29 January 2019


Hey everyone! Thanks for clicking on my video. I hope you all enjoyed this vlog. Bailey and I spent the evening doing blind folded makeovers and laughing until ...

hey everyone welcome back to my channel

so today is just gonna be a nighttime college vlog so right now I'm gonna go to Chili's pick up my food and then I'm actually gonna go over to my friend's Bailey's door [Music] [Music] thirty minutes ago cold with me why cuz your stomach was hurting Bailey no but it's so sad it was my last time seeing them and Zayn wasn't in it and stuff literally like it was so sad well I was leaving for college the next year anyways so almost three years ago yeah my mom was like we were talking about my mama's like listen Micaela like where the goats gonna go in here in college like me a new dad you know it's not my responsibility and I was like so I sold my goats I sold a Michael Kors purse I made it work do you want these french fries my nose yeah not like tomatoes I support myself like why healthy boost I eat okay so dress I'm Bailey and I are gonna do blindfolded makeup a KA probably just close our eyes into each other's makeup and ask each other college questions the bird box infinite coach oh that's cute I like that that's good so did you you saw

it right what do you think of it Bailey that was very sad I wish it was not a movie and it was a series that's the only thing and I think that's what everyone wishes and everyone also says it's too much like a quiet place have you seen them quietly never seen that movie you should it's similar but on same time it's not like it's it's a different race yeah that's people I don't want to watch it it's not that scary it's more like just kind of hard to watch because it's like anxious to see so Bailey is over there you can't really there she is I don't know I don't know what I should do because I thought this is gonna be a blogger if I should just make this its own like funny video I don't know no oh yeah oh no is it a song hoes stop who's going first can you see anything oh you're good wait but we can't put anything on our eyes so are we gonna just kind of guess what stop okay hold on hold on Bailey yeah let's do it so you're doing my makeup first okay all right I'm really and then you're just gonna grab stuff out here can I open this Oh Missy Liz's

oh Lord okay this is hurting me okay if they find the cannibal in dirt other than Easter egg oh oh no our skin chains you're gonna have to wipe your your Beautyblender her up after this it smells like peppermint Oh [Music] good job okay it's really what how'd you get it so wet does it come wet oh my baby blunder yeah oh it was wet from this morning with it you know I'm right I'm gonna have to leave your dorm like this you just got all my eyebrows scared it's still wet from this morning yes so Howard Kahn says how was what your classes today great only hell yeah anyhow for tomorrow yeah tomorrow sucks but I'd rather hate my life two days out of the week and three I really wondered I like it oh all right oh I can blow this is actually really easy [Laughter] what kind of what was that this was the Born This Way by to phase in the shade Oh see show I need porcelain for my face gee usually I wear poor sleepy eyes porcelain is like what I would use for

contouring recently it'll just have to leave it and that's pretty right now Oh goo I have some of this stuff too oh we're gonna use bronzer so now you're gonna set it after the foundation or did you set my foundation is white so oh the look we're going for tonight is called clubbing loving the precious off I know it kind of it all up my dog ate it this is the fun part bronzers on here somewhere I assume no we're okay I found it okay so now I'm recording close-up so you can figure out which one is which okay this is it I'm gonna go with this one uh-oh that's not good that's kind of good though that's kind of good okay you could make it work so this is by benefit I don't know yeah because it's uh yeah it is my benefit cuz I noticed the one you used you were right you're using a little blush and bronzer you're using hoola oh okay suckin all right all right let's just need to blend in the other one Bailey yeah this is gonna be bad oh my gosh you got my cheek oh my gosh you just made my jaw line to my ear and actually I kind of vibe with it because like oh I can't look at me though looks like I

have a beard I was like the girls the greatest show what was she gonna see here the bearded lady yeah yeah yeah I liked her this is the greatest show let's see pocket you almost opened the salad yep if you didn't know Bailey and I are both sophomores in college mm-hmm but this is Bailey's last semester here cuz she's transferring she's a loser hey that's not proven yet are you just waiting for a transcript so what's wrong if you lose some hours are you gonna be upset or though I'm gonna be upset I'm not going if you lose hours you're not gonna go yeah wait do not open your eyes please put black and the tip of it there's black no [Music] pubes so name I'm sad else feel different than everyone's I always try to tell people that some stop feeling them they're like freaking big I told I told everyone that I'm like no they're normal don't believe I didn't even think that he said something yeah they're like qrow oh it freaked me out because like I thought I was touching your eyelashes I was like why your eyelashes are so thick I just felt like so much fall out is that go on my cheek so like I just can't

wait you just got like hella on your hand this lipstick I don't know could your coloring it I don't think so I think it might be eyelash glue Bailey that's glue you just rub that all on your finger I could have read it for you is it just part of the thing it's not that it look at already came off it's fine yeah that's eyelash glue I'm glad you put that on my lips milos herself together Oh No don't move Oh Oh I can't feel your toe this is a gel we have to put on the lipstick here in a second or whatever what I thought this was absurd I think it's a pencil Bailey that's bad okay but this is actually good it's so good I like that color but what the actual heck I told you leave this you do blend the foundation in my neck though so finished look well I think I should not get this on her pantyhose you haven't make a wipe for my eyes as well oh geez can you like I'm still on the go what my makeup stolen what do you think Wow alright you gotta go let me see let me look [Music]

hey wait till she cleans thank you you would walk down to this window and back wha so now I am back in my car and I have my coffee Starbucks closes at 8:00 on campus so I went to like this little market and I got it hot chocolate and I'm so excited and I'm frozen so I didn't blow anything but I have now left Bailey's as you can tell I sent vlog saying bye because she just got out of the shower so yeah now I'm gonna go to the ATM and then go get some cat food my my in my blog there but really when I get home and play just gonna study clean and then go to bed honestly who knows I might place a fortnight or something that's what I usually do but I will update you guys by so I just got home and I got the cat food it was an interesting experience so you know I went to CVS to get it because I had like 40% off coupon right so I used that on the cat food well I also had a 40% off Garnier said skin active or whatever so I was like okay well I don't really need anything but my coupon expired so I want to use it well first off this is ridiculous amount of coupons I got but anyways so I got this

right it was 3:15 then 40% off well they wouldn't give me 40% off on that because apparently it was on sale and so it was just a big ordeal because the Cooper wasn't scanning and I was just like no worries I'll just buy it even though the only reason I was buying it was because of the coupon but thanks whatever so now I'm gonna give the cat serve food and watch some Netflix I think I'm going to in my vlog here I hope you guys enjoy it just a little snippet of my night happy Monday I hope everyone has a great week don't forget to Like subscribe and comment down below for more suggestions on what I should do bye [Music]