20 August 2015

Cheap Sites! Born Pretty + Miss A $1 | LynSire

Hello guys! I found a few sites where they sell pretty things at such an affordable price! These sites offer a little bit of everything like makeup, nail art, fashion, ...

hi guys another haul video that I have

for you guys and this time it's from online stores that I really at an affordable price the first story that I have it's either styles for less or boring pretty but I think it was boring pretty and then the second part of the video is from Miss a which everything is a dollar and they have so many different categories and you can get so many things for one dollar so let's start with boring pretty one of the first things that I got is this head cover anything it's so pretty it's black and with all these letters all these different alphabets and I thought it was so pretty and let me put it on so that you can see how it looks like and this is kind of how it looks like it is open from the top but you can fold it and make it look like like if it's close and I thought this was so pretty like for the fall or winter and it's really different and you can I think this is how the girl that the model on the side had it so I look it up again and see if I have it right but I thought it was so pretty and so different I don't have these and the color is so pretty and it's not too time so it's really comfortable and then I

got these leggings right here it looks so pretty on the side so let's see how they look like in person I hope I like them and I also got this gold chain looks like two-in-one let me show you how it looks like so there you go what do you think does it look too cheap or it looks okay so I think I might wear this to go out and it's pretty it's different and I also got this hair accessory so let me show you how it looks like and there you go that's how it looks like one of the chains is supposed to stay in the middle and then these two fall on the sides what do you guys think do you like it doesn't look weird doesn't look nice what do you think in the next few items is for mixed aid this is the story that I was talking about where everything is a dollar so I don't remember what I got this was a few weeks ago so getting to see them now it's going to be kind of like first impression video here we go so as you can see it comes really nice package in this bubble wrap here it is and it comes with another layer of protection a lot of tape and there you go okay so first I'm gonna start off with

makeup I only got two items and the first one that I got is this by elf and this is a brand that I like for it being affordable and for being cruelty free they don't test on animals and this is a concealer and I was trying to get this at Target but they didn't carry it so I was so happy that I was able to get this for a dollar I'd miss eight and I also got this pencil right here which is white so this is great for lining your lower lash line or the inner corner of your eye and makes you look a weight and makes your eyes bigger and pop and now moving on to nail accessories I got these two nail stickers I got this one which I thought it was so pretty and then this one that I got Fred Lynn so that I can do her nails and yeah I really think this is a really nice pattern as you can see and they have so many nice once the only thing is that you get excited that you're gonna be getting certain ones and then you check them out and they're out of stock so I wish they wouldn't be showing the items that they don't have available but yes I was able to get these two and then I got these I think they are called nail foils I got this

silver one it's kind of like black and one white one and I've never tried these before so I'm gonna see how they are applying need to learn how to apply these I've never had them and I also got this tool so this is for like placing with rhinestones on your nails or tiny the science on your nails and then I got this the pink brush which is really thin for like applying small lines and hopefully now that I have these nail tools I'm gonna be able to that create more my fingers because sometimes I don't have the patience in I'm gonna try to do a better job at that and I got this fan that is foldable as you can see here and this is pretty to place it in your purse and you go out and give yourself some air so pretty and now moving on to the items that I got freedom in one of the first ones that I got is this one for lint and this is a little cat it's a note pad and here you can see it and it comes with the box and this is great for her to write little notes or anything that she might like and this mirror foldable mirror and she likes purpose I got this and this little baggie with owls and it comes with two compartments and I thought this is great

for her to store her money or coins or any other small items that you might have and it comes with an adjustable strap so I thought this was really pretty fruit girls and now if you jewelry accessory and I got this bracelet with the Hansa some people call it a Hansa thumbs up is basically the little hand and it's for protection and I've seen other people call it action stuff which is respect and love for all beings for humans and animals alike so I like to refer to as a hater the equality for all beings of this planet Earth and I got this bracelet and it looks like it comes like many in one so I thought it was really pretty so I hope it fits me because one problem that I have is that I always have a hard time finding bracelets or rings that fit me because my hands are so tiny so I hope they fit and - this one right here which seems like it's many in one so I thought it was so pretty and I hope it fits I also have this one which is white if you've seen my previous videos you know that I like a lot of white and with gold so I thought that's a great combination and I got a few tip - so in my upcoming

videos if you see me with tattoos don't think that I got a real tattoo they're just gonna beat me and this that's the word love and this one says freedom and then this one says love just need different font I really like this one and little hearts and I thought of placing these on my hand or fingers for my neck different parts of the body and eyes I continued I also got the metallic tattoos that everyone is wearing and this is great for your legs or your arms and this is how it looks like to be honest it feels strange and it doesn't feel comfortable like it's hard to blink I feel like it's gonna poke my eye or maybe I just didn't put it well I don't know what it is but I just I feel like I cannot even open my eyes I don't know it feels so weird and here it is I already took it up it's so pretty as you can see but it feels so uncomfortable I don't know what it is maybe the eye area should be bigger or maybe it's just too a plasticy I don't know what it is but it's pretty and this is it you guys from Point pretty and miss a that everything is $8 as you can see I got so many items a great price so you can check them out I'm gonna leave the links in the

description box in case you want to check them out as well so I hope you like this video and I'll see you until the next time thank you for watching hi I'm ready guys today's Sunday morning and this is my outfit of the day it's a very simple but very