21 December 2018

Christmas Lights Makeup | CHRISTMAS LOOKS | Marisol Chavez

WATCH IN QUALITY 1080P ♥ MIS AMORESSS!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! ♥ I hope you guys enjoy this video ♥ Today's video is a recreation of the viral Christmas ...

hello so for those of you who have seen

me before hello welcome back for those of you that are new to my channel hello my name is Mauricio chatters so today we will be working on that this makeup look right here I am NOT Iranian omona you don't know you don't know Washington so before we jump right into the video I didn't want to go ahead and give out its a special shout-out to the first individual that commented on my previous video that was Veronica visa thank you so much with us on the middle so odyssey if you are interested in seeing how I execute this holiday spirit makeup then stay tuned and keep watching we'll be using the James Charles palette um let me show you the guys they have around in the room so that's a dog tree rat in a suit polar bear Santa Claus and a tree with ice and we'll say I'm in love with us so these guys hey stores for my mom they listen and that I started from my sister just keep it there we go you know go ahead and jump right in you see you think I must pallets gesta but this one has all the colors you ever need I'm just kidding up but it really does does have a lot of colors [Music]

[Music] okay I'd enjoy CiCi's increase when the bust or not circumcised epitope thumbs up on that Ed concealer all around but I said Susie said cut crease go Delilah okay so again NARS [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] okay so now that we added um a little bit of highlight to the light we'll go ahead and do the face of camera damn Christmas as so foundation and contour is complete now I'm gonna go ahead and do something of course my boy if I thought a glitter right it's glitter time so I'm gonna go ahead and add a glitter to the eyeliner port

there's a party and hope for the best that it works out and it comes out as I'm planning you should so let's see let's go ahead and dip [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] again I use this one for those of you that don't know I do have a discount code which spoilt lips cosmetics and you can use code marry Sun which is m8r is you and um for 15% off okay so now let's go ahead and go into blush yeah and I didn't use lashes just because I don't want to get him off full of glitter anymore well not anymore Mira Mira como se me hace mucho I don't wanna like como so no samhitas Katanga no quien habla stay clear Anita yes I do he Aramis piscina okay so blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush highlight highlight and you guys already know [Music] [Music] [Music] angela is not a sake significant to me Mariama respond as recurrent yeah with yeah yeah yeah to the memory so outlaw the Kat Von D

para trás Iquitos cuando para esto pero cellie different I'm precise - I'm okay there's no thing it's the fun stick it in put this put some glitter on my lips get the primer it's like a in this new paper no sister later just looking on my ale [Music] okay so this is the final look as you see as you can see um don't forget to subscribe to my channel comment down below to see if you like this look if you did it I'm so sorry and also um if I did not post a video before Christmas merry Christmas to all of you and your families and Feliz Navidad at both los santos adoro which others pursued me on thank you for watching and I hope to see you my next video