30 July 2018

Colorpop Yes Please! Eyeshadow palette Review

Hey guys!! So today I did my makeup with the Colorpop Yes Please eyeshadow palette, as well as some Real technique brushes, and am actually so happy with ...

hi guys so today we're going to be

reviewing the yes please color pop eyeshadow palette which looks like this this is the look I got out of it I enjoyed it too sunset look and I hope you guys enjoy the video you want to see how I created this eye look keep on watching so there's twelve shades in this palette and I'm gonna try and use most of them but who knows so let's get started so along with the color pop eyeshadows we're gonna be reviewing some real technique brushes which I got yesterday after I got this at Walmart this was at Ulta so kind of figured I'd go along with it first we're gonna start off with some primer I use a concealer for primer and honestly don't know where this is from I've had it for like really long time do that so first we're going to start off with the medium brush eyeshadow brush and we're gonna use this skin color that's gonna color bone color to pack all over the eyes I like to use a big fluffy brush because it just helps with blending and I don't really like to have a lot of pigment once I start cuz it's just to set the concealer that I put down as a base next we're gonna use the shading brush

and we're gonna dip into this orange color and we're going to make a crease in our eyeballs so one thing I do notice is once you dip into the powders fallout starts to happen real quick and that's not something you really want to happen also this does not have a mirror so I have a mirror right above just in case I need it we're gonna be defining your crease and just blending that out I'm gonna want but I think the look it's gonna be a cut crease so so once you place the color in the crease like you want it you're gonna want to start blending it out with the same brush this brush is really good because it's also very fluffy so it's very good for blending if you don't want to pull out another brush to blend with you're gonna be needing this per style so I'm gonna do the other eye off-camera and then we'll be right back so next on the same small little Packer blending brush I like I would but if you want to clean it off I have a little net that I use I want to test these out so I'm gonna be using the same three brushes actually for once I started cutting the crease but anyways so you're gonna want to go into this shade right here you want to

darken the crease so you're just gonna darken this little crease this little V area right here and you're gonna drag it along with the other color the orange shade you're gonna want to blend it out a little bit next and I want to grab this little blending guy and just go over it to mix the two together circular motions in the V and then windshield wipers over the crease creates a nice little blend for the eye so the next thing you're gonna want to do is take your blending brush this is called the essential crease brush that's I forgot to say what it was called before you're gonna take this pink shade right here and your gonna want to blend it over the area that's closest to your brow bone but not exactly your problem and you're gonna want to diffuse the orange color because it is so next I'm going to be taking the Luxy 245 small shader and we're going to I I was holding up my mirror I'm so sorry we're gonna be taking this red shade and we're going to be putting it right in the crease that way we can darken it up somewhere but it's in a very small confined area so that it's defining the crease dramatically and

you're gonna want to blend that out with your crease blender so next you're going to be taking a definer brush and you're going to be using concealer I have like liquid concealer but I feel like having the stick gives a lot easier to you know wipe on and then define the little area you want to color that's just easiest for me so what we're gonna do is we're going to brush how boring and we're going to cut your crease I start from the outsides and I work my way in I'm just gonna do it in like a sunset kind of a little half semicircle we're gonna be making a semicircle in your eye and naturally if you've blended during your crease you're gonna have a semicircle no matter what so you're just gonna define that semicircle and cut it sharpen it so once you're done putting the concealer on your eyeballs you're gonna want to take the yellow color and this one the fallout is really good it doesn't have very much barely any and you're gonna want to put this on the eyelid and we're creating a Sun Rise I think but you don't want to Pat this onto the part where you put the concealer on and that way the Sun Rise kind of vibe

and it helps if you pat instead of rub because concealer this way you're setting the concealer also you're putting down pigment so next you want to clean off your brush again and then you're going to redefine that crease with the red again but you want to be very careful the brush you want to get people littlest mount and you want to go over that sunset the area that is around so that way the Sun is more defined but also the area around it looks more like a Sun right so you're gonna want to take this and you're gonna want to gently blend over the crease you don't want to blend the yellow into the red you just want to blend the red upwards it's very important because you don't want to mess up the Sun so go over so if you need to you can always go in and take some more yellow eyeshadow and just go in and redefine that making it more pigmented and making sure it's that same semicircle so once you're done with the top you're going to want to mix the orange a little bit of other born shoe bottom right there just just look up the bottom of your water line you can take it all the way in or you gonna leave it out my eye shape looks better if I leave

it just halfway do whatever your eye shape kind of works with so since we've been working with Matt so far we're going to take the same brush that we've been working with there the crease and we're going to take this darker gold shade right here and we're going to put it in the center of the Sun shape being careful not to go too far up having it in the center drawing attention to the center of your eye which is your iris and your pupil so you don't want that right there this Center then also you're going to take this lighter shade right here and you're gonna put it right underneath that area these are very pigmented but they're very glittery so you can easily get a glitter chunk in your eye so you gotta be very careful with that so that's all I want to do with this palette specifically so I'm going to do my eyeliner mascara and waterline and I'll be right back hey guys it's editing Shan soo I was filming and I didn't like the outro so I'm back so I really like this palette it's really high pigmented and the cost is very low sixteen dollars the brushes were very good I had the lipstick on I

wiped it off so I look a little nasty but my final thoughts are super high pigmented super high pigmented the brunt the palettes not gonna stay clean for very long because it's very high pigmented and the thing is liked so also I forgot to mention there are names which is gonna be backwards for you but if you guys want to see any of the reviews or any other makeup looks please feel free to come and down below give this video a thumbs up if you liked it and please subscribe to my channel I'm desperate anyways I'll see you in the next video hopefully it won't be a month I love you guys bye