20 December 2018

Cheapest concealer !! EVER!! Insight pro concealer.

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beautiful people welcome back to my

channel so today I brought you one of the cheapest concealers that you can get in India I bought this concealer from sharp news.com if you want to get it you can check the link in the description box below so let me tell you about this concealer it's from insite pro concealer ok so you get 8 grams in 150 so as I was a user new user to the shop luscom I got it for P 70 including my shipping charges so n is one of cheapest concealers I have never caught or anyone could get so if you want it you can get it from say ok so this is [Music] : sand 0-4 okay you get eight grams of this concealer the packaging is you know plastic kind of feeling that you get and when you open this tab you get pressures like this so that you need to pump it from below and then you need to apply [Music] now let me tell you about this concealer came as it claims to be HD high definition concealer it does not give you a full coverage it is just a medium coverage so I suggest you if you buy this I suggest you to use it before your

foundation and then just prefer a foundation and just then use your foundation that will be better but if you think that you will use a foundation and put this on top of that I do thinks it will give you a good coverage and you can use it in your marks and then use a foundation works well very good with that too and also let me tell you this you can use it for your eye makeup also I actually got this for my eye makeup because I love doing my eye makeup okay so I bought this for my eye makeup I use my eye shadows on top of that I apply this then I put my glitters it gives me a good glam and the little stick to it very well so this is what I have for you today I hope you liked the video okay and if you liked it please do like hit the like button if you do not like this video with the unlike button and if you have any queries no comment me down I do read your comments please comment me down anti with finnaly wished and I would also like to turn to [Music] beauty in budget and nikasha Gotha who

were the two people who actually commented on my previous video that most eyeshadows thank you so much both of you your comments meant a lot to me and it really [Music] so thank you so much to people who saw it like it I am so thankful to you all that you liked something if you liked this video please do hit the like button if you do not like it is what I wanted to show you today you will get the link down below in my description box you want to get this let me tell you guys you will not get some things for cheap I guess in India so yes thank you for watching bed with you and if you like it do share it also okay bye ticket Allah Hafiz