27 November 2018


Hi Beauties and welcome to my channel! Today we are putting the new Ciate Glitter Storm eyeshadow palette to the test! I wasn't completely convinced this first ...

hey everyone and welcome back today I am

going to be reviewing and testing out the brand new kept ready that is this is the brand new palette from CRA it is called the delicious storm palette and you know let's just start off with the packaging I mean it's just so cool I love this so pretty so this one here is actually the very first see arte eyeshadow palette that I have ever purchased that I have ever used so this is what the color scheme looks like so as you can see we have a nice combination of mattes we have some metallic key shimmery sort of colors in here along with these amazing looking glitters down the bottom so what I thought that I would do is I thought straight up what will do is will swatch a few of them and then I'll go ahead and create our look with this palette so if that sounds like something that you guys might be interested in then please keep on watching now if you guys can hear any weird noises in the background that is because it has quite appropriately just started storming outside so glitter storm storming get it hey so yeah that's what that noise is I apologize if it's coming up in this video let's get into it okay so here we have well wind so

they are a little bit on the powdery side but that is a really a beautiful nude color we have interstellar which is this gorgeous gosh it's a coppery brown color absolutely stunning so then this one here is Jupiter and it's a matte brown shade well I didn't swatch very well you try that again button swatch very well at all there we go that's Jupiter and then this one here is comet again a little bit on the powdery side but a really lovely more ivy sort of color okay next up we have this beautiful metallic key shade it is called solar gorgeous sort of like deep whiney sort of red wine and kind of color absolutely stunning next we what does this cord stargazer and that's like a really deep purpley sort of matte shade very nice and then we have the top row which is there's obviously going to be the stand out of this palette these shimmers this is what the shim is just to show you on the fingers what the shimmers look like so pretty this is exactly what this is the whole reason why I bought this palette if I'm being perfectly honest with you guys so the first one that we have here is firestorm oh oh yes please that looks so

nice the next one we have is strike oh my gosh I wish the whole palette was just basically all these limits because that is beautiful and then finally we have Pandora which is this oh my oh yeah so that is all the swatches doesn't look too bad I mean there are a few of the matte shades I'm a little bit we'll see how they go on the eyes but again I mean I'm not fully I don't I'm not a huge swatching kind of person I probably did it terribly for any professional swatches out there I apologize but yeah look for me personally I think it's all well and good to swatch something just because it's watch as well doesn't necessarily mean it's gonna work quite well on the eye and vice versa and I have so much proof of that in my eyeshadow collection as it is to be honest with you guys if you know the end of the day it's all about how it applies on the eyes and how it works on the eyes in my opinion but yeah for you guys who might be interested in interested in the swatches there they are there and yeah let's go ahead and create a beautiful look with this palette shall we okay guys so in the interest of saving time for this look I have already done my

eyebrows and I have already applied a base to my eyes so the base that I used today was the P Louise I prime up so to start this look off I'm just gonna be taking a fluffy crease brush so this one here is the morphe X Jacqueline Hill JH 31 brush and we're just going to start by dipping into this shade just over here well win alright so dipping straight into world win and you know there is a lot of kickback on this pan just letting you know personally I don't really care about that I just care that the shadow blends and works so yeah but just to be aware that there is a fair amount of kickback on the pan so so far so good I think the pigmentation is there it's not like boom in your face but I wasn't expecting that with this shovel with this particular shadow either it's not what I wanted so you know I wanted something nice and soft and subtle and I think that's definitely what we're getting so that's good okay so from there using the same brush we're just gonna dip into comet which is this really nice sort of dusty sort of rosy color and with that we just want to sort of take it more into where our natural

crease is not taking it quite as high as where we took Welwyn so I have to say at this point so far first impressions I am enjoying this palette a lot I think that the pigmentation is definitely there okay switching up brushes now and so I'm just gonna go in this is a morphe X chuckling he'll brush again and it is the JH 33 brush that's more of like a flat blending brush does that make sense I don't know the technical terms anyway that's one of these and the color that I'm gonna go into is stargazer so this deep sort of purply shade just here and I'm just gonna apply that on the outside on the outer corner just in sort of packing motions to start with so I think with this look what I want to do is create a bit of like a halo eye effect I think that's will look really pretty so I'm just gonna go ahead and pack a little bit more shadow on and start to bring that across so I'm just switching brushes I'm still going to the same shadow and this one here is my Sigma eye shading brush it's a little it's a lot denser and firmer packed than the last one I was using and it's just it's a slightly smaller and because my eyes can be a little like I definitely have more

on the smaller side I just find it's a lot easier to get into that inner corner oh yeah that's nice so going back into our original brush that we use in the beginning just taking a little bit of Welwyn and I'm just going to go above where we've just placed all of the stargazer shade and just really defining that top part and just blending it all through okay so now what I want to do is I want to I'm going to go ahead and cut the crease so to do that I'm going to use this is again by morphe it is my morphe g15 brush it's a good thing I'm not afraid of thunder okay so just taking a little bit of this base okay so now we have the concealer down and we've sort of got the outlines of our halo effect happening what I'm going to do is I'm just going to apply the tiniest amount of this this is by lit cosmetics and it is a glitter adherent like a glitter base basically now I'm only going to use the smallest amount again on the same concealer brush just going to put a little bit of this over the top of that concealer and we're going to go ahead and jump straight into strike so it's the one in the center

here it has the purpley sort of base and I just think it's gonna suit this look the best ah that's going on really nicely okay so I want to intensify this a little bit more so first to do that I want to go ahead and take my finger and see what happens when I place it on the lid with my finger dad has done it that is perfect that is nests so going back in with my Sigma brush just taking a little bit more of the stargazer shade the purplish shade just here and we're just going to start to apply that on the outer corner again just to reinterpret everything up again and what I'm going to do is once I've laid that shadow down I'm actually going to switch back into this brush here which we were using originally with the purple this is the gjh 33 brush for reference and I'm just going to start to sort of buff this out a little bit and just basically do the same sort of steps with the inner corner as well okay so from there I'm gonna take a really detailed pencil brush so this one here is by makeup geek and it is it's just called the pencil brush doesn't have a number and we're gonna go back into these comet shade this one

here get a nice good coating and we're just gonna start to stencil above where our halo has finished and sort of bring that all the way to the inner corner and back out and over now we're going to take a little bit more of this stargazer shade just on the tip so this is the really deep purple shade and we're just gonna start to stencil that over the top closest to where our halo is okay so from here we're just gonna go ahead and apply a little bit of liner and I'm only going to use honestly the smallest amount okay guys so that is the liner down so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna quickly go ahead and finish this eye off finish the rest of my base makeup come back finish our under eye with you guys and and yet I'll give you my final thoughts on the pill okay so onto our lower lash line so I'm just going to be taking this pencil brush by Mac this is the 219 brush and I'm just going to start by taking some Comet and just working that from the outer corner all the way through stopping just where our lashes essentially stopped growing okay so from there on the same brush we're just going to dip into some what is this stargazer

now and again starting from the outer corner and sort of blending this up a little bit into the rest of the shadow and then bringing it down across our lower lash line okay so from there what I'm going to do is this is a Cosette brush and this is in the number s18 five so I'm just going to take a little bit of Welwyn and I'm just going to ever so slightly as blend all of that in together and really just sort of smoke it out okay so guys when I was off-camera what I actually decided to do was I took a little bit of firestorm just on my finger and I placed it on top of the stripe which we put in our halo area and I actually think that if the two blended together looks really really beautiful and I'm very happy that I did decide to go ahead and do that I don't know why I just sort of felt like this look needed a little bit more glitter if that makes sense but what I'm gonna do now is I'm just gonna zoom you in before I go ahead and put some lashes on and do the rest of our makeup I just want to zoom you in and show you some of the issues that I have been having with this palette so far okay so now that you're nice and close I'm just gonna sort of

tilt my head back and show you so as you can see on this eye here the purple sort of skips and it's a little bit I suppose what you would call patchy so that I have found to be quite frustrating and I feel like that is the same on this side so I think all the way through it's been pretty consistent in the way of you know of it unfortunately being a little bit on the patchy side as far as the glitters are concerned the glitters are phenomenal in my opinion so far I think they've worked really really well but I did just before I would go ahead and put lashes on and all over the rest of it you know cuz I do think that lashes changed little dramatically I really just wanted to zoom you in closer you could see where the purple had skipped because I do think that is a major flaw in the palette and it's very unfortunate that that has happened alright guys so this is the final look that I was able to come up with lashes are on line is on it's all done and I have to say like I definitely do think that lashes make such an extreme difference especially when you have you know like some patching is happening on the outside

with lashes especially big thick ones like these doesn't make it as prominent you know it doesn't make it stand out as much which is good so I think look what I'm going to do is I'm actually not going to finish this film or this video here I'm actually going to do another look with this pocket guys so we are back for day two with the CIA glitter storm palette so yeah as I was saying before I'm just going to go ahead and create a nother look with this palette this time focusing on the shades that we didn't use yesterday and yeah I'll wrap the video up and give you my final thoughts [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] okay guys and here is the day to look that I promised you I have to say look overall my final thoughts on this palette are really positive I am really really happy with this palette I'm fairly confident it's around the $51 mark from Mecca and you know what I

think for that it is worth the money yes I did originally have some issues with stargazer this one here I didn't you know I did find that it was a little bit on the patchy side but I really did make an effort today to go ahead and use all the remaining shadows that we hadn't used yesterday and I have to say they all worked really well and I was very very happy with the look of that we are we're able to come up with so you know my only sort of critique would be the fact that I would have liked to have seen more glitters in this palette especially given the name and the formulation and the quality of these glitters look if the whole palette was good as I would have bought it you know like the quality is just that good but yeah so that would be my only complaint and I do wish obviously that the stargazer shade was you know wasn't as patchi's what I experienced so they're my only two negatives I suppose if you would want to even call at that that I experienced in this palette overall though I definitely would recommend it you know the quality is really good and yeah I'm really happy with the looks that we were able to come up with I'm

really pleased with it so yeah thank you so so much for watching this video guys I really do appreciate it and I'll be sure to catch you all on the next one Wow bye guys