23 September 2018


hi girls today we will be reviewing

about this bi as 48 color eyeshadow palette I have used this for a few weeks already and I thought of making a review for this because it's quality is really nice and it has so many colors to choose apart let us first proceed with the swatches later on I will tell you my thoughts about this product I will first watch this first column which is a monochromatic colors of brown let's start from the lightest to the darkest shade [Music] the second column using the shades of orange [Music] [Music] the third column is in two shades of theme [Music] the fort golem is into shades of violet [Music] the fifth column is in the shades of blue [Music] the sixth column is in the shades of Louisville the second column is in two shades of gray

[Music] and for the eight columns in the shades of that [Music] for 699 pesos at the back of this palette you will see here beer is 0-2 complete collection so I got here the number 2 palette and you will also see here the ingredients and where it is made this is a cruelty free product because it says here not tested on animals there's also a symbol here meaning you can use this palette for 12 months upon opening [Music] this palette is composed of 14 colors with both a matte and shimmer finishes regarding with its shape and size it is in rectangular shape and it is a little bit bigger than my hand [Music] gorgeous and it has nose for its colors what you see is what you get but other color you see on the planet it's going to be the sink holder that you will see when you apply it on your eyelids most of all it is so pigmented that's why I think it's perfect it also promised we do double and a

sponge applicator which I also find helpful especially when applying shears it is for me they stick and really no on the others if a is doing that that gosh [Applause] don't believe me okay uh sure [Music] [Music] [Music] I needed apply any primer on my arms but look it sleeping she's in my arms and it's really hard to take it off we also have encountered here some shades that you may also use as highlight so here they are [Music] I think this one is better [Music] some of you might think that it is so expensive for a 35 gram eyeshadow palette but honey I tell you it's worth [Music] that's all for today please don't forget to comment like and subscribe for more thank you [Music]