14 October 2018


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I've been born now boy gang mates I can

never say a second never be afraid of trying to hit let you me so I'm not even gonna lie I just got done with like a little mental write down cuz my eyebrow just didn't come out the way I wanted them to I don't even know what's I'll put them to like so well I'm gonna use this palette again and I know you're like I'm also going to be using this but I don't think I'm gonna be using that many shapes in here but yes I have but this is my only colorful palette and today I want to do a color blue as you can see I'm breaking out a lot so just excuse look at this big eyes pimple it hasn't went away okay so I'm gonna start off by priming my eyes with the Mary Kay concealer you know alright so I'm kind of going for like a colorful cook so I'm gonna just start off with a purple I'm using the g13 and start to pack this fly is getting work this on the crease mostly now I'm gonna take the morphe 27 and blend these on a metate the e36 and I'm gonna use it to define the and now I'm gonna take the and 441 and I'm gonna take this pink color and I'm gonna blend that on the top sulfur the next color I'm gonna go into my color

pop palette and I'm gonna take this yellow one so I'll just keep on blending the colors so I'm going in with that same concealer and this is my honest Accio brush that came with my minor renaissance palette and I'm gonna just use this side cuz it's kind of like hard and it's good like Pat color so now I'm going with this yellow and I'm gonna put that like on the first third of the Iona you'll see we want to make it how things into good enough let me try oh yeah that works way better for the second color I'm gonna take this pink right here now we're just going to go with that same perform Sonam ago with the Sephora eyeliner and just make a bigger swing that fly is getting on my nerves right can you guys see it like passing by and if your wing messed up you can always clean it up with okay so these are the doto lashes D 115 I'm gonna put mascara on my lashes to blend them together so there's still like a little bit of white glue all I do is go with and just cover it up so what I'm gonna do now is take concealer so I could do like the bottom colors right now and get it over with all right so for the bottom

part you just want to repeat the same colors so now I'm gonna finish up the rest of my makeup and I'll be back alright guys so that was it for this video I hope you guys enjoyed my face is basically the same as my other tutorials but the lipstick I used was the color pop point zero I'm doing like creative dramatic makeup right now since it's like Halloween time so you could use this for like all the way and stuff but yeah I hope you guys enjoyed it make sure to subscribe comment yeah I'll see you guys in my next video they only call me when I'm with my other bitch hey