30 May 2017

♡ Bridal WEDDING + Tips and tricks Makeup Tutorial | Melissa Samways ♡

Products Used In Order ♥ Mist-Ified Hydrating Facial Mist (Use my code MelissaGC for 30% 0ff) ♥ The Porefessional Benefit ♥ Studio Fix Foundation NC20 ...


hello everybody welcome to my channel and thank you so much for watching if you don't know me my name is Melissa some way and this is my channel for makeup tutorials sign today sir I'm gonna show this right make it work this video was really requested from some of you guys wedding is a really special day and everybody wants to make it to stay home for a lot of time signed today so I'm going to give you a lot of tricks and advices and just wanna see how I got this look keep on watching and let's get started the first thing I'm going to do is must track my face I'm using this setting spray by George cosmetics this product calls mr. field and they'll really like it because it's so watery so I don't have to apply layers and layers of product so I'm gonna spray just a little bit and remove the excess using this blender this is what I'm going to use today so it doesn't really matter which one of you you can also blend this product using a brush or let it dry normally but I decided to make it real quickly just for this video and next I'm going to apply the face primer I'm using the professional by benefit this is one of my favorite looks so good in pictures

hide my part so well and blend so easily my skin and the primary importance because we make my foundation stay on for a lot of time much longer than applying just the foundation the skin so I'm going to apply just a little bit gently my skin especially in the t-zone and then I'm going to rip you the rest let's do my fingers in my neck in chase even if any primer later one I also have the photo finish by Smashbox and this is more kinda gel consistency so from the benefit one is my favorite another foundation I chose a tell full coverage one and then apply this product is in a blender just spread it all to my face and using the foundation is good fix fluid by Mac and I'm using the color NC 20 this foundation is a little bit yellow for me but in the end will look so good because I'm going to control all the redness of my face the first I'm gonna apply evenly the foundation is in a concealer brush and then I'm going to just blend it using a blender and then the Restless contributor blender and bring to my neck to make sure that I'm not wearing a mask and the next step is to apply the concealer I'm going to use

from NARS the ratings cream concealer I'm using the shade light and we can apply this a little bit of product under my eyes and everywhere I want to highlight in my face I'm using a concealer brush and then I'm going to blend using the same boy ended as before for the wedding day is really important to already know the products that you're going to use to please avoid any mistake so remember a toner is incredibly attitudes you know about the formula about the colors or how it works in your skin tape you're going to have any bad surprising this really special day also try to avoid new technique obviously up to the techniques burial of good in yourself and the colors as well and different makeup artist is mocha is the key it works so good in everybody for me this girl is forever I use these techniques always not just for waiting if my favorite kind of makeup looks as well as you can see I'm using kind of dramatic look for waiting but of course it can is a lighter option as already had here in my channel which is all about a percentage and now for a flawless finish in pictures I'm going to contour and

highlight my face I'm going to use this contour and highlight Pro palette by BH Cosmetics this product is more a gel consistency and I said oh how I feel about it I really like how blend mode is I'm not sure if I like it or not it blends oh is lynge skin I love it and both of the colors they are so beautiful and this one that I chose is match completely with my skin but I'm going to use it again in the nectar I'm going to tell you more about it if I'm going apply the highlighter is in a concealer brush in the highest point of my face in the contour I'm gonna apply it using another circular brush everywhere I want to sculpt and make a pair slimmer in my face playing with light and shadows will create a great result for the pictures and I'm going to use the same blender that I went into my foundation previously to create a more natural and flawless finish [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] and now just to set everything my face

I'm using the perilous primate bite face this is a translucent powder and I'm going to concentrate this product in the center of my face I'm going to apply just a little bit just to remove the shine of my face and the rest left to the brush I'm gonna ply my neck as well and then moving on to my brows I want to create a super soft and natural finish for my brows I'm gonna is my favorite powder product and I'm going to fill in my brows using angled brush and they fully to brush my hair and I'm going to do the natural shape as my brows fulfilling my brows I'm using the two a brow powder by Sigma I'm using the shade medium and I'm going to add a little time just filling the brows in your natural shape as they are and as you can see it will give a really big difference already and I'm going to keep it natural because I think is much better for a bride but if you want a more dramatic look for brows of course you can you can as a pomade product but of course try to look for products that is waterproof if you decide to use cream or gels in the brows for example and next moving on to my eyes I'm going to use one of my favorite primers I want my shadow to

look perfect all the time I'm going to use the primer potion by urban decay I have oily skin in this grammar works so well for me I love it so much and I have been using the Mac soft ochre as well is so good but it's for a wedding I preferred this one I'm gonna apply this product everywhere the shadows go and then using the clean fingers to apply it in my eyelid in my lower lashline and a little bit in the tear duct area where you can use a brush if you want or if wear eye makeup artist and next I'm going to apply my crease to set the eyeshadow base a little bit this nude matte eyeshadow isn't a big fluffy brush this is very hard shape it's cookie eyeshadow by sugarpill I'm going to apply a lot of this color in my crease blending circular motions this color is so close to my skin tone and is just to help to blend the next a shadow that I'm going to fly especially in the wedding day I want to release completely smoky eyes so this is the effect that will help me to achieve this look using a smaller brush and apply this caramel color I'm going to apply first in the other corner bringing to my crease again in circular motions and

there is left in the brush and then applying the lower lash line this is the shade caramel by me to discuss Maddux and X is in a shader brush and apply this almost black eyeshadow is a really dark brown this shade is blackberry by Coastal Scents I'm going to apply in the other corner of my eyes and a little bit in the lower lashline decigram are that's in dimension and excuse my voice I am a little bit sticky and now my eyelid under is this gorgeous champagne color and whether it is shade and with this palette by BH as well is amazing and really affordable and this is for your eyes 28 color eye shadow palette all shimmery eyeshadows and the really lovely the documentation is stunning another thing that I like it from this brand is the contour palette in color version is amazing and I really love it so now I'm going to just line my eyes I'm going to create a really small cat eye and we're going to apply this eyeliner in the lower lash line as well and a little bit in the waterline to apply this eyeliner I'm using my favorite bridge to align my eyes this is e 0 6 by Sigma all the verses that I'm using are from Sigma good as well and

you can use my code Melissa SP for 10% off in Sigma pretty calm for the lower lash line to smoke it out I'm gonna fly the same blackberry eyeshadow by Coastal Scents using a short shader brush and to give a little bit of coloring my face I'm going to this amazing brush by BH Cosmetics I love this color and the packaging is so cute as you can see this brush is really pigmented as well I'm applying this brush with a blush brush by Sigma I'm using the floral brush to change color in the shade is honolulu highway here's the pink one and I love this color and they also love the flowers on it [Music] and now to highlight I'm gonna this amazing palette and I swear I wasn't waiting for this pigmentation oh my God look at it the color is so beautiful and the pigmentation is amazing Wow and this is a really affordable palette I wasn't waiting for this so I'm going to highlight all the highest point of my face the color that I'm using is called glow there is such a pretty colors in this palette I'm using this drawing foam brush to apply this highlighter all over my face and this little brush just to

highlight my nose a little bit [Music] and then I'm going to is this lip contour to contour the natural shape of my lid and then using the color urge that is a brownish nude color and I'm going to apply the lipstick from velvet 59 loses the color Topanga I don't know how to pronounce this name but I really love this color as you can see so beautiful and for waiting as the eyes are already so dramatic I decided to apply a more nude coloring delete but if it is a red or you can use a pinky shade even a bronzy shade and let sit for just luck my love is I hope that you enjoy thank you so much for watching and for being here with me I love you so much please don't forget subscribe if you still didn't and follow me in Instagram to see more pictures of my work and also hidden education well here below twice to make sure that you are saving all my new tutorials and videos and just have any XCore suggestions let me know in the comments below all the products better use it will be in the description box and then you see you in the next tutorials mwah bye

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