06 June 2019



hello beauties welcome back to my

channel caffeine high up and 24h video uploaded I have enjoyed this idea there like a mole I have already uploaded my bro I want to share him with you firstly my clinical speakers at the Clinique drugstore so before starting I want to say nothing to show in my background and I will be update with the background so far the YouTube tutorial and now I am talking about the cleaning products which I purchased from the new drugstore and I want to tell you experience and how they are teach you and the job marijuana picatinny cogito store Thomas aka Uncle Joe skin doctor was a thin uniform I could find out that the oh she has to contain like a custom type consejo I will talk that I have tried to combinations in and they should ask me that you can see stuff so for to get this the clear skin and this is for [Music] [Applause] [Music] you can feel a cheetah a cheetah and doing control behavior table a all talking kappa this is not a sponsored video fatty cleaning but if you I have not experienced with the online shopping

you can go to nearly text or any text role of the cleaning and purchased they also give you complimentary gift we see this is the cleaning product and my experience was really really good with the thankful they gives me this is the trans even of this skin care and I will definitely try it I'm telling you my experience and this is for the combination dry skin combination two types QT a one dry skin and second oily combination skin so I have combination and dry skin because I Chilean I have oily and my teeth so differently dry skin so in summer I feel something patching on my cheek so I tell that my skin is a combination rather youth this just means in steps up it fits in and they tell you know you can use 10 days of is pretend a youth karaage is very cute ho it's been three products and I will tell you later and it's been three products and oh yeah I've used car with Aki skin even tone which ie auric field car ok pattern so easily manage that stores a product unit that will come in like I said he purchased a few mostly because I have purchased this one and also moisturizes this is the 7g most resale 72 hours or

trick - I did to you you know coffee I use cutting me about my moisturizer in the makeup tutorial so I have purchased these two things this one three steps off clinic and one in the moisturizer search and they give me a complimentary free gift and they give me this is the little power of the clinic foundation it is a even virtual makeup SPF 15 this is the even and steen and crack to your skin I will try and tell you how much this and my is 0-5 neutral medium to fear you can see here and second they give me complimented you this is the Marimekko for clinic pouch and coffee party here I take something here you medium help us reach for tavini huh oh it's kind of stuff heck a future and I like this painting colors and so third want a given means this is the hijacking a plane II could have metal different hiding gigantic cushion and this is it is a party based and it is also maybe a for the try and oily skin also I will use and then I will tell you experience with these orders and now I want to but I have for purchase for the combinations in I have purchased it is the three products and first one this is a

cleaning liquid facial mild and both mild hand when I used yeah or it's cut your formula hack off your greasy beanie help it will be fun Nakata our skin me but I mean each other it's like an omni fish version of like yeah I got kiss Kymco easily clean cut next I have for this is the clean apply for lotion twice a day extra purity of this pinko seconds tucked it AA rahi liquid for me after his cotton pad pill God kept me skimpy up like a sexy hand jogiya kiss kiss often yakushev saw fish fish let's go clean cotton and exploit after her as his crappy accommodate the hair and third one I have a 40 moisturizer this is a clinical travel different moisture lotion the start accepting hand is comfortable a female pass hair also cleaning item Annika to my youtube channel Pia vampy up takes pan though I am using now these three products 40 10 days and I will update you after the 10 days over to the challenge and back image will challenge because I have Oh Africa gotta hang up a skin goes off but the highest product is my coworker grabbed in Madoka use for away you three-step system for your skin twice their time

this can happen this is a vegetation 2% fragments we have arrived in me hands me and after than very useful videos can be cheeks and smooth and comfortable asking is a battery pack and treatment makeup looks vector on your skin so thick thin hands go useless yeah and I have already used for the three times and literally seven days I will be updating you this cleaning product review and with this and this is my favorite moisturizer and it is the 30 millimeters maybe this is the 30 meter 50 millimeter packaging and approximately 1500 and green ink about shank off your Chokey skin type it will be at making hua make we apply curly I am anything but Kodiak minimally concerned have returned this came out here carefully so yet ha Oscar Mayer clinical experience and I hope you like this video and this will be very informative for you and thank you god bless you bye