20 December 2018

Come shop with me at Tj Maxx | High End Makeup for less

Follow me around Tj Maxx and find High End Makeup for far less then you'd find at Sephora. All makeup is real but sold for less to make room for new releases.

hey guys and welcome back to my channel

in today's video we're gonna go shop at t.j.maxx this t.j.maxx is a bit closer to where i'm at and it's usually the one that i tend to go to the most sometimes it's a hit or miss but since we are so close to Christmas I'm hoping for a lot of stuff so if you like these types of videos please don't forget to give it a thumbs up share the video leave me a comment down below and I know someone's gonna ask me about my lip my lip is dose of colors times I love Sarah II anesthetic and then the globe because of your comments also on that is this right here it's the flower beauty and I'm just using the two outer shades not the pinky shade and you can get this at Ulta or online at flower beauty anyways let's go shopping walking into t.j.maxx to see what holiday goodies we hopefully some good high-end makeup poreless brushes very pretty I like this one I'm sure we've seen it before okay spongy [Music] 99

please look at this more 2099 this is definitely just for the ice 1999 and kitten you can't really see the price [Music] Bobby Brown glow eyeshadow palette and this is 2014 there's like a lot of brushes so Peters are looking for brushes you guys should definitely go to t.j.maxx [Music] I have this eyeshadow palette my gosh these are so good $6.99 look they have um brush holders like I definitely need brush holders and my shoes oh that's pretty cute that is adorable oh my gosh which of 6:27 89 there's a lot of cream contour box um plump and cardboard box they have the epoxy Dictys mascara $6.99 how much look at this Smashbox - you to go and they say is 789 oh look at this I've never seen that here Kat Von D lock-it mini baking duo in medium warm and this is 789 I got a concealer and the setting powder berry tears [Music] they have these blushes these are really good

almost Asya have a Smashbox okay this is by the register bunch of buxom lipsticks and these are $5.99 and they also have this shadows more of the NYX and to face well guys that is it for today's video I hope that you guys liked it I didn't pick up anything because honestly right now the lines at these stores are so ridiculously long that I'm just like not about that I'm not gonna wait in line but hopefully you guys still enjoyed the video let me know if you guys have gone to a TJ Maxx or Marshalls and what have you found or similar stores like that in your state your country and I'll catch you guys in my next video yes there's water running in the background