13 September 2015

Collective Haul, bath and body works, shoppers drug mart, lush cosmetics, 2015

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hi everyone so today I'm going to do a

collective haul for you guys so I have a couple things from Bath and Body Works Shoppers Drug Mart beauty boutique and lush cosmetics so I just wanted to kind of share it with you guys so I'll start with our bath body works first so I just got a couple things from there that I just kind of needed and wanted I guess the first thing is my um antibacterial hand sanitizer and sweet pea so I got this just because I like putting this on my vanity so while I'm doing my makeup or just at be sanitary um so I have this and I really like this at it it smells really really nice and the next thing i got was absolutely favorite favorite scent for like the fall winter months um one of my favorite scents actually I have so many I can't really um it said the warm vanilla sugar it's the Shea and vitamin E shower gel so I've used this for so long and I sometimes I get bored of it like I just gotta get sick of the stencil then I drift away from it and I come back to whatever like again so um that's what I got the smaller size um the next thing I thought was three of the umm pocket pack um antibacterial hand gel just to put in my purse so I bought three of them so the first one I

got was in dazzling diamonds then I got the mad about you and I really like these the packaging it's really cute the new packaging and I got the sweet cinnamon pumpkin which I'm really excited to try to and then the last thing I got from there was um these little purse bag hanger things you put your pocket packs in um I just really like the color of it so and the next thing is from shoppers drug mart beauty boutique now if you don't live in Canada then it's similar to I can't remember if it's Walgreens or CVS I'm in the States um but anyways I thought um I want to try a new toner so I heard a lot of reviews and good things about this one so i thought it's the simple soothing facial toner um so i really want to try it it says it's for sensitive skin and yeah it just looks like it's a really good toner so it just it has vital vitamins skin loving ingredients no perfume no ties no harsh irritants and I believe it has camel witch hazel um so yeah hopefully it works uh-huh the next thing I got was the sea reveille am facial moisturizing lotion and SPF 30 for normal to oily skin now i use the survey um oily skin

club like foaming facial cleanser so I kind of wanted to try this just because um to kind of go with the line and see since I love the cleanser so I'm gonna give this a try the last thing I got from there was um the Maybelline lash sensational full fan effect Volume Mascara I've heard like really good reviews on that line about this so I was just curious so I got it in blackest block now last place I went to was lush cosmetics and I just got so first thing is I got a sample of the retread conditioner just cuz my um that's because my my hair is like super dry I'll Tom and I have to court they're so I kind of just need something moisturizing so I got that last thing i got was from lush and it's the Copperhead shampoo bar now I'm just curious about this just cuz I I want to try something new so I got this one is a little bit it's good for dark tones and red tones now have a little bit of like a red tinge in my hair too so um I just thought it would be nice to try this out so supposedly its equivalent to three bottles of shampoo so I'm very curious to see how this phone is as well because I have really thick hair um so yeah

that's all I got for my hall today