna come as a shock to any of you if you've been watching me for a long time my favorite primer of all time is an oldie but a goodie it's the L'Oreal magic perfecting base this has more of like a mousse like almost like a cross between a mousse and a putty type of feeling and if you're familiar with the tacho primer that everybody's raving about this one is actually incredibly similar I have tried to Tasha and it feels just like this one so if you like that this is an awesome dupe and I just think nothing on the market makes my skin feel and look smoother than this primer right here it just smooths out all my pores it fills in fine lines so

well and every time I wear this under makeup I get so many compliments and people asking me like what have you done with your skin it just really helps me to look super flawless and it does have more of a matte finish but it's not drying I don't find that it gets cakey on my skin it helps my foundation look just so much smoother I absolutely love this stuff and I've repurchased it I don't even know how many times so this is really not one that I wear on an everyday basis I do use it when I'm filming normally so that my skin looks really good I also use it if we're going out or you know meeting up with people and things like that and I want my skin to look really awesome I'll use this but for everyday my favorite primer is the coat space natural tinted sunscreen and this is like a sunscreen primer in one and this just has the nicest texture for a sunscreen that I have ever felt I hate sunscreen for the most part I don't like the smell of them I don't like how they feel sticky and tacky this one actually has a little hint of tint to it so I'll try to show you what that looks like it's very light but it feels

like a traditional silicon primer it fills in fine lines and pores not as well as this one does but I would say as well as the average primer would it has SPF 40 Broad's germán and it's water-resistant up to 80 minutes and also it's a hundred percent free of chemical sunscreens preservatives and oils so it has titanium dioxide and zinc oxide which are mineral sunscreens and it works so well ever since I've been using this I haven't noticed any more new sunspots coming out and it just helps all that skincare that I'm using to try to minimize the dark spots on my skin work that much better because they're not fighting against the Sun it's really easy to apply and just using this every day as my primer I don't forget to use it or skip the step of sunscreen because I love just the way that it smoothes out my skin and creates a perfect base for makeup so I love that it's a two-in-one product and it's definitely the primer that I use the most alright so next up let's talk about foundations and I have two of them to share with you and first let me just quickly let you know what I look for when it comes to foundation

these days so now that I have more mature skin I'm over 40 I also have really dry skin I look for formulas that have more of a natural finish and not a ton of coverage I stay away from now full coverage foundations and also anything that has the word matte in it just because they can tend to look masks like on my skin a little bit too heavy and sink into fine lines and pores and just make me look older so I'm really looking for more natural coverages and what I tend to do is use a lighter wash of color all over my face and then any place that I need to cover extra I'll just spot treat with concealer that way I'm not wearing a whole heavy mask all over my face but just you know in little spots that I need it and that way I find that it looks a little bit more natural so the first one I want to talk about it's actually the one I'm wearing today and that's the cookie skin perfect HD foundation I wear it in the shade 10 C which i think is the lightest shade and the c is for cool they also have a warm version as well and this foundation is amazing I wear it almost every single day it has medium coverage that's buildable more to full but one

layer usually does it for me and evens out my skin tone all the redness and covers most of what I need to cover and then I can just go in and maybe like go around my nose and under eyes with the concealer and I'm good to go but the finish on this is so beautiful it looks just like skin it never gets cakey it never settles into fine lines and pores it doesn't have any type of shimmer or glitter in the formula either it has a really nice satin finish it feels really hydrating on my skin it's just all around the most perfect foundation for me and I absolutely love it and wear it non-stop and then I also just wanted to mention quickly a lighter coverage foundation that I also reach for sometimes and I did mention this back in June when I did my semi-annual favorites and that's the Neutrogena hydro boost hydrating tint I'm not the biggest fan of the packaging because it has this giant like doe foot applicator and it's not probably the most sanitary thing in the world but what I love about this is that it just feels like you're giving your skin a drink of water it's amazing if you have dry skin it feels so

good it helps to sort of plump up your skin as well it has hyaluronic acid in it so it just makes my skin look more youthful and I love just wearing this on days when I'm not filming and I'm just sort of running errands I'll use this and again a little bit of concealer and I'm good to go and I feel like it just makes my skin look young and healthy and glowy and it's amazing so I definitely recommend this one also if you have dry skin it's so good and then even though they're not foundations I just want to mention these two really quickly these are also from cokie cosmetics and were released earlier this year and these are their transfer mix foundation mixers and these have actually saved me from throwing out foundations that i didn't think i liked before one is dewey and then one is matte and what you do is just mix a little squirt of this into whatever foundation you're using and it'll change the consistency of it so I use the Dewey one a lot when it comes to some matte foundations that I have sitting in my drawer that I never reach for and this just makes the formula a little bit more hydrating thins it out a little bit makes it look not quite as

cakey on my skin and similarly I've used the matte one especially in the summertime I use this one a lot with my cosmetics CC cream because that one is just a little bit too dewy in the summertime so mixing a squirt of this in really helped to take that down a notch as well so these are just awesome if you have some foundations sitting around that you bought and you feel like they're going to waste because the formula doesn't surly suit your skin try these out because they're really affordable and they can totally change the game when it comes to your foundation all right so moving on to concealer I also have two that I want to share with you today one that's more light coverage and then my favorite medium to full coverage so the first one I have to say has replaced a longtime favorite which was the baby lean age rewind I still do love that one but this one is just a little bit better and I feel like I've been reaching for this one a lot more the past several months and that's the joah truly yours dark circle concealer this is very very similar to the Maybelline age rewind it has extremely light

coverage I wear the shade porcelain and this has the same sort of sponge tip applicator that the maybelline age rewind has but for some reason this just perfects my under-eye area like nothing else it's not heavy coverage by any means but it does cover what I need it to I have very very minimal dark circles underneath my eyes and this covers and hides those pretty well and it just really seems to smooth out the under eye area which is amazing because most concealers I feel like tend to age me and I have to be really really picky about what I use nowadays now that I'm older so I just love this I hope they never discontinued it it's amazing and then my favorite medium to full concealer used to be the Tarte shaped tape even though I found it a little bit drying I could work with it by applying an oil or something really hydrating underneath my eyes but this has definitely replaced that it's the dalton hydraluxe concealer this actually has peptides in it that help to sort of relax the wrinkles underneath your eyes almost like a topical Botox and it actually reminds me of a more hydrating version of the tart shaped tape I wear

the shade fair so for me it's a little bit lighter than my skin tone but it just brightens up my under eye area so well and what I love about this the most is the finish it has the most natural finish for as much coverage as it gives it doesn't look cakey it does increase on me it looks perfect underneath my eyes and again kind of like with this one that's really really hard to find so I will continue to repurchase this forever and ever it is my Holy Grail concealer and I really haven't been using anything but these two right here since the summer time I mainly use this one to film or again like if we're going out somewhere to an event and I use this one pretty much every day just when I'm like running errands picking up my son from school and things like that so both of these are amazing highly recommend them if you have dry skin more mature skin they are awesome all right so now moving on to setting products I don't have any setting powders to share with you guys because to be honest I have never found a setting powder that looked right on my skin they all make it look dry and

chalky and just more textured and I just I don't know I just can't find a really good powder that I'm in love with so the way that I mostly set my makeup is with Mally's ever color poreless face defender this is a setting balm and it's fantastic if you have dry skin or more mature skin again and you feel like powder ages you or just makes your skin look extra dry so it's just a clear balm and it does come with a sponge but I don't really use it because when you're using the sponge you can't really feel where it's going on it is so weightless that you really can't tell where it's going and I tend to Pat with the sponge too much trying to cover my face and then it sort of starts to take off a layer of foundation so the way that I use this is probably not the way you're supposed to use it but I just rub my fingers in it like this and then I just go ahead and Pat them on my skin and I can feel exactly where it's going and it doesn't disturb my foundation that way but this takes down any kind of shine it locks your makeup in place all day it prevents creasing it just makes your skin look flawless and airbrushed it's so good and so underrated and I have no

idea why more people are not talking about this it is a little bit on the pricey side but it lasts forever and it's definitely worth it if you can't use powders it's so awesome and another thing that I'll use from time to time is just a setting spray to help my makeup last all day and my favorite setting spray is the Milani make it last this one just lots of makeup in place all day it doesn't make my skin feel dry or leave any kind of tacky finish it dries really nicely the mister on it is awesome it just gives like a really really nice fine mist so you're not getting those like water droplets sitting on your face it's just a really really awesome setting spray at a super affordable price alright so now as promised I just want to quickly go over three foundations that did not work out for me and I'm fortunately I don't have them here anymore because I did a big Foundation declutter couple months back and I got rid of them since they weren't working for me but the first one sadly was the flower beauty light illusion foundation I know so many people that love this

stuff and I really thought I was gonna love it I loved most of flowers products but this one was just such a Miss for me I actually did a whole video on it so if you want to check that out I'll leave it linked down below or above one of the other and I won't go too into details since I did that video on it but the main reason why I didn't like it is just because it has a way too much shimmer in the formula and even though it's supposed to give your skin a nice glow I think it's better suited toward people who are either younger than me or maybe ones that don't have a lot of texture on their face because I just felt like my skin looked overly textured when I wore it I could see all my pores like more than I normally can I just wasn't crazy about the shimmer especially when I would head outside it actually looked really good when I put it on inside the house and then I'd step outside and be like oh my god no so even though I do know a ton of people that love it it was a Miss for me another one that was a complete miss for me was the new covergirl Matt made foundation they actually sent me the entire collection and it was really sweet of them and I

love how they came out with so many different shades I actually did a huge giveaway a couple months ago and I gave away the entire PR box to four different people based on their skin tones and it just it didn't work out for me and I actually did a whole video on that one as well so I'll leave that link down below but that one was just again too dry on my skin like I said I tried to avoid anything that is matte and that one just left my skin looking really dry so that one was a pass for me as well and then similarly to that I also was not a fan of the new makeup revolution conceal and define Foundation and I was so bummed there one of my favorite brands at the drugstore and I love the concealer as well that one was almost my favorite it's like in the very very top but the Dalton kind of just edged it out a little bit but that concealer is amazing so I thought that the foundation was going to be good too but like the covergirl one it just aged me horribly it was so mad and so drying on my skin and it was really heavy too it gives a ton of coverage but it just looked like a mask so I think that one would also maybe work really well on younger

skin or more oily skin types but for me it was just a pass sadly all right guys so that does it for today's video I hope you enjoyed it and if you did don't forget to hit the like button also don't forget to subscribe to my channel I'll be doing videos like this all throughout this week and next week and maybe into the new year depending on how long it takes me so definitely don't forget to subscribe also love to hear from you guys in the comments below what are your favorite complexion products is there anything you guys would recommend or think I should try let me know thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you next time