20 December 2018

Christmas Sleigh| Full Face Makeup Tutorial|Christin Mossing

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hello my love's welcome back to my

channel so I'm just gonna go ahead and do this fun Christmasy look and we have already done one eye so I'm going to go ahead and do the other one I've already done my brows so let's go ahead and get started I'm gonna prime my eyes with my concealer from makeup revolution and the color see one like I always do so I can make this green color come alive I'm gonna put it all over my eyelid and then I'm gonna blend it in with my finger like I normally do I feel like this concealer it's easier to blend my finger than it is a brush I feel like it gets stuck in the brush if that makes any sense so I usually do this with my finger into the color drain vivid pigments and shadows palette I'm gonna take this green color right here it's called level up and I'm just going to go ahead and put that all into my crease and blend it in so while I'm blinging this in if you have it already go ahead and hit that subscribe button and subscribe to my channel and join the family and then go ahead and hit that notification bell because that Bell will let you know when I upload a video and you can come and watch it [Music]

[Music] going back into that same palette I'm going to take this color right here called squad and I'm just using a pointed brush so I can put that right underneath of that level up color that I have before so the level up color can still show through so this color is also gonna be my outer be corner so I'm just going to go ahead and take that color from the corner of my eye all the way up to the crease area where I ended it just to connect those together and then after that I'm gonna fill in part of the outer part of my V right here is what I'm going in and filling it in on the lid part of the outer V and then of course I'm gonna go back in with level up because I always lose some of the color and I wanted to stand out so we're going back in with that lighter green color and just tapping it on there and then blending it out [Music] the next color I'm taking is called Lemon Drop what I'm doing with this one is I'm going to Pat it on to the level up color just so I can blend those two together not on top of it but just a little bit above it and I'm just patting

it on there and then I'm going to go ahead and blend it in [Music] so after I go in with this yellow shade and blend that into level up which is the lighter green shade I'm gonna go in with the lighter green shade again and just blend that out into the yellow and then I'm gonna go back in with the darker green color and blend that into the lighter green color sometimes to get your colors all right you just have to go over them a couple of times and that's just what I'm doing I don't remember how many times I did this but you do it until it looks good and it looks how you want it to be after that I'm going back in with my makeup revolution concealer and c1 and I'm just gonna cut the crease with this I don't really have much to say about cutting my crease this is just how I cut my crease I just kind of make it a small cut crease and then I gradually make it bigger I take my sweet time doing this it it I have it on fast so it looks like I'm going really fast I'm not this takes me a minute to cut my crease so that I can make sure it's perfect enough it's not gonna be perfect

[Music] [Music] so I'm going into the Zulu palette and i'm gonna use this middle shade right here it doesn't have a name but it's a very pretty foiled green color and I'm just going to use that all over my lid I understand a Pat it and then kind of smoothes it onto my lid it is so so pigmented and so pretty I just love this color so much but this brush that I'm using is by elf and I feel like this is the best brush that I use when I do my cut creases because it has like a little pointed edge so it helps me get like really close to the line without touching the other colors after I applied that all over my lid I'm gonna go back in with that darker green color and I'm just going to blend those two colors together I'm gonna go back in also with a tiny brush and fix the outer because I felt like it wasn't long enough I guess but this is just what I do so that I can blend these colors together and so that doesn't look like there's just color and then color you want it to blend [Music] I'm gonna go in and line my eyes just a

little bit I don't want a thick line around this I just want to be able to hide the band from my lashes [Music] for my glitter line I'm using my Urban Decay heavy metal liner in the color Midnight Cowboy and I'm just gonna go ahead and take this it comes with a really tiny brush so it makes it super easy to make your line super straight but I'm just gonna go over it a couple of times because although it is really really shiny and really pretty I feel like to get the full effect you have to go over at least three times which it's not very bad but I'm just letting you know that it's not gonna come out like that and one full swipe the lashes I'm using our rising grind by bold face cosmetics so I'm just gonna throw those on really quick well this one cuz I already have the other one on [Music] after that I'm gonna go in with squad which is the dark green color and line the under part of my eye with it and then I'm going in after that woods level up and lining the rest of my eye with that [Music]

to line my waterline I'm gonna use my in L'Oreal infallible liner I think this is a cold liner but I'm not exactly sure and then I'm gonna throw on some mascara this is my benefit bad gal bang mascara I'm gonna throw on some on the top and on the bottom lashes I'm using my no fills her foundation from colour-pop I think this is the color 195 but I lost the footage for me actually putting it on so here's me pretending to blend it in for concealer I'm using my Maybelline instant age rewind concealer in the color hazelnut I'm just gonna go underneath my eyes underneath my nose forehead and chin and down the bridge of my nose so then of course I'm gonna go ahead and blend this out and being really careful because I decided to put on the colors underneath of my eyes before I put my my concealer on and I don't know why I did that but oh well that's where we are [Music] to set everything I did and concealer I'm using my color pop no filter setting powder and I'm just gonna Pat that all underneath my eyes my nose and my forehead and chin to contour I'm using my makeup revolution concealer in the

color c18 and I'm just gonna do my cheekbones and my forehead and my nose [Music] and then of course we have to blend those in I'm blending in upward motions it looks better when you blend upwards don't forget that [Music] [Music] [Music] I'm gonna take this tart shape tape concealer in the color deep just to highlight my nose just a little bit more to make my contour stand out just set my contour color I'm using my morphe bron tour I'm just using the darker side just to set everything and this is the color showmance here I'm just dusting away the excess powder and setting everything else I'm using my Mac mineralized skinfinish like I always do I just don't have footage of it for some reason or I put on my highlighter I'm gonna suppress my face with my Urban Decay all nighter spray and then I'm using my hyper real glow from Mac and this last color right here I get stuck on one highlighter and I just use it constantly I don't know why I do that but this one is just my new fave again but I'm just gonna

highlight a lot because I feel like this looks dramatic so I feel like it calls for more than normal highlighter [Music] for my lipstick I'm using my fin T Beauty madamn Matmos el lipstick this is my favorite red lipstick of all time so this is what I'm doing and that's pretty much it for this look you guys I just love it so much i slayed it not sa la Y if you know what I'm talking about slay like hohoho slay anyway I hope you guys really enjoyed this look as much as I enjoyed making it because it was so much fun to do this one and you know what like every time I do a new look I'm like ooh this is my favorite like the one not the one before this because I was just my normal everyday look but mine I got a spurts to my face again you know but the look before this one the cranberry when I was like oh man I love this one and now this is my new fave anyway I will see you guys in the next video give it a thumbs up if you liked it and make sure you subscribe to my channel and I'll see you later bye [Music] [Music] [Music]