23 September 2018


Hi Guys! This is my Fall Makeup Look for you today :) I hope you like it! xo Shop FemmeLuxe Fashion here http://bit.ly/2xoSyW7 Music promoted by Audio Library ...

SADS we work harder and I just enjoy my

foot more [Music] [Music] [Music] it's my fault or to make her look I was inspired by leaves a bit coming out in season just beautiful color you could write an orange and yellow I love this time of the year just getting colder and I enjoyed food more and here - more rapa it's really nice season I love walking the leaves once everything's fall on the roads and they're all look absolutely beautiful everything's colored so I got inspired by this today so if you just how to achieve this makeup look right here please keep watching [Music] but we're basically I'm using automatic a key to running home foxy I'm going to apply it all over my handy Sigma II 76 are taking Urban Decay palette this is hotter than grabbing the color outer and which look like oh no - it's really nice goldish color value this mix are taking the cowl-neck sweet is called see the words of life running please fix it up in my place I'm going to create a lot of rings

[Music] I'm going to be just like peaceful now I will go back 3 massacres in all colors these are they convene each palette is aspects having these standard color where to apply this color Sigma e45 taking the color I'm going to blend it with a red car disease [Music] I'm going to blend it just so much myself [Music] going back in my life as you exit taking black pencil again I'm going to draw my line this is went back to Obamacare 92 I'm grabbing the couch snake bite I'm going to apply this color on my lower lash line to the Emmys benefit I'm using [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] this regulation look I hope you enjoy this video this virtual focus over should think of some solution for makeup tutorials just write your comments below if you like this video please give me thumbs up or subscribe to my channel I bought a new

video every Sunday at 8 p.m. so make sure you're hitting well our modifications thank you guys so much watching and see [Music]