14 January 2019

college student does a full face of makeup for the FIRST TIME

Yes I am 22 years old and no I have never done a full glam look before. Am I decent?? Am I a beauty guru?? Am I a complete failure?? You decide.

what's up it's Sydney I'm back first of

all guys I'm an idiot and if you don't believe me let me tell you a little story today I filmed not one but two videos using my handy dandy microphone and I got finished and like three hours later I realized that I didn't turn it on but it was plugged into my camera so my camera picked up absolutely no audio and I had so much film that just was useless it was just so I'm doing this again so the title of this video is kind of a lie but like I couldn't change it for clickbait you know but before today I had never actually done a full face of makeup before I mean I've put on foundation and tried to contour and stuff but I've never like followed a tutorial and actually done it step by step the right way so today I wanted to go all out and do not only that but I also am filming a part two where I'm gonna do my eye shadow so if you want to see that mess then stay tuned but right now I'm gonna start off watching James Charles tutorial from I don't know like six months ago it's called how to get perfect skin with makeup I definitely don't have the quality products that he does but I'm gonna try my best

there are so many sisters out there as well that don't have a million regular products and don't have a million different brushes and don't spend hours every single day at being their faces so first today's video or the one step that is absolutely vital to any good makeup routine is skin care and the way I always like to prep my skin before putting on makeup or before videos is with a moisturizer okay my skin care routine isn't like phenomenal or anything like I wash my face I use a toner I put on lotion every day and I'm sure his moisturizer is really fancy but I'm gonna use Clinique because it's what I had because my mom gave it to me so I'm gonna put that I assume all over my face primer I never use primer I bought one forever yo you know thinking that I would actually use it but it looks like this put it on the nose not putting it on my nose so I put it here ish I think a so he puts concealer on his nose I don't think I'm gonna do that just because I'm not gonna be wearing this all day I'm probably gonna take it off immediately after I finished this so I'm just gonna move on to foundation - and just like on a silicon based primer

you definitely want to look at the ingredients you don't want to mix the water-based pepper with a silicone-based foundation I have absolutely no clue what this is I don't even see like unint well the foundation that I'm gonna use is literally just basically all my makeup is from Walgreens okay this is a soft matte hydrating foundation and it is water-based so I hope that this is also water based but I mean if you're gonna wear makeup everyday then yeah but like literally I'm never gonna do this again so I actually did that okay so we do this thing you don't wanna do this okay I know the technique is supposed to be like dab it in there not just like spreading it around because we don't want to just smear on a top layer of foundation you want to just really pack that right into your pores just really just make it one with your skin you know we don't want to layer on top of our skin we want this to be our skin this is honestly an arm workout I don't think you're supposed to put it on your eyes but I'm gonna do that also I forgot to mention this but I definitely have some fun acne going on thanks College but let's let's see if we

can't just cover that right up normally all I would do when I have acne is just put like a dab of concealer on there and it definitely you know doesn't look natural you can definitely tell that I'm just trying to cover my acne with concealer but do I care about that no I'm tired and I'm out of foundation on my hand so I think I'm gonna call that good I look like a ghost that's so fast okay so I think basically put it like all over his nose and then like triangles and then okay so we do this thing I'm always scared to put concealer like right like too close to my eye because I feel like when I put makeup under my eyes for some reason it makes them look darker like it brings out my dark circles rather than hiding them I think that's good enough and now I'm just gonna blend it Hani's putting it everywhere I feel like I'm just poking my eyeball how did you get in your nose crease cool when your concealer is basically the same color as your foundation it's fine okay so he puts on a setting powder to kind of help melt all the powders into the skin this is my setting powder it was like $1 from I think Target I don't

know I guess I'm just gonna kind of put that all over I'm starting to look like one of the cartoon women in Milan a light spritz is that too light do I need add some more I'm not gonna do that again because I'm gonna waste this I feel like I still look cakey anyways looks right now we're looking a little bit Flat Stanley light so to do that contour and bronzer which are not the same thing I don't have a bronzer so I'm skipping that and I'm gonna just move on to contour [Music] definitely doing that okay so now we're doing nose contour which I mean sure why not so you said to put two lines on your bridge oh my god I think that still had a shadow on it okay okay well that's fine that's fine it's fine let me just find a clean brush that's not a thing this will have to work okay that looks really dark looks like way too much but I mean my nose look smaller I guess so hold on still trying to blend whatever okay moving on to blush I've been using the same blush since I was in high school I don't think this is the correct technique but this is just kind

of how I do it so kind of mix with my contour beautiful oh this ain't water this is a highlighter that I use and I'm gonna be using an eyeshadow brush put it on I like this one but I I do like the trick of spraying it because if you like that wouldn't help the pigment maybe oh yes it does I never exactly know like where the right spot is for highlighter I just kind of make my best guess I also don't know how you're supposed to blend it like is it just supposed to be a straight line James says to make an exclamation point with the highlighter on your nose is she snatched okay so normally I have pretty oily skin well I have like a half and a half but it's winter and so my face has been like really weirdly dry so I'm not gonna bake today okay so he did it his brows and lashes off-camera I'm I'm just gonna show you how I do my brows basically I use kabrel by benefit so I mean I have quite a bit of eyebrow hair it's just kind of like scarce in some places like the ends where I used to over pluck so I just kind of like draw where I want it to be like darker and then I just take a little bit and run it through the rest

of my eyebrows the rest of the hairs so the color matches and it doesn't just look like the tail is like super dark and then the rest isn't usually my eyebrows are all I ever do Riley will they put on mascara but my eyebrows are like a must because I feel like if they're not looking good then it really just makes me look just bad and then I just brush it out again and kind of hope that they look similar close enough since this was part one and for part two I'm gonna be doing an eye shadow look I'm gonna skip out on the mascara / lashes for this one but I guess this is my full face makeup complete the sad thing is I've really actually tried here I'm gonna give you a montage even though you didn't ask for one [Music] also I feel like I should put on some chapstick because my lips look gross I'll put on lipstick in the next video [Music] it's kind of better so yeah that's my full face is my nose snatched no the contour is not really blended is my cheek contour snatched not really it's kind of hard to see / there's also like

a very noticeable line is that supposed to happen I don't know I'm not a professional thanks for sticking around if you want to see me do a really horrible job of eye shadow stay tuned and I'll see you in the next one bye [Music]