10 April 2017

Classic Red Lip + Neutral Eyes + Winged Eyeliner | MAKEUP TUTORIAL | EUGENE TAN

Hey guys this is my first makeup tutorial on my channel, hope you guys enjoyed it! Please feel free to leave any suggestions or any other videos you'd like to see ...


hi everyone welcome back to my Channel today I'm doing a tutorial on this makeup look up here or read lips look twist eyeliner and slight frown I and before I start I finally sort of a name for my channel but it keeps girl off if you guys haven't you know you skip it's really good because no one else but name so it can officially find my shadow nails by just typing a minute anyway if you like to know how i create Sifl look please keep watching for our class with no makeup over the cake because I'm going to fix all that up when my cups it's really important to moisturize your face before you start bringing any make up words concord in with my nature appening clear protect or free moisturizer now my face is all moisture I'm not going by ballistics all its bombs just because I'm going to be using all the good lipstick to rejoin our stuff is no good because they like I'm little miss a single so when we started off with my eyebrows with no like no RL and I mean just look at me hi what is going on people using my anastasia dipbrow public in ebony and i'm going to use this little angled brush that I've got from

bhcosmetics so I just filled in my eyebrows off camera then the fun part is fixing it all up with the concealer I normally like to use the Maybelline fit me concealer and color new special staff back of my hands go in with a move our nature gosh that was back in it which is the construction to conceal off at la my eyebrows and make them sorry [Music] and I Arctic do it on top of my eyebrows and slow friend laxman jhula out and then my favorite part is going to eat with a clear out out the eyebrows are done relief using the mac soft ochre Paint Pot to prime my eyelid you think and feel a brush from bhcosmetics applying all over the eyelid [Music] we're going to Curt and set it with a translucent powder and the one I'm using is being max Trenton crime and contact is going to be going in with this complex's or brush here I don't know what they're called for a release or ample doing a partner all like from New my nature I think it's really important from your eyelid because MX or I shall i stay a lot longer + is something from

creating one today I'm gonna be easy the truth a jumper power for his eyes I love this thing and it actually smells like chocolate ever like oh no so good but want to eat it using this light brown shade here at a transition transition shade sorry getting like a tiny bit of product online brush and a continuity [Music] going in with his collar on here with a smaller running brush this one is from nearby Nature entry number 15 putting that color imagery and the other corner of the avid and remember to only have a tiny amount of product on your brush at a time so it looks really blended out [Music] you I'm going to be going in with this colony shimmery color watching my eye with DC another behave cosmetics brush kind of applying it kind of in a quarter of the eyelid towards the middle solid and to my package this on [Music] go right in and blend everything out a sloppy brushed from bhcosmetics going back with this collar rocket this is a fluffy brush just blend everything out [Music]

and then can go in and add some eyeliner i am using the mac gel liner in black truck using another angled brush left it must be h systematics in number 21 add some on the brush and then like context it out on the back of my hand and then we love to draw a line first and then go is owned by my top lash line let me go it in with the eyelash curler just tell my lashes going in with them star and I'm using the Maybelline lash sensational ball thing I just win and pop some lashes or if you need your lash glue I went in and applied the steelers much six waterproof eyeliner in my waterline to blend in with my lashes I'm going to prom see me rectify love this stuff for my foundation on I like to go in when second feel of focus upon that if I used to feel close but I tend to be less foundation and concealer I'm going to be using it's a Napoleon the white concealer and starin 53 some of that under my eyes well to cover up any shot under our circle this is another maybelline age rewind concealer but like a lot of shape so i deleted okay you know further conceal my dark circles go in with Martin are all day luminous

foundation put some on the battle I keep up in a house with it standish brush I think I got the ebay [Music] maestro is cream contrary chicken I'm going to go in with the yellow shapes pricey and going to be putting it under my eye my chin purchased my name sorry Andres like a angle the plane brush in some palette with our fancy but off and going in with a translucent powder I'm the one I'm using its face shall we go for it [Music] sorry how that Chris you want me [Music] and then I go ahead and just arrest my face the next step we're going to do is come to my face using the mat bronzing powder in the shape mat for contouring [Music] i'm going to brings up my face easy my BH Cosmetics certain run I'm going to go in with a big sloppy rotten brush and this one is from everybody does that on my face where I puts up contouring color [Music] slightly does it brush off all the exits translucent powder for are faking India and then put some eye shadow under my

eye is this straight face look like make a small little wine [Music] and then go in with the black country and pop the dark brown shade my everything out and there's the fun part yeah I go in with my mary-lou my mary-lou manizer did a highlighter and like this and we put in that my top of my cheekbones I like follow the top of my brow because smaller angled brush put some of this on like my after my eyebrows on the inner corner of my eye [Music] and bonaparte see me yellow liquid masses stick it in a color first oh my god it's slow ticklish think I applied that liquid lipstick okay it has a lift on iris I put my hand by an elastic is touching my face eating a metric swap again so that is the finished look hope you guys enjoyed this makeup tutorial really sorry if it wasn't very good it is my first time eating and makeup tutorial I like it was a lot harder than I thought thank you all so much for watching if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel as we will help me out

learn so much let me go and see you soon in the next video bye [Music] p