06 June 2018

Bridal makeup for Reception / Engagement / Sangeet / Juroon | Himadri Borkakati

Hey guys, This video is all about creating a wedding look for brides on the day of their reception, engagement ceremony, sangeet night or even on the D day!

hey guys what's up welcome back to my

channel in this video I will be creating this makeup look right here as the name suggests this look is absolutely apt for your wedding reception yes indeed might your engagement ceremony and even for the actual wedding day for my eyes I chose to create a smoky look black and gold smoky look and that goes really well with the red lips so that's what I did so if you want to know how to get this look then you'll have to keep watching this video so without wasting any time let's just jump into the video to achieve a more defined eye makeup I'm using the seller table right over here then I'm using a spoolie to just brush my eyebrows then i'm using the maybelline fashion drop pencil to do my eyebrows make sure to really define them and then make it really bushy and thick that's how I like it now I'm taking the LA girl Pro conceal HD concealer to prime my eyelids you can use any eyeshadow primer if you want or any concealer that you have and then I'm just blending everything in and also making sure to define my eyebrows with the same concealer then I'm taking this white color eyeshadow and I'm just setting the

concealer that I used this also makes application of eyeshadow easier next I'm using this brown color for my crease line this is from illegal as well to further deepen my crease I'm using this darker color from the Maybelline The Rock nudes palette and I am just creating the crease line then I'm taking the black color from the same palette and just applying it circular motions in my outer third of the eye and then I'm also going downwards with the same black color I'm just smoking this out next I'm using this shiny golden color to apply that I'm just making my brush event with a fixing spray so that it stays on perfectly also do not forget to apply your brow bones and inner corners with the same golden ish color this will give you a more open and defined look finally I remove the sellotape and then I line my waterline with a normal colossal Kajal now that I'm done with my eyes I'll move on to my face I'm just applying this L'Oreal moisturizer all over my face it is very important to apply moisturizer before starting your makeup so that's what I'm doing here then for primer I'm using the Loreal base machine primer and applying it in

the areas where I have pores primer is important to make your photos look good so do not forget this step the foundation I'm using the Mac Studio Fix Foundation and I'm just applying it in dot all over my face and then I'm taking a damp Beauty Blender and I'll blend everything in [Music] to brighten up your face it is important that you apply a lighter shade of concealer so I'm using the Maybelline fit me concealer on applying in those areas as you can see and then I'm taking the Beauty Blender and blending everything in [Music] I'm taking the Virgin Doris loose powder and setting up my concealer it is really really important to powder your face you can use any compact powder you have or any banana powder or loose powder that you have with you this step really makes your face sweat proof so do not forget this step for contouring today I'm using the Maybelline rephase duo stick and then I'm just contouring my nose and the areas where I need some definition and depth [Music]

to bronze my face I'm using the bodyshop bronzer which looks like this and then I'm applying it in the areas where I need a really nice sunkissed look bronzing also helps look your face look thinner so this step is really really important for brides for blush I'm using the mica Kali chick in pink and then I'm applying it right above my pron sir taking it upwards this way you get a really nice chiseled look then for highlighting and using the body shot Photoshop shimmer waves and applying it on the high points of my face [Music] next I have taken the same loose powder and then I am just cutting it like this so that my contour is on point then I am using the seven heavens lip liner and then outlining my lips for lipstick I'm going ahead and applying Russian red from Mac [Music] lastly I'm using the makeup revolution fixing spray and applying it all over so that my makeup stays as it is so that's all for my final look this is the final look guys I hope you guys love it so next time you have a wedding to attend you know what makeup you can do and if

you are the bride and it's your reception day or your engagement day then you can completely go for this makeup look right here I have left all of my wedding jewelry back in my hometown so I do not have anything with me right now that's why I just put on a maanteeeca and earrings that I bought from eBay and then I just finished this look with a Billy as well I will also be coming up with a brighter look so watch out for that guys and if you haven't already subscribed to my channel then please do it will mean a lot and that's all for today's video thanks for watching you [Music]