27 November 2018

CIATÉ LONDON Glitter Storm Eyeshadow Palette Review

Thank you all for watching my review on the CIATÉ LONDON Glitter Storm Eyeshadow Palette. This palette retails for $42, but is currently on sale at Sephora for ...

oh go back to my table today we're going

to be doing a review on the sea ah take a glitter storm eyeshadow palette if you do want to see a review and swatches please keep watching this is what the outer packaging does look like it comes in this clear packaging and then on the back and you do have nine of the shade name so let's open this up so when you open up it you literally have like this clear packaging and it's this hollow graphic packaging a background like cardboard box it's super super cute I just love this packaging and then we have this little card here it's directions for use so that's helpful and then of course we have the star of the show which is the eyeshadow palette this is a ciate glitter storm eyeshadow palette I love the packaging so far like look how cute is this packaging but you just see the little stars coming down this packaging does remind me of my childhood I used to play with some toys that had the similar effect to it so again you do have that cute little fun packaging on the front when you open up the packaging here you have the 9 pan eyeshadows and then of course you have a decent sized mirror first shade in the palette is called firestorm this is a

rose glitter shade Wow this is so smooth and buttery in the pan here we have that gorgeous shade and firestorm this is a rose glitter shadow look at that it's gorgeous the next shade is called strike this is a purple silver shadow again very buttery in the pan there's no chunkiness to the shade neither did the first shade either wasn't any chunkiness so here's that beautiful gorgeous shadow the next shade at the top is called Pandora this is a pink champagne shade that glitter shade is gorgeous as well all three of these shades are very pigmented when I am noticing in these metallic shadow purple underlying and there's like glitter on top of it so I'm just gonna show you guys we're gonna do the middle shade and stripe litter on top of it and there's like an underlying of shadow too like that is so cool I don't have anything like that in my collection watching that shadow it did leave a little bit of a stain on my finger but it does come off with just a makeup remover away the next shade is called comet this is a dusty rose shade and ooh that's very buttery in the pan Matt shade in comet that's that dusty

rosy shade the next shade in the collection is called solar this is a cranberry shade all these shadows are very creamy in the pan so far here's that beautiful gorgeous cranberry shade you guys I just watched the Shh solar on top of the Shake comment that gusty Roche so I do apologize about that I'm gonna be swatching the shape comment right below I could not see the shade comment because it similar to my skin complexion very toned down shape the next shadow is called stargazer this is beautiful eggplant shape so here we have that shade in stargazer gorgeous eggplant shade the next shadow is called world wind this is soft cream shadow it's very great for like a transition shade another gorgeous matte shadow next shade is called interstellar this is the deep wrong shade another gorgeous shadow and the last shade of the 9pn shadow is called Jupiter this shadow is a deep brown shade so here's what the shape Jupiter looks like a closer look of all nine shades I feel like nobody talks about ciate it's such an underrated brand this eyeshadow

palette does retail for $42 but it is currently on sale exit4 for $30 I just saw that today and I was like wait a second I bought for 42 the first shade that I'm gonna be starting off with is the shade comet I'm gonna apply that all over my crease I'm not sure what kind of eye look I am going for but I do love the lipstick shade that I am wearing I did review the matte powder kiss lipsticks that's currently what I have on my lips that's in the shade burning love I love this formula I can barely feel that I'm wearing lipstick on my lips because it is so comfortable and lightweight I just love this shade in comment I really did not think it would show up on my skin complexion the next day I'm gonna be taking is the shade whirlwind I'm gonna place that all over my lid I'm loving how the eye look is coming together not sure which glitter shade I'm going to pick up I do love all three but I think because I am wearing a bold lip I just think I'm gonna dip into the shade Pandora and pack that all over my lid we're using my finger but here's what it's currently looking like I do have a little bit of Fallout on my face on the

shade Pandora so I'm just gonna be taking a clean brush and I'm just gonna wipe that away so the glitter specks was a little bit hard to get off so I did have to go over it with some of my concealer and then blend it out using my damp Beauty Blender there is some glitter speck still on my face I am sorry about that I tried to get as much of it off either use a glitter glue or a concealer if you really want to set that glitter in place I didn't use any of those because I wanted to see how these shadows did perform so I will be using a glitter glue next time when I am using this palette I'm going to go back in using the shade comment and I'm gonna diffuse that shade up at the top that we applied in our crease I just want to make sure that we have an effortless blend [Music] I'm taking a Packer brush and I'm gonna grab that same shade in Pandora and I'm gonna apply that all over my lid again and definitely see that there is more glitter pigment on my lid versus this side we're doing the same thing for the other eye I am using the shadow dry I did not add any fix+ to the shadow I

didn't wet the shadow this is just dry and look how stunning this shadow is that's something I really do love about ciate their products are so good - a little bit of glitter fall out that I do have on my face I really do like how this I loved it come out do you have this look a little bit more pop I'm gonna be grabbing the shade in first storm and applying that in my inner corner adding the shade firestorm in my inner corner really did not make a difference I'm gonna apply some mascara on my lashes and I will be right back apply mascara to my lashes and I really do love how this look did turn out this eyeshadow palette is very versatile in my opinion you have your glitter shades here you have a couple of matte shades you can definitely go from daytime to evening with this eyeshadow palette and I really do love all the shades this eyeshadow palette they are very pigmented just love this fun packaging it's just mesmerizing to me like I said it reminds me of my childhood and I just can't get enough of this packaging it is super super cute I can actually have this eyeshadow palette displayed up on my vanity instead of in

my drawer overall my final thoughts on this eyeshadow palette is that I really do love this eyeshadow palette and because this eyeshadow palette is currently on sale at Sephora for $30 it's definitely worth the price in my opinion if you guys did enjoy this video please go ahead and give it a thumbs up and if you haven't already please do subscribe I will see you guys in my next video