27 November 2018

Ciate Glitter Storm Palette

You know I can't get enough glitter in my life so this palette is perfect. And it's on sale! PR and Business Inquiries please email: mymakeupparty101@gmail.com ...


hey drew everyone welcome back to my channel I'm Natasha and this is my makeup party I have a palette from ciate for you guys today and it's called glitter storm and you know if it's called glitter storm I'm probably gonna go for it first of all you need to understand this packaging it is incredible I've left it on purpose sort of Leaning down so you can see the full effect it's unbelievable yes it is liquid yes it is glitter shake up I love glitter shake up anything I have to have it that's so neat so we have matte satins and we have a beautiful glittering top coat in this I did go ahead and pick up two of their Astro lights palettes earlier they're $35 each and I just didn't like them enough to do a video on them that the pigmentation was was not good I didn't like the way the colors all went together they were very very bright palettes very bright they had very bright pinks and bright sort of purples and then they had then they had these really sheer sort of neon colors in the center I just didn't really like the quality and they you have to kept layering and keep layering and layering

and layering them to get color out of them and then I did not like the mattes for my transitions increases they were just really really bright but this is a lot more up my alley these colors are a lot more subdued I'm gonna swatch these for you because these three glitters across the top swatch really pretty there's actually one of them that swatch is really weird so I'm not gonna use that one but these two right here are really really pretty so I'm gonna walk you through and I look with these I'm very ready I have been experimenting and it's gonna be glittery okay here are your glitters and then here are your Matt this is your matte side it's a very berry based palette the weird one that I found is this color right here it is like a matte with glitter thrown on top of it when you swatch it out in the pan it looks like the rest of them it's this one called firestorm right here it just looks like the rest of them but then when you swatch it out it is this weird sort of dull matte with glitter thrown into it these other two are really pretty they're a foil background with glitter on in there and they work out really well these two

remind me a lot of those Mac holiday singles in the shiny pretty things collection they look like a couple of the colors from that because they have that foil background and then the silver glitter thrown in okay because I'm gonna have a pretty dark lid color I'm going to start with my lid and then I'm gonna sort of buff that out in a crease color that's a lighter I'm going to start out with solar in the middle here no it's very dark but once I put this glitter on top they're just going to be so pretty look at how that packed on just now this is a metallic and you know sometimes metallics can be sort of wax ly sheer but not this one overall siete does a really good job on their shadows I really like their Chloe morelo Mario collabs those too I think they did two of those or maybe they just did one and they released the palette twice I know I had it I had that palette and it was really really nice and it was really good colors it was purples and browns and blotchy around the edge but we will take care of that with our crease color which is going to be this comet color right here this is gonna end up being kind of dark but that glitter is really

gonna lighten up that lid color and punch it up I don't mind if my lid color is a tiny bit patchy because I'm going to be putting that glitter on very heavily on top of it I love love love glitter okay I'm gonna go ahead and put my glitter on and then I'm gonna do a little dark color in the outer corner okay glitter I'm gonna use the strike color that blue that is like a purpley blue and I'm gonna put it on with my finger this so pretty this reminds me a lot of one of the max singles that I wanted to get and now I don't have to get it because it looks so much it looks so similar it's going on really nice it's packing on really nice I was a little worried that it wasn't going on you know that it was going on top of something I was like yeah I may not may not want to stick but it's going on really really nicely with a finger okay let's do the outer corner I think I will use the deep purple called stargazer right there which is matte well that is pretty these are nice and mattes you guys they're not dry so I'm just gonna Pat that on there and blend it out it's gonna be a very purple

I'm gonna take just a little bit of this color called Jupiter and bring that into my sort of my inner crease but just a tiny bit I just want to bring that right in here and just get a little stuff going in there I'm gonna try out this new Charlotte Tilbury well let's do to me I just got it Charlotte Tilbury pressed powder it's called airbrush flawless finished skin perfecting micro powder number one fair I do love my Charlotte Tilbury loose powder but I feel like as an older person I need maybe a pressed powder instead of a loose powder I still feel like any loose powder is gonna look heavier than a pressed powder so let's give this a try and of course airbrush is always a good thing also does not have a smell that Charlotte Tilbury loose powder the magic genius powder is a terrible smell under the eyes with comet again that's the one I used in the crease this one right here I'm taking that stargazer deep purple color and going just right along my bottom lash line these have turned out to be really nicely pigmented you can align with them there's no disappointment whatsoever in any of the shades that I've used so the glitter

storm is going to sit on my vanity mirror here this on the little ledge and it's just going to sit there like this all the time so that I can look it is a nice nice palette look how pretty this turned out you guys it's so glittery it's got such a background to it though the glitter does I don't know about that one color that one color just really bothers me but the rest of the palette is wonderful the mattes blend really nicely they go on nicely there's no streaking even with these dark ones and then those two glitters that the ones that are really pretty the strike and Pandora are so pretty I have on my lips today fenty beauty please make some more colors of this this is the nicest formula I love it this color is called uncuffed but the and then on top of that I put a little bit of the D or lacquer plump lipstick in glitterati glitterati I like that color alone but you guys I wanted to show you guys really quick I was kind of I hadn't heard anything about this but I wanted to Walmart the other night and they had this whole display of profusion cosmetics I'm going to be doing a video on that they have these palettes they

have four or five different color schemes this was the pretty one I thought this one has some really pretty shimmers in it almost like they almost look like duo Chrome's they're beautiful and I just been playing and swatching with this and it's really nice so now I want to get some of the other ones that I also bought they also have these lip kits about one of those that kind of goes with the berries shadows so I'm gonna do some videos on those they're only 993 I think it was for the palate and then on five bucks for the lip set super bargain-basement Beauty but man that the colors are just gorgeous and it seems like the formula is nice too comes with a nice brush oh and my highlight today is that wonderful diamond to highlight from Too Faced they have rereleased that I think some people missed out on it last time I think it probably sold out and they've rereleased it along with a couple of other shades this whole rich theme that they have going on so grab one of those if you can it's just a really subtle sort of blue lavender it's not to outerspace not too out there so thanks for watching guys

I'll see you next time