14 March 2019

Chevron Smileline with Transparent French, Glitter and Sharpie

Hi everyone, In this video, we're going to do a chevron smile line with a lemon colour and a twist of sharpie. I've already prepped Fay's nail and I'm going to start ...

Kirsty: Hi everybody, I'm Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, we are going to do...

I don't know why I wave like that though but yeah, hello! Hi! We're gonna do a Chevron Smile Line with a lemon colour with a twist of Sharpie. Not a twist of lemon, twist of Sharpie. So, we've got the fabulous Fay or Fussy Fay. We've got Fussy Fay in today. Kirsty: You don't mind me calling you that, do you? Fay: No Kirsty: We're gonna do a ballerina shape nail and we've already prepped Fay's nail. She's had a soak off. She's having a brand new set. Oh my God! How amazing! Kirsty: Let's see how much Fay complains today. Adam: She's not going to, are you? Fay: No, best behaviour. Kirsty: Let's see how fussy Fussy Fay is today. Kirsty: So to do this, I am gonna put a Clear layer down. Let's prep the nail with the products first. We're gonna dehydrate the nail and we will prime the nail. So, we've got the Acid Based Primer. Yeah, we're gonna put a thin layer of Clear down, so I'm gonna use Max Adhesion. I just wanna slow it down a little bit. Crystal Clear Acrylic. So, we're gonna connect, drag back. I'm gonna bring this down to a number four. Fay: Four. Kirsty: Correct, yeah? Fay: Yep. Kirsty: I'm just checking, you know, because you're a bit fussy about length and all. Adam: What is it you like best about long nails? Fay: I think you can get more glitter in. But, and I think Kirsty will agree, I think that, if the nail looks... I think the nail, you can get a completely different nail just from the length. Fay: As in like, if you're doing an ombre or you're doing more of a stretched smile line. Kirsty: Mm-hmm! Fay: And when because obviously, I have them really pinched, it's slimmer. It goes from being obviously wider from the widest point and then to being like really slow Fay: ...whereas if they were a lot shorter. Adam: Hmm!

Kirsty: And you feel like that they look a little bit more... Fay: Chubby. Adam: Stumpy Kirsty & Fay: Yeah. Kirsty: Yeah, that's true. And that's one of the reasons I like long nails as well. Kirsty: Right! So, I'm gonna pinch that a little bit. I'm gonna be using at the back, Rose Glow. It's a gorgeous pinky colour. It's a really good coverage as well. And we're gonna create this Chevron. So, as I look at this, I'm gonna pull this Chevron down to around this number one and make it really steep and really sharp. Adam: Just like Fay. Fay: Steep and sharp. Kirsty: Definitely sharp with that tongue of hers. Fay:[makes noises with her tongue] Adam: That's not sharp at all. Kirsty: Big bead. Fay: Hang on! Kirsty: What? Fay: I feel the Sculpting Form is on the wonk. Kirsty: Shut your face. It is not on the wonk. Fay: Are you sure? Kirsty: I'm sure. Pack it in now. Come on now, behave. Kirsty: Stay still. Fay: I'm not coming here anymore, she's bossy. Kirsty: I'm bossy? Fay: Well, you're strict. Kirsty: I'm bossy, says Fay. Kirsty: Right! So, we're gonna do this in one bead. Come on, shut up now, I'm trying to teach. Fay: How many time has she said shut up, can you count how many times she says that? Adam: Do you know what, this is why I've been so chilled out today Adam: ...because you two are just getting at each other and I'm just kind of bystander. Just like whey! Kirsty: Right! So, pull it down like that. Then I'm gonna take a craft knife. We're gonna do this with a craft knife. Kirsty: We're gonna cut out. Fay: Oh geez! Kirsty: Oh, don't you dare! Don't move, or else I will cut you. Fay: Oh dear! Kirsty: On purpose maybe. Adam: It's not even sharp. Kirsty: No, it's not sharp. It's proper blunt, this is. That's why it's good for this. I'm dipping it into the powder. Kirsty: It might look lethal. lethal with an F. Fay: Lethal weapon. Kirsty: It might look lethal. Lethal! But it ain't lethal.

Kirsty: So, that's pretty cool way of getting that Chevron really sharp, by using that craft knife. You do have to be careful and now you can see why I've got that sort of base layer, that Clear base layer under there because that's like a protective layer as well. Right! We're gonna use some... Fay: Bit of Columba Kirsty: Carribean Sunsplash. Why...just put the lid back on, Kirsty. That...there we are. Kirsty: A little bit of that but then, we're gonna use Kirsty: ...also, Soft Pastel Beige and a bit Beryl. Fay: Soft Pastel Beige do you mean Soft Pastel Lemon? Kirsty: Soft Pastel Lemon. Oh my God! What's wrong with me? Fay: And a bit of Bezza. Kirsty: A bit of Bezza. Fay: Bezza Kirsty: So, the stronger colour, I'm gonna put right round this smile. Only a little bit, just so it really pops. Fay: Do you not need to pinch your pink? Kirsty: What? Fay: Do you not need to pinch your pink? Kirsty: Do I not need to pinch my pink? Fay: Hm-hmm! Kirsty: I thought you said, "have you got a pinchy pink?" And I thought is that a colour that I've never heard of? We don't need to pinch that. Kirsty: You're doing my head in Fay: Don't like the shape of it. Kirsty: Do you know I did pinch the under colour first? Kirsty: I pinched the Clear. Fay: I know, I saw. Kirsty: Which was for you. Fay: I know. Kirsty: Just for you, I'll put that there. They're all right for you. Fay: Yeah! Kirsty: Point it on that way, so it doesn't touch the colour that I've just put on because I told you, she's fussy. Fay: That looks really funny on camera. Kirsty: It does look weird, don't it? It looks like a little big, a little big nail. Fay: Big nail. Adam: Oh! Kirsty: Oh! Fay: Did you see that, Adam? Kirsty: You said you want me to pinch it. Fay: That was ferocious. Kirsty: Stop it now, behave. Fay: No, don't Kirsty: I'm not pinching you. Fay: no, go on. Kirsty: No, you've just been flinching too much. Fay: Flinching. Adam: Flinching the pinch. Fay: Flinching flinching! Fay: Is that one of our words, flinch? Like fetch.

Adam: No, it's a real word. Flinch. Fay: Oh, fetch is real word? Adam: Fetch is a real word as well. Kirsty: I know but fetching it off isn't. A lot of people won't use that. Kirsty: So, Soft Pastel Beige. No, it's not called Soft Pastel Beige. Kirsty: Soft Lemon. Soft Yellow Pastel, Lemon Pastel. I don't know what it's called. I'm losing the will. Fay: Soft Pastel Lemon. Kirsty: Soft Pastel Lemon. Do that quite thin, so you get a bit of a gradient with it, which looks really nice. Fay: Not sure I like that Caribbean Sunsplash. Kirsty: It's gonna make it pop though. Fay: It's gross actually. Kirsty: Now shut up! Kirsty: Then bit of Beryl. Can you see how we're layering and building colour? Kirsty: What is wrong with you? Fay: I just don't like that colour. Kirsty: You told me use another colour out of the box, so I did. Fay: Yeah, but... Kirsty: Maybe don't tell me that again Adam: She meant the colour that she liked though. Fay: Well, yeah. Precisely, Adam, precisely. Adam: I know what you meant. Fay: This is one of your stupid colours you picked. Kirsty: Because it's a stronger colour it'll make the Chevron pop. Then what we're gonna do is take a little bit...I took the lid off before I tell you what it is. Sunburst Cracked Ice Mylar. It may have a different name now, I think. And then, I'm gonna put a little bit of this in because it's transparent, but it has a yellow tinge to it. And that's what I want because we're gonna go transparent here. So, I'm gonna add in a little just... we don't want to like jampack that area with mylar. We just want a little bit just to add some dimension. And a little bead on the end of my brush again and into the transparent glitter. So, it's like a flat transparent glitter on a transparent nail, that looks pretty cool. So again, don't put loads, just want enough to see. I don't want it to be jam-packed because you want that transparency. And we're gonna cap, bring that down to the very tip, which is the number four. Fay: Fore! What do they say that in? Kirsty: Golf.

Fay: Golf. Kirsty: Fore! Kirsty: What does it mean? Adam: Get your head out of the way, there's a ball coming. Fay: Is it? Kirsty: It's not. Adam: If you shout fore, so what do you do? It's like there's people ahead of you on the course and you swing, you shout "fore!" Fay: In case you get golf ball on your bonce. Adam: Yeah, so you can alert people that you... Kirsty: But why fore? Adam: hit the ball. Fay: That you shooting balls. Adam: I don't know. Fore! It's not the number four, fore F O R E. Fay: Oh! Adam: It's what I think it is, anyway. That's what I'm... Kirsty: What about cricket, don't they shout fore in cricket? Fay: No! Kirsty: Is that a six? Adam: Nah, they do it sixes. Fay: Four, six. Kirsty: What do they do? Fay: Fore. Course, I am. Kirsty: That means fore. Fay: Fore. Adam: Why, are you a cricket? Kirsty: What means six, what's six? Adam: Do you like cricket? Kirsty: * six! Fay: *. Kirsty: Six. Fay: Six. Kirsty: So, I'm gonna give that little bit of a pinch. *, just for about six. Kirsty: Now, this is beautiful nails. Fay: Oh, that's beaut. Kirsty: This is a beautiful nail. Alright, here. Right! So, let's get this sidewall nice and straight. I'm gonna go through my normal filing routine, which is sidewalls, cuticle, free edge and then we will contour the nail. Fay: For Kirsty's nail filing routine, just clink the link below. Kirsty: So now, cleaned over, I've cleaned underneath. Because it's transparent I am going to topcoat. I'm gonna topcoat underneath. So, we topcoated underneath and then we're gonna topcoat the surface. We're doing this before we do the Sharpie magic. Kirsty: So now, we're gonna take a permanent marker. Fay: What are you seriously doing with this?

Fay: What? You don't need put anything at the top of it. Kirsty: After... Fay: Like what? Oh, you need put another top coat. I see what you're doing. Kirsty: Can you see it? See that Sharpie. Kirsty: That's a dog, ain't it? Adam: Hmm? Kirsty: Shar-pei. Adam: Shar-pei is it called? Adam: We don't have sharpies. Kirsty: I know. I have Hobbycraft. Kirsty: Right! So now, we put up a yellow one there. Tiny bit of brown, tiny bit. With the brush and Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution, we're gonna control our Sharpie and make some little like marbly shapes. Oh, that's looks mint on Clear! Fay: You obviously see something I don't. Kirsty: Do you not think that looks mint? Fay: It's horrendous. You wrecked the nail. Kirsty: I have not wrecked the nail. Can everybody tell Fay that it looks cool? Yes, it looks nice without it, but this looks really cool. I love how it's transparent and you can see through the marble. So, I'm gonna finish off by topcoating. You've got to make sure your Sharpies completely dry and then we're gonna topcoat. And we're gonna pop it in the lamp. There you are guys. I hope you enjoyed that video. Have you had enough of Fay? Kirsty: I have. Adam: It's been a long day. Kirsty: It's been a long day. Love you, really. Fay: I know you do. Kirsty: I do. Kirsty: Strange time. Adam: See you next year. Fay: Gin o'clock. Kirsty: It's gin o'clock already! Fay: * o' clock. Kirsty: Everything I've used today will be listed below as always. Don't forget, give us a thumbs up and subscribe and I'll see you in the next video, guys. Say bye!

Kirsty: Bye Fay! Fay: Bye! Kirst: Right! Now go! I've had enough. Kirsty: *, sorry. Kirsty: Pardon me. Adam: lovely