12 September 2011

Cheap Alternative Makeup Brand

Hello beautiful! So basically, in this video it's all about recommendation for an alternative makeup brand instead of high end which can be apply for regular basis ...

ok so the first thing that I'm going to

show you is a liquid finish it i'll be loving to see Tom nation this is from suitcase and I've been loving this liquid foundation and it's amazing a price is for hard drive and 19 ringing I know the packaging is adorable but it's too expensive for regular basis so instead of having bad where are you and where this kind of resolution it is from everyone for a candidate the first is very cheap is only for 25 million if you convert a little bit until it is much better but if you want to perform the eight hours this is another good alternative it next is my favorite favorite concealer / this is from night so that is from Mac this is for it tiering it eating it once again I'll be dispensing from regular basis so I leave another sedative this from me believe that this is angeli from my bleep okay and this price is about time changing it and 97 k and if you compare size is totally different so this is a cheap a little bit for you guys again tonight my term is so my favorite height and press mother is from yes Bobby Brown and my clerk is a drop o soft and i will use it with kabuki brush and it's a dude sometimes I don't need a

Phoenician at all my name is this first part it's cottony to be good and this caused bought 100 and and we need so much it / adjective is a babbling press powder this is unclear smooth in why this only for seventh inning it in 90 cent and most of my items then I'll show you you can get it very easy it guarded or Watson so next is my favorite eye primer and everybody knows that urban decay is the most popular in the normal price is 75 not bigger version 75 per game and in ridiculously expensive air fallen leaf or I primal you know I can do another today status I'm from up for Ianto there and this is my color is 0-2 and the price is only for Tipton ring it and it also gives you a meal super super good deal everyone favorite of course Nikki Bella I think us prices about twenty dollar cheering nature is 175 feet who can get a lot of stuff with 175 in a but you know you can compare the quality is very very pigmented there's got to hit the fan and I only wear this for special occasion and even know all the do for it the color is so nice you know I can deny it is so nice phenom wearing this to color you know even a Sephora they

always are run off stop this one and I'm the luckiest person that get the last piece at the moment my attentive is I should affirm Leon to okay actually um this is not home in one piece like this is you have to buy it separately and one day to discuss only 45 the game and you can mix and color 5 free game are you kidding me and really really cheap the next this mine precious is for mad and this is because its margin okay um Matt yeah I only hit the pan not tell you I try to get NARS orgasm you know everybody is talking about that but it is also good if this is cosmos 70 we get a little a little very expensive I'm cheaper as to dip that is from lender letter yeah does your thyroid pink and I argue yes it it's already finished ok because it's assume Lee 90 my life last item that is blueglass and this is from Too Faced applause as you do this is a injection open glass and this is called a 485 fingir admits I sleep and my attentive is from another thing at one this is a lip gloss again I think it's no need to make it very expensive via this all the thing for me if you guys have a suggestion or comment that you think you

have another cheaper activity friend you can tell me so far the cheapest brand attitude elegant fine i would say that not every chip red is in good quality if you compare one freaking ran and 25 friend I still prefer 25 min event because you know you don't want to mess up with your face later on your gun you know little bro sleeping on your face and to be safe I'll find a custom-branded already accomplished like McLean or L'Oreal or silky girl they have a very very reasonable price and in very good quality I think we've got me to find a very quick indifferent because you put that things on your face you'd want to you know have this little fungi or whatever deserving face it's very scary because one of my friend audie head is a bit gross you know relatives already know has this infection so be careful girls and to be honest with you guys that use this kind of video is thing goes to naturally particular place at heart and I found that this kind it is very very interesting and give you a lot of reform issues so I'm going to do on migration and this one make this clear I'm not trying to copy anybody and I'm going to do in my way what I mean

that is you know some bread that sell as like a sigma or earth even urban decay is very very hard to find here in Malaysia and if they do have this for envision the price is I tell you hundred and above came like even drugstore friend like McLean its cost for Fort Erie game 20 ring it is really ridiculous but you know I'm going to do on my ratio in Malaysia version which know most of Malaysian can see my video and I give you a better friend cheaper eternity for you guys oh thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you guys in the next video bye