20 November 2017


It's getting cold outside! Here is my warm winter makeup look tutorial! Let me know in the comments what is your favourite winter inspired glam look! xx Eucerin ...

hey guys welcome back to my channel

today I'm doing this look which is my winter warming makeup book [Music] first things first guys I'm going to moisturize this time of year it's so important to really look your skin and see how it's reacting to the cold weather outside I have to crank up my moisturizer one level more than I normally do in spring or summer so the one that I'm using in the moment is a your serene guys you know I can't say words it's this one it's amazing it's really really intense they also use their night cream as well so I pop this all over my skin and it really does keep it very hydrated skin changes so drastically through winter that you really do need to kind of help it and that will really really help with how your makeup goes on as well so I'm also going to take a little bit of this this is the skin wrinkle treatment by Bobbi Brown it soothes plumps and repairs around the eye I think this is amazing you can actually see quite a difference as well I'm just going to kind of pop that on areas that I need a little bit of plumping and you don't need to use too

much it's just really subtle kind of things but what it does it just repairs those kind of areas you're not going to get rid of your wrinkles completely guys this is not a miracle but it definitely does help hydrate plump and nourish them so that's really good which is what we this is all we can ask for I'm gonna take the lemare foundation in buff now I'm trying out this foundation it is quite expensive as an expensive brand lemare it's very high-end it's very nourishing it's very nice but also I wanted to try I try and do low end and high end foundations on my own skin so then I can really give you my honest opinion on them and then I can also figure out the textures of the foundation so you don't have to go and get this particular foundation but at the same time if you do want a really good foundation and you do want to spend some money then maybe it would be worth it for you just going to buff that in using a face expert Real Techniques brush the thing I like about this foundation is a very light weight this is the soft fluid long wear foundation so and it does last I have them I've been using it

for the last couple of days and it definitely lasts all day you don't need to do too much to it you don't need to touch it up or anything like that it's got a really nice texture and it's not too thick and so it doesn't feel like you're putting loads and loads on your skin so I'm going to take my trusty favorite concealer the arrays eye eraser by Maybelline I'm just going to put that underneath my eyes take it down a little bit and put on these really really annoying blemishes that don't seem to relieve me like just buff it in right now on my eyeballs so I'm going to use the Smashbox 24-hour eyeshadow primer just tiny tiny bit of this one cuz I really want my eyeshadow to last and I'm trying some new eyeshadows today so I'm excited to see how long they last and how well they sit on the skin really simple and that will just make sure that everything stays put now it's a toss-up between these two palettes which I'm really liking the moment I've got these new Berrien palettes which are absolutely oh no this one was called crown jewels is this way the crown jewels love that and then this one is meets or it meets your storm which is

chrome and metallic eye shadows I'm going to say this one just because why not you're gonna go for the metallic eye colors so what I'm going to go for first is I'm going to take this color here we're going to go for the color pinky tone and I'm just going to put that kind of all over my lid to begin with so you have that map that what's nice really nice then I'm gonna take this gorgeous color here the bronzy brownie one there I'm just gonna take that a little bit into my crease it kind of sits like that in your eye and then I'm gonna take the lux crease brush by zoeva and I'm just gonna blend that out so I'm gonna take a Nancy taper crease on sponge rough a little bit and I'm gonna take the dark brown here on underneath it uh I kind of like that it's more like Lila Ketones actually I was kind of expecting it to be slightly different but actually I really like this kind of smudgy liner key pinky tone I really like that really unusual colors but really pretty kind of like moonstone II kind of purply tones which is actually really nice this time of year kind of bringing out those lovely plummy autumnal colors I'm not gonna do any

liner because what I'm going to do is put a couple of little lashes on so I'm gonna give myself a very light coating of mascara not too much and then I'm gonna pop some lashes on as well these are called baby whispies okay they are absolutely gorgeous they're super tiny they look really subtle like the other day I was wearing some and I made fast friend of mine so are you wearing lashes are those your actual lashes which is obviously a really good big compliment from a collage because normally we can tell when people are wearing lashes so secret eyelashes take it with some tweezers take it in the middle look down and place it right where you want to place it middle first make sure it's stuck and then you can take your edges then take the edge down you don't want any gap guys between your lashes your lash line and the lashes give him a little fiddle how cute are those they so natural looking that's why I love them maybe Debbie's amazing then you want to coat another coat of mascara just could find them all together so you've got no gaps so at the moment I'm going to use the arch rival eyebrow artist by Lottie

London I love this pencil it's got a really really fine fine nib on this side and then it's got a little spooley on the end but it's brilliant and it's a perfect match sometimes my eyebrows colors are really tricky to find but this is really good and I can just draw in areas that I want so I don't want too much I'm going to set all of that with a little bit of fat what is this pure poor doggies which is a big special rapporteur boot donor basics translucent powder it's got a bit of a sheen to it I'm just gonna pop a little bit of that underneath my eyes got my forehead rameneh's I'm going to use a little bit of the contour by Charlotte Tilbury this is the contour wand this is her new ish one and I'm not really used this Oh interesting just gonna take a little bit of that along here I don't want to contour too much mother's know that's gonna help anything that you know I'm gonna try long hip and then just live up in [Music] it's nice actually now I'm also going to try out the Charlotte Tilbury highlighter as well game guys these are

all the things that I just haven't had a chance to use yet and I always wanted to give them a go so I thought I'd try them at you guys you can use another liquid highlighter if you have one or a bad one if you have one as well it would be the same effect I just thought if you want to know what this one's like you can see what it's like now that's really nice actually nice texturing up to not too much I love a shimmer break this is a funky brown shimmer brick everyone went crazy for the man Christmas time years ago and they still around and it's still one of my favorites just take the brush swirl it around but it just gives such a nice Sheen you don't want to go all over your face guys because then you're gonna be Sheen crazy just to give that really gorgeous glow you can also put on your eyes as well which is a really nice battle shimmer brick now I'm gonna go back into my palette quickly just because for fun I'm gonna take the end one here which I don't know if you can see it but it's quite shiny and I'm just gonna take my finger my ring finger and I'm just gonna pop that just in the middle it's got a little bit more glitter effect here in it it's got kind

of like a to Tony thing going on love that just gonna pop that on top so I'm gonna go for quite a neutral lip I think can I go for a nice wintery warmer II kind of lip love this brand if any of you have seen it I think you can get it in Marks and Spencers it's very matte very matte nude going to team up with a bare minerals lip liner and this one is in vibe [Music] I do actually like that combination I think the lipstick on its own on my skin tone is a little bit deadening and so I definitely need more of a brownie kind of lip liner to go over the top now I think this look does need a little bit of blusher just because I love a blush even though I've put kind of bronze own contour on I actually do want to go for a little bit of a pinch teeth look now don't be scared by bright blushes I'm actually going to go for this one you're all going to absolutely go crazy this is a zeliha by Mac that is bright but I'm gonna use the smallest amount this looks insane on black skin by the way or Asian skin anything like that with dark or dark tones this blusher is incredible

and I found it the other day and I was like whoa never gonna wear that actually I tried it it looks amazing very small amount just going to take my brush to brush and literally apple of the cheek and I'm talking a couple of Pat's apple tea smile and I'm literally just touching I don't need to go back in just touching with it on the apples of my cheeks I mean look how pretty that is I mean it is bottle don't get me wrong but it's not too crazy but I just think that lifts everything a little bit so now you have it guys a really simple winter or tunnel cozy makeup look but also with a little bit of glam and I've experimented with things that I haven't used before and I've also experimented with some of the kind of chrome and metallic colors that are out there at the moment which are really top and trendy this autumn winter I hope you've enjoyed watching it and definitely check out my other videos and also make sure you check on my Instagram Facebook and Twitter for any more gossip or information on me and I will see you very soon [Music] any blah this is not happening but that's blood I love blush