13 June 2019

Colorful Eye using New ABH Alyssa Edwards Palette | Makeup Tutorial

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[Music] hey guys what is up is dreaming and today I'm gonna be doing a video featuring the new saucy Beverly Hills as Edwards palates and I'll show you our package in a bit it's pretty cool but first I'm gonna talk about what are they about my foundation for the primer I use an oak makeup hydral grip primer and I think it so far I bought the mini size and I'm just try it out and I think I like it so far I went to the beach for a concert like last weekend - and Mako glass is pretty cool you know the features like really humid out there but I think this actually works pretty well I've heard mixed reviews about it and for validation I've actually probably loved the UH Nastasia stick foundations I know like two or three hours ago I when I first tried out I didn't like it but I like you know I guess everyone's playing it wrong and I would just blend it out with this I'm such a Beverly Hills eight thirty brush I think it's a foundation brush I use it for that oh maybe I'll do a video by itself just show you guys how you use the stick foundation I used two shades one

porcelain and warm alabaster and then I did my brows first I'm using that dip brow pomade Stassi I'm granting it and the granite brow powder and of course it clear osteo gotcha oh so yeah I think that's pretty much money provided you know one do that before start filming not on the brows I want to try Brasi for foundation it's okay I didn't vote after foundation but I got to cut them a concealer so there's no panic thing so I like it so finally here is a package I received from my sponsor Brazil's angel music there it is it's a big box of guys um I don't think it's open it okay so here it is I'm trying to get in frame um yeah it's really cool came at the mirror fan and the palette and if I use a pen later in the video but this book palette out now we get the mirror out right now too so let's give me a second okay so here is the mirror it's really beautiful it's covered and like a bunch of like little rhinestones this is beast on it and on the other side it has like a little pair of lips see the camera right there I like it this is my day of breast actually I don't know why anything it's

just the lips um is this is a really cool mirror I really like it and of course next is the fan here is it's a really huge fan like it's huge and this piece on it and it's like a really hot pink and of course the palette is everything is pretty much hot pink in this box it's a lot of pink it's kind of lining but you know it's really quite like it and the colors in eyeshadows unless you have seen them really probably have they're really bright and vibrant colors and your there's also some neutral so you definitely create a vibrant look or an even in trouble over this palette that's what I like about it it even comes as brush I think today would do bright look of course I've seen everyone do like pilots in color combination from this palette already I was one of the late ones see the palette but uh I don't care I don't don't I really don't want to do a crease on my in a blue crease but uh we'll see what happens gonna see how people do cut creases of the palette and I'd use the same like color combo with these shades and perform I don't know know like maybe should do a neutral show you can handle this seen anyone do that but why would I

do you need troll when they hunt when there's like all these beautiful bright she doesn't it I don't know how definitely neutral next time I think we should dive in now okay so first off flash our palette they had actually sent me a new iPad is released so here it is I'm really trying to try it because I've been using Urban Decay's primer potion for years like I have wanted to been using like middle school no no the primary I primer nothing is just always everything okay another for girls like me go to primer and has been for a very long time but I'm excited to try out this new primer um let's see this is it's kind of like the original Urban Decay applicator used to be like a little squeeze out tube isn't that kind of misses now they have the wand I don't even like the wand I still kind of in yours but I see people apply this in the brush like they play it I don't know and it looks like it kind of looks I can see there what we'll see it's like a really light color so so I'm not sure if this will be a good brush to use it with this is a CH make 4 bridge music is clean home yes I guess I'll play that onto my [Music]

okay it's not as a base I'll be adding a shade headliner which is basically white and I'm a little bit all over Mike Mike eyelid even though I mean the primary already maybe I did like all white already marui add a little more just to kind of set it up just a little bit I'm using a brush I came in palette [Music] [Music] okay so in Oakland riot I decided a pipe dream at which is this really vibrant blue I said play out to the inner corner I don't play it with this part the brush though I'm pulling up and blend it out if I possibly been it out headliner which is white she could family having a night of booze to like blend it out with a tinge of snow so why it's probably an ideal for now hook so now if I pulling out any other pilots for their blues so I'm applying it and blending it out [Music] okay so next for me planning the shade believe which is it's purple really beautiful bright purple and replaying onto the outer corners are kind of blending it into the previous shade that we just applied to my eyeball the camera was called but yes we're playing

[Music] okay so I'm trying to cut the crease using the Anasazi but videos I primer and I just want to try it out see if it's good to quit pieces with it I'm usually I'll use like I can see there but how much I saw since I don't know maybe I think it probably would be good if it cut increases so really that brings out the crease I'm Pisan bring it in - dramatic crease gonna do something else with this yeah so they haven't tried yet before [Music] okay so next time the I didn't shave Texas made and it's just really pretty hot Pinker here and I'll try it right underneath the crease I just cut them up and put all of my lid and you'll see I'll probably couldn't we say yeah so that should make like the line I think I said manner pretty much no see [Music] okay so next we could increase once again and this time we be doing it that comma didn't decide we basically made like a thin strip of liner pretty much that's why I didn't fill in the hole tear I tried avoiding doing that much but I

brushed oh yeah but really applying the honest I sleep everything else I primer and which I increase with it and I'm just sorry and then after that we're gonna be playing the white eyeshadow from the palette which is headliner okay so actually I'm find a shade brick road which is really beautiful bright yellow so you find the flat flash and really basically just gonna apply it like all over the empty space on the lid [Music] okay so next time you're playing the shade dream it underneath the eyes [Music] [Music] okay so nicely using a baby back beauty midnight mascara and I'm playing onto my lashes okay so on this thing for the eyeshadow I'm gonna play the shade inspire on to also the yellow this is kind of a gold shade I kind of swatch it before on top of yellow if I look really nice I'm at it [Music] okay so my content facies Nastassja Beverly Hills contour kit and we're gonna be diving into this shade right here and also I might be diving into this one here and these two just kind of

define my face [Music] [Music] okay so next we use an auto suburban Hill extreme palette and we're be dipping into the shade you know corn I hear me playing it onto my cheekbones and probably look like a my bro bro Bravo yeah okay so next we dipping into the Anasazi Beverly Hills blush trio palette and I'm finally using these to shave [Music] okay so next time you're playing a saucy Beverly Hills Sedona lipstick on to my lips [Music] okay so next I'm playing on associate Beverly Hills Sunset Strip lip gloss on my lips okay second pineys your lashes from shot Mimi artistry these are really beautiful they're very perfect for glam looks and a dramatic long is like a lot okay so that's it for today's tutorial so then gets much watching checking it out I had a ton of fun playing on this palette I love all these colors I think the lashes really dipping a look together and just mirror is just super cute I just love

this mirror so much it's pretty I like it I need clean it how much I show up on it but yeah I really think this week it's so pretty I think I'm gonna use all time I love it I like it and this fan it's so dramatic okay al do you fit and frame like that's so big so thank you Anasazi everybody know so much for sending in is think it's awesome novena this is my favorite my second release that gun since at being added to the PRS I'm really excited I can't wait for future releases but I really this palette it has neutral shades in it and as bright shades in it so you can like go for it it caalso mix them as well you definitely you can definitely do like two types of like moods with this palette like there's like some Browns and blacks even white I can also be neutral as well this one's kind of a truck - it's just like a golden color it's really pretty um yeah you does I think this definitely could work with anybody like everyone's different this with a little bit color I think this palette is really great um can I experiment with some colors just some people were like afraid of you - color isn't always encouraging people

like you need to try the color thing Mike wouldn't like that said I said can be kind of scary use colors that was kinda neutral for a while now is your black night show and then I start experiencing colors not fun I really do like colorful makeup now so I think this is a palette just turkey for everybody of course at the other side my collection now the bridal collection I was what they call it that one's more neutral the pigments and lipsticks I like so think yes I want you check it out this video make sure to leave a like and comment down below and also be sure to subscribe to my channel if you haven't yet also be sure to follow me on my social medias and make sure you follow me Instagram Twitter and Facebook let me know down with all the comments you guys might see a neutral look at this palette I'm gonna play around with the neutrals or like a half an inch or half couple look with it I don't know just like a pop of color you know the most neutral I don't know out of time think of like the combinations I can do with this palette maybe I'll try not to do something like crease maybe we can do like those smokey eye

hopefully smoking with this I don't know what singing I'm just going to give like all the possibilities with it so dunno I mean this quick piece is like really it took me a while to be honest you guys it was like a double crease like yes I can leaders don't crease it it took me a while so thank you guys so much to check out this video make sure you like comment down below and make sure you have a wonderful day bye [Music]