26 November 2018


Foundation - Yardley even complexion*caramel fudge* + maybelline superstay*60 caramel* Concealer = kryolan foundation in Setting powder - Revlon ...


my cry land foundation which is in the shade way lighter than my skin tone so when I use this as a base and then we're just gonna put an eye primer sorry so we're just gonna dump that in there this is so that thing you can like the pigment of the fundus conduce you know brighten up and neck and not be so dull and so that also that they named the eye is nicely prime before we put on eyeshadow so now I'm gonna go in with this palette they look like my favorite planet that is my face I'm gonna start with this color riche at the orange color and then take it with this brush so we're just gonna dab in there and then just apply it like so and I'm just gonna keep on doing it and then after this we're gonna blend it out with our blending brush this is just a transition color so I'm gonna use this red shell and then you're just gonna blend everything out you want to take it like all the way up and just smooth in circular motions and just just keep on like blending up and tall you set is fine can't even wanna go in again with the orange color and then you're just gonna add some more and then after this we're gonna add that straight right shot

this one but just a tiny bit not a lot so this just finished painting this pond so I thought I filmed another video when with us some time during the week but like I did not like the way it turned out at all like the lighting was so bad like and looked so orange it doesn't even feel like it was bad so I decided let me not post it with my and just really didn't like the quality so going on I'm going in with the purplish highlight and then we're just gonna add that on to our outer crease and then you're just gonna blend it out and had done on that thing on that phone what is it the video the one that I had filmed but it's such like a simple look like I didn't do the whole cut crease that did something really simple and easy to do but like I just couldn't post it like it was so bad you guys it was like really bad so after this part we're gonna go end with that ones with the orange brush again the hinge front the the pressure to use for that they need the first annual we eye shadows I just do a simple look and I'm out of the house like I'm so lazy like I am so leave the end it means to stop

I cannot be done with that part of just then but a tiny bit again and our fathers color turned out if you're not that kind you like your normal eyes shadow I don't know I feel like it doesn't come out as mine's I'm not saying this is like the base year but I like it better than the normal one but I'm gonna try and like do different looks and all of that me see ya okay so now you're gonna go in well we're gonna cut the crease so I'm gonna use this this is from Kyle and it's a foundation it comes in a small thing like this and that's how you guys like the name of it in the description box but you can get it at Kryolan stores the one that I got it from is the one and my point I don't know where this where the other thing credence those are I just know if that one and that's what I want to tell you guys each and everything a lot of you have been asking about banana car which is this thing right yeah I got this at China more but don't remember the name of the shop right then you can get it at any makeup shop that's in China more that's where I've got it and it's like 20 grand or 25 grand if I'm

not mistaken I really like it there's different shades but this is like I feel like this one is like the business and it's no kind of powder the other little bit I don't know Brown is not brown as such but like it said I don't know what color that is but it's not as great I would recommend navy like this one and this one is more yellow and it looks you know I think stood in your own skin tone feel like I'm talking a lot today I'm really excited about next year and I hope by the time next year comes like my channel would have no groan and all of that but I really appreciate you guys like subscribe to my channel and like watch a movie do my videos and like me and all of that I really appreciated I do a lot at lunch like I was so scared like starting this YouTube channel gonna think to myself this YouTube thing in that South Africa it's not as big so like I was really scared because like I was thinking of who's gonna subscribe look who's gonna there's a whole lot that was like going through my mind you know only like a few youtubers in South Africa that you know have like a lot of subscribers thank you can literally

comments I'll hate it so you're gonna go in with this and you'd share any machine that you have just so we can set the crease and the reason why we set the crease is because sometimes get messy and like it gets sorry it gets like lines first know what it gives live like funny lines so if you like set it like means everything smooth and your eyeshadow sits nicely once you've said everything but you don't have to say that it's just that with the concealer that I used like I feel like I need so after this we're gonna go in with the kill attack almost God so this this is them nailed the attack so you can get it at any nail shop I think I got mine in China City at all so now I'm gonna take this brush and we'll go in with our setting spray this is from Maybelline it's a the superstay setting spray it's looking very dirty so I'm gonna just spray that brush and then dip in there and then just apply it the other this like normal shops that do you solve the glitter like the crowd and store the things like um I don't see they need to like buy those words way I can get these ones for like much affordable price than

those other ones but as time goes by I will go and buy those ones from like the expensive shops and all of that but for now I feel like these ones work I don't know maybe you guys can let me know what you guys think about them but like if you don't have many and you're just starting off and you don't really know what you do it you can just mess around with these ones and then as you learn how to do your makeup then you can buy like expensive stuff okay so that's a lot crease you need to be really careful with that because it gets really messy so we're gonna go in gonna line our thing our eye with dust this is just another random thing alright it's just it's a no-name lineup so we're just gonna London nothing hectic this is just so luscious cocaine okay so now I'm going to go in with the meshes only use this red Channel and then you're just going to take it what I'd like to do is I like to hold my lashes and and then just edit it because if you like added on top of your lashes like and between your lashes they won't sit properly there we go we've got an eyelash okay if you like a kind you like a shadow without adding lashes for me

doesn't make sense feel like the lashes like they ain't that extra like I don't like it like just do a shadow and thank you like it doesn't work for me it does not now we're gonna move on to the face and we're gonna go in this skin and lemonade ten I got this from this camp there's about 70 ran a tear and around 1890 and I'm not sure less than a hundred Rendel so we just not add this before we put our foundation so this is just to protect the skin underneath it maybe have really dry skin and maybe some parks don't worry I feel like this is like the best I like it a lot but they're Spanish in my chest like not my favorite I recently bought it and I'm I'm not punished in my chest like not my favorite I recently bought it and I'm I'm not a huge fan but we're gonna edit with them with my normal foundation which is the maybelline superstay foundation and then this one is from Yardley and I got it add at this and it's in the shade caramel fudge and if you like it's not my color I really don't like how I don't know I feel like it's not full coverage as well

so that's another part meets me and the thing is I've got it from this other thing you know when you like go makeup makeup shopping and like you ask those makeup consultants and I don't know any do that but like this when I was buying this thing I was like okay let me just ask and she I don't know I'm never gonna do it again cuz I didn't like I just like no it's you shade that I'm never never like I never she's like but I bought it anyways so I'm gonna go in with a Beauty Blender and you're just gonna clean everything out so it doesn't really matter what Beauty Blender you use it's from crydom the same connection I was using to onto the eyelid so you're just gonna put there just to highlight this area and on the chin the nose button the forehead it can stand I was just gonna blend everything meet someone now feel like a moment like you mean someone that you normally father like on if not you know minute that you follow on Instagram but I feel like if you see me at a mall or somewhere like please come up and greet like I'm not gonna add funny towards you or like egg fridge so I'm gonna go in

with this it's also a foundation from Thailand and you're just gonna contour with this one so if you see me some way don't be scared to come and greet usually I'm not scared like I'm a bit shy I'm a shy person in general but like a good days where I'm like I'm not shy and I just have yeah I talk a lot and I have all this energy so maybe you might just catch me in one of those things but mostly when I'm not walking alone like I'm one of those that like have I have a very stern face the resting bitchface what's going on normally I'm like that but like it's just oh I really can take it a bit like how do you say it hey you wanna hang out hey do you wanna be for her easier even start the conversation and to like someone being your friend like it's so hard making friends especially because you don't know what people's intentions on her like it's a bit tricky so some people they befriend your fault like so many reasons like you know sometimes they don't be friendly because they like you they just do it just so they can say oh no I know I know like it's very real real friendship but I don't like one of those so I think

that's fine like I don't have a lot of friends and there's a whole lot of people that I call fam that can really fam which is a bit otherwise of me to do but like I think it's just just how it is but that's a discount so you're going to take this change these two shades down here and we're going to come to this first here we go you need to play the part I wanted to do a thingy on what's this a get to know me video the thing is I'm not sure if you guys do want to get to know me a really bad show but if you do you can like maybe comment on this video or like I'm busy running like hide me I feel like I'm getting a double chin but I feel I am give it getting a double chin I'm eating so much and I'm getting fat and it's not good so I was saying I need I wanted to do it get to know me video so even these chains that I like done yeah the gold ones and when I highlight with that I'm gonna use this brush so we're just gonna mix all of these and then do this like I feel like I can't like do your makeup without highlighting because I do need to get like a nice tough I got this for like 60

right in this thing I think it's like 3 something or to something at like waterline so we're just gonna put this brush doesn't have to be this brush but something that's a bit small so that you don't like smudge everything and make have a fall out so we're gonna go in like that it's and when it's long lasting I tinsel zero one black fever so you also can get it at this camp we can use any other eyeliner so I'm just gonna add this okay we almost and with this look is wrong the PD shop it's in the shade rows 0-3 to so you're just going to add it on top of that gloss that we had on and then you're gonna add a bit of line um just so we don't have like a hungry look so I'm gonna add a brown eyeliner if I can find it yeah there we go so you can just do this now only szlachta my grandmother's because if I don't if you like then lives that doesn't come out fine I'm gonna add again yeah and with the same palette from beauty treats I'm gonna go in with this trade right channel we're not gonna take a lot or justly take that just bit and then add thing I feel like it's two times then let's go in again with this powder just a bit I know that I

everything is just deployed so I love the eyes like it gives you a nice like finished this powder it's sort of like an airbrush effect to it my ring you like it you really really like it and just just put the highlight gonna be better for it cuz now it looks lovely spitting you know it's reading if you love it there we go you