06 January 2019

Chit Chat, Some Makeup Gifts, and a Few Purchases

GIVEAWAY CLOSED* I'm very happy to be back. Today I will chit chat, talk about some purchases I made, and share some makeup I received as Christmas gifts ...

good morning

it's Mary Ellen from the channel Mary Ellen after 60 and I'm really happy to be back today I hope you all had wonderful wonderful Christmas New Year's whatever you celebrated I hope you had a fabulous time and and I sure did I enjoyed being off I am ready to be back that's what it takes sometimes just being gone for a little while really makes you appreciate doing what you do so anyway I'm caught up for a while and I'm ready to go I'm wearing pajamas today and I'm gonna start doing that because in my 18 favorites of 2018 I guess everybody assumed that I was wearing pajamas a lot of people did the blouse that I had on and I'll put a picture it was from 1983 that is how old that blouse is and I've worn it sometimes open sometimes with us something underneath it that I as long as I've owned it I've worn it every year and it does have a little dry rot in the tail so I don't know if that's the last time I wear that or if I'll try to keep it in just wear it to film a video next year Ben will let you know if it's pajamas and these were a Christmas gift and they're really comfortable I think they're simply Vera and they feel like

swated they feel like they're suede between a suede in the velour but they feel really good on I hope those of you who needed to stock up on timeless were able to get in on the last sale of the year I didn't need anything but I didn't get an email so I kind of hesitated on whether to put that out or not but I know that when I would have hated to miss them the deal if I needed something I'm going to get do my giveaway first before I start talking about everything else so you know timeless sent a set of two sets of these to two of my subscribers and they sent me and I decided to give him away and up about a video below and I talked about what was in here because the only thing I really needed was the vitamin C serum I didn't need enough to order I didn't I didn't need 75 dollars worth I always have a 25% discount code and I can use that anybody can use it but I checked the prices and I ordered mine from Amazon and on the front of the box it says when it was packaged so I think you can feel pretty confident when you order from Amazon if you just need one thing that that you're getting something I've never had anything that wasn't good form

Amazon Here I am stuttering around so anyway I want announce the winner of this 4-piece collection and the winners name is Cheryl naday Nye day I'm really not sure Cheryl be sure to comment below and I'll let you know how to get in touch with me it so anyway congratulations to you today I'm excited about talking about something and it's just super helpful for me and I always think if there's something that really kind of helps me there may be somebody else out there that could use it I was needing a new belt to wear with jeans my jeans that I went that I wear to get him I am a curvy shape which therefore my waist is smaller in proportion to my hips and sometimes I'll buy Kirby jeans even the Kirby jeans a lot of times they date in the back well I was I remember I used to have a elastic belt that had a real flat closure in the front because like if I want to wear and like a fitted sweater I don't like that big belt buckle you know I just wanted something that was smooth well I found something that I love absolutely love I found a buckle free belt and here it is and either I'll put in a picture of me

with it on or somebody else but you hook this on your first belt loop on both sides and it just makes my jeans fit really good I can tuck my shirt in in the front I wouldn't tuck it in all around or like if you just if you have a jacket on it just gives it a real smooth look but to make it even better it came with the buckles and you can snap the buckle like this if you want a buckle or you don't have to have one but I tell you what I don't know just makes me mad I don't invent these things because I do think sometimes but I meant there's an inventor inside of me but you can just hook it like this and have a flat belt buckle but I haven't done that I just want it attached to my jeans I also have some dress pants that have one v belt loops and I've tried it with those and it works great so I want to tell you about those I know this was less than ten dollars I tell you the only thing I don't like about it is this is plastic it's not leather and I don't know why they call it vegan leather because leather is leather and I wish I wish they call it pleather that's what you know people know what pleather is or a man-made you know a man-made material it

didn't it didn't indicate it was leather but it would last a long long time if it wasn't but this was lesson I know less than ten dollars I was thrilled with it something I did a couple of years ago and I ordered more this year I ordered them in packs of ten and they're the bad like this well I always get like the hundred sheets of the extra-large tissue paper tonton all sorts of colors and you always get four sheets of each color and I tell you what I can wrap a package and make it look really pretty with using my tissue paper these clear bags and pretty bow depending on if it's her a male or a female the guys don't appreciate it cheating put ornaments on it really really helpful looking for the holidays there's something there's a couple things I bought for myself I bought the pony oohs I have it in today I'll type the word across but they're flat like this and you can put your hair in them and it keeps your hair up really really well like I have my hair in mine and then I bring this back and it just really keeps your hair up and and I just had my hair turned into the back you can

order them in several different colors but I need to make sure that every time I take them one off I put it in this bag because I could lose those but I liked him I've been I've been watching it on little commercials and I thought I'm gonna try those a lot of times I will look at the schedule see what's coming on for like QVC I especially do QVC I haven't really gotten into HSN that match and this was like the end of November they had an it cosmetics hour and a lot of times I'll take those to see if there's something new because usually in that hour they'll have something that's unspecial well I ordered something called hello cheekbones it's a highlighter and it's supposed to be a contour here's the color not sure if that's really a good contour color but I love the brush and to get it here I think it was little over $40 and this is for the contour and this is for the highlight super soft easy I've used it I liked it and I'm gonna do it get ready with me using this but I bought this for myself and when I was watching the 18 values from 2018 I think this is when

Carol talked about it Carol from the old Carol show I love to watch her videos and she bought some melted vinyl I haven't used this yet but I'll let you know what I think about it she said you can use it over the matte lipstick or liquid lipsticks and it doesn't decrease the stain power so I and I know this was on sale for $10 from toothpaste and they didn't have shipping and handling that day so I ordered that the rest of these I received as gifts and the first one is the Natasha to Nonna number 5 palette I tell you these are all beautiful colors I've used every one of them in the future I will do it get ready with me but they are all shimmers it turned out to be a pretty look but I just thought I'd let you know they're all shimmers beautiful they can for my eyes they did great they're pigmented but not to the point that if you touch your brush to it you're stuck with a look I've had some that were so pigmented that that's what they did but I look forward to reviewing this later I also received as a gift well they're all gifts the buxom party girl lip balms and it looks like there's three colors and one clear so I look

forward to reviewing this and one of my family members got made this lip thing and it's called gimme lip and they bought it on Sephora I was really surprised all of these are cruelty free except for three items and there's five full-size these aren't available and anymore I don't think but they will be again next year they usually have something like that I think I've ever had one like this before but I really look forward to trying this and let you know what I think because there's all different kinds of lip products in here and I really do think she told me what she spent and I think it was an excellent value and if you're still watching this is going to be a giveaway I have never done a sponsored video don't see anything wrong with it but I just I forget to say that I've never been paid to do a video but there are some companies that give me things to do giveaways and this is Kukai naturals and i have used the Kukai oil on my neck for several years it's the only oil i've ever used on my neck i still haven't used it on my face i started a couple of months ago down in

the lower portion on this i just use this on my neck to here and a friend of mine gave me some rolls rosehip seed oil and i'm putting that down a little over but to tell you the truth I'm not really wrinkled down there so you know I should be preventative but I'm really not but I love this oil and that's the only place I use it and my neck when I'm sitting in this chair you guys really can't see because I mean my neck really has put up out like this and jaws but it really turned my neck around I use two drops every other night on the other night I don't use it I use that 0.05 retin-a love this and they're going to be giving away five of them so five of you get to have the Kukai oil so to be entered in this contest or this giveaway you have to be subscribed to my channel before it goes live be 18 years old or older it is international and the company will mail this to you and this giveaway will close three days after I upload it and in the comments section under this video just use the word joy in a sentence that's pretty easy using the word joy in a sentence I won't be able to reply to these comments any video that

I have posted prior to this you can just ask me any question and I will make sure that I answer it just you know I am a little rusty and it's been a while since I found I sound hoarse I'm not hoarse I tell you what it is windy and rainy out today and I am so happy that I have these two light bulbs in here that allow me to film because if I turned them off I would be in the dark I really enjoyed reading your comments on my last video I really meant to ask you what is your favorite type of video that I do but I I think I think that most people just like talking and skincare and get ready with me good deals on products and I have a lot of those coming up in the future it is all good thank you so much for watching and I will see you in my next video take care let me see I can't think of what I want to have you you hook this on your last your first [Music]