20 December 2018

Come Shop With Me at TJMAXX in California!! | High End Makeup Deals

Come Shop With Me at TJMAXX in California!! | High End makeup Deals. In this video, come shop with me at TJMAXX in California to see if we can find any new ...

and there's teaching max oh my god it's

been forever hey you guys so Kirtland in the Bay Area as just for work it's my other job not the truth and they decided to stop by my teaching max we used to go to all the time so let's see what we can find at this t.j.maxx all right here's the beauty section let's see what can we find [Music] yep this is where the good stuff my gosh it looks like a mess right now but we'll try to take her and see what we can find oh we have something from Mac the Mac very valuable that trouble that liquid lip color kit number three I don't think I've seen these colors before this one's going for a $24.99 I know this isn't a high-end brand look it's next this is contour intuitive I am face quilting palette look at the shades inside that blush color is really pretty and this is going for $8.99 you guys next got super expensive what is that is Nicole Marie laughs oh is this also like Marek this is select palette but what is it I shadow oh it's a lip palette you know it's got six different shades and this is going for $19.99 we have something from an

Assessor for my heels and liquid flow highlighter in the shade peach face is so peaceful and this is going for $7.99 who else to meet our Oh another next palette this is called even pop this is a 10 color shadow palette now these are pretty shades like this and this one's going for $6.99 looks like Kat Von D butter LONDON Elizabeth Arden grand entrance mascara and this one's going for 14 and 99 do what you gotta do what else so here's a Kat Von D shade + light eye contour palette we've seen this plenty of times but just in case you're curious this is going for $27.99 oh my gosh you guys if your choice these aren't my thing else looking like little Christmas lights right and that's enough of that oh look something from Baxter oh no it's empty nevermind oh my gosh but look at the gift set a brush that from Real Techniques this is a multi tech collection Wow look at those brushes oh that's cool and this is going for $19.99 look here's some Kat Von D stifling brushes and these are going for $7.99 oh my gosh you guys if you see this pretty doll should definitely pick this

up look at that just in case you you know you want to blend out the harsh lines and put too much blush a bronze or anything this will help to fade it out make it look unnatural let's check out the clearance section for a second because there's a lot of people over there um we have some melted latex liquefied lipsticks that are empty nevermind what else do you have something from NYX and illuminator oh it's open so nevermind oh if you guys can try new Jade rollers right here which is this going for actually this is going for just $9.99 oh look here's a set to you so you can put this oil on before you roll your face with this okay okay and this that's $12.99 alright let's see here's something from uh Nastasia oh we've seen there's plenty of times this is going for $18.99 this is a contour cream carrot what else else can we find and you can call it here related or something new that we haven't seen before oh my gosh look look look it's a two-faced it's the realest robe where I met with that tie lighter and this one's

going for $12.99 I wish this was the bronze you guys so well y'all know I was looking for that but I have not found it but you know we did find another makeup from the same collection so that's pretty exciting um else I think under here there's a bunch of metal crushed single eyeshadows from Kat Von D going for 4.99 but yeah there's so many of them look more contour cream kits here hmm oh this looks like some translucent powder from Kat Von D and the shade golden and this is going for $7.99 oh look here something for Smashbox even though it looks like it was opened I still want to talk about it this is le lights blush at highlighting for highlight palette and Malibu's berry are these shades so pretty and this blush palette is going for $12.99 there's also a bunch of their minerals powder blushes oh my gosh that's such a pretty shade look another one here too you've seen these before but if you're curious to go in for $7.99 there's also a bunch of Lancome single eyeshadows called color design and this is going for $12.99 really pretty packaging love the Rose in the center anything over

here see mascaras but no high-end makeup brands I am I'm sure a see Nicole Miller here's the same Mac very valuable Rachel that liquid lip color kid number 3 that we saw earlier and it looks like a bunch of OPI so let's look at another section all right so here's what looks like used to be the gifts that section see if we can find any new goodies Alan tours is a bunch of holiday gift sets but we already know that from the New York video if you guys haven't watched that I'll link it in one of these corners above Oh what is this book of beauty advent calendar twelve days of beauty treats from the fur and Organic botanic [Music] and this is going for only $9.99 it was very affordable who again I know next isn't a high-end brand but I think it is definitely worth mentioning we have this next a beauty school dropout cut crease tick and 5 piece brush set oh my gosh look at the brushes you guys let me know if you think Nick's brushes are good because I've never tried them before but I do love my brushes and this set is going for $19.99 for all my Star Wars love first such as myself it looks like

cargo cosmetics collab with them and came out with 4 different and nail polishes and these colors and this set is going for $5.99 this is cute you guys looks like there's a bunch of impressions mirrors and this if you're curious is going for $16.99 oh my gosh you guys we have the fins oh oh the temptation but I don't want to mess it up so yeah I'm not gonna do it are you guys well now I'm gonna treat myself to Starbucks says I haven't had a coffee in about two to three days just because I'm sick and obviously coffee in a cold weren't the best combo but I can't wait any longer so let's go get some coffee we made it you guys we're at Starbucks and you guys I did order a peppermint mocha and then a peppermint cake pop the only one for answer and y'all it's been a rough couple three days and I got my coffee my peppermint mocha I was sowing milk so you guys I'm gonna eat this enjoy this was a little snack and that conclusive date for today you guys enjoy coming along with me to teaching max to my favorite DJ mag's oh I can't believe that's been the teaching max that I think going to for the past year and a

half but you know on to bigger and better things in New York City if you guys enjoyed this video if you did don't forget to you guys want to see more miss please don't forget the presses down below it's red tap the bell also to get notified every time about a new kitty hey guys I love you guys so much I'm at the Simon XT [Music]