19 March 2019

Bridal Makeup Tutorial on Client | Smoked Winged Liner

On today's video I'm showing you guys how I created this beautiful smoked winged liner on my client that was getting married. Video pasado/Last Video: ...


hey guys welcome back to my channel so for today's video I'm gonna be showing you guys how created these gorgeous brighter look on one of my clients she looked absolutely gorgeous I love this look so much so if you wanna know how to get it keep on watching okay so I'm gonna start by cleaning up her face by using wipey just so we don't have any oils or anything like that then I'm gonna be taking a Sephora consular just two primary eyelids and I'm not sure of the exact name but it's this one right here then I'm gonna be taking a Real Techniques Beauty sponge to blend it out next I'm gonna be taking this earth spun loose translucent powder just hit her eyelids just because it makes the process of blending a little bit easier okay so next I'm gonna be taking this brown eyeshadow and I'm just gonna be using this as a transition shade I honestly forgot to record what palette a graph these eyeshadow from but I think it was friend Anastasia one next I'm gonna be taking this black every more scandaleyes waterproof eyeliner and I'm just gonna be creating a wing with it this one is gonna work as a base for our winged smokey eye look that we're going

for so I'm gonna be taking this black eye shadow from Anastasia Beverly Hills so plan I shadow palette oh my goodness so much words anyway so I'm gonna be taking a pencil brush with the same black eyeshadow that I took I was crazy and I'm just gonna be really smoking that winged liner out then I'm gonna be taking this brown eyeshadow from the same palette and I'm gonna be taking a bigger brush and just blending the black eyeshadow together with a brown eyeshadow just to make it seem really really smoky then I'm gonna be taking a white B and I'm gonna really clean any fallout and really make the wing super sharp like we really want that wing to be super sharp then I'm gonna be taking the same transition shade that we applied earlier to blend everything together because we really want this look to be super smoky then I'm gonna be taking this pink shimmery shade from the desert palette from Hoonah beauty and I'm just gonna be applying that on her eyelid then I'm gonna be taking my brush again and I'm gonna go in there and really smoke everything out because I think we mess it up a little bit then I'm gonna be taking my core FX drops to

apply on the other eye because I feel like the other one wasn't really popping so yeah I'm gonna be taking this pertains to Holly I don't know what that is but I'm gonna be taking the pink shade and when I applied that shimmery eyeshadow on top of that covered straps and I'm just gonna go in there back again and blend everything together why did that make sense yeah probably not I'm sorry guys I know this whole thing is like super sloppy but it's a good doing voice-overs but hey you got to do what you got to do anyways I'm just applying glue to your fake lashes blowing them for 30 seconds and then I'm gonna curve them and glue them on her eye next I'm gonna be taking my mother the dusky rosewater spray and I'm gonna be spraying this all over her face then I'm gonna be taking my next total control drops and I'm gonna be applying this foundation all over her face I love this foundation so freaking much you guys this is literally my favorite foundation of all times and I'm just gonna simply blend it out using the Real Techniques blending sponge okay moving on to concealer I'm gonna be

taking this LA girl Pro concealer you guys know this considers bob.com if you don't have it you should go get it so freakin cheap so freaking good like you can't ever go wrong with this concealer I love you so much I'm gonna be applying this under the eyes marching forehead Cupid's bow bridge of her nose you know where we usually highlight and then blend it out okay so now I'm gonna be taking the same airspun translucent powder again and I'm gonna be setting her on their eyes like kind of baking do a mini baking really I'm gonna sit everywhere you guys like I'm just gonna grab this powder and just throw it all over her face literally I'm not even joking literally body may be too long I just went in there and dust it off like right away next I'm gonna be taking my hula bronzer you guys I love this bronzer so very much but I think it was way too light for her skin tone so I took my Tarte artist palette and I'm gonna be taking that one brassy shade and I'm gonna be contouring her cheekbones her jawline and her forehead next I'm applying a little bit of blush to her cheeks but I forgot to show which blush

I used I'm sorry you guys okay so today I'm gonna be setting her face using this NYX setting spray and I'm gonna let it dry before moving into the eyebrows okay so today I'm gonna be filling in her eyebrows using this Stila stay all day waterproof brow color in the color dark and I'm just gonna be doing kinda like micro bleeding just doing hair like strokes especially in the front it looks so good then I'm gonna be taking a spoolie and blend everything out because this pencil tends to be kind of harsh so I'm gonna be taking this brush and just filling the rest of it and blend it out a little bit more then I what are you taking a brush and a little bit of concealer and clean these eyebrows make them look super clean and sharp next I'm just gonna be taking a blending brush and just blending back consider with the eye shadow I'm gonna be applying a little bit more of rose water just to make her face super wet to prep it for highlight super highlight I first took this makeup revolution palette that it that it wasn't too pigmented so I took - I said Beverly Hills times nickel girl feels so good

this palette is so bomb you guys like so bomb and I apply on her cheekbones Jeanne freaking everywhere literally it is so good I love this palette it's so much is literally my favorite palette ever this palette makes you pop like she looks so good next I took this birthday super eyeshadow palette with dark brown shade and I simply smoked around her lower lashline then I take the same black eyeliner I used earlier to apply it to her top and bottom waterline then smoke it out using a pencil brush so for lipstick today I'm gonna be using this Kylie cosmetics matte liquid lipstick duo and I'm just gonna be lightening up her lips first then I'm just gonna simply apply the lipstick so that show you seems to be a little bit way to like her skin tone so we took this melted matte liquid lipstick from Too Faced apply it on the other corners of her lips but it was still way too light so we took this Maybelline New York vivid matte liquid lipstick and apply it all over her lips and that seems to be the perfect combination so this is the final look up you guys enjoy today's video if you did don't forget to leave a nice little comment on the comment section

don't forget to give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to my channel and turn your post interpretations on I love you guys so much and I will see you guys on the next video bye