20 December 2018

Bomb AaF Christmas makeup 💄 look

Hey loves Welcome back to my channel Hope y'all doing well? I'm sorry I've been MIA FACE: Becca primer L'Oréal true match foundation in deep cool La girl ...


[Applause] [Music] hi guys welcome back to my channel so if it's your first time stopping by your walk home and if you are an oldie but a goodie thank you thank you thank you for coming by thank you yeah guys I know it's been it's been ages it's been it's been aged it's been really really long I know well I don't even know what to say guys I know know what to say but I have a separate video up on that like our video best into you guys what we have been what I've been up to and everything and yes so today I created this makeup look right here and I do I look guys look guys if you're not subscribed I'm waiting for you to subscribe hmm just subscribe mmm okay you good to watch this video Miley's made my week sleep front I'm on point week on points makeup on point highlights and point my lashes on point so why would you subscribe mmm why why would you subscribe just just subscribe okay just subscribe mmm subscribe guys I applied the revolution Pro concealer makeup revolution define and conceal concealer in the shade

c12 I applied at my eye lid so I shadow today I'll be using this revolution makeup revolution eyeshadow palette this is the reloaded iconic version no when I saw this palette for you guys you guys moved to sleep there's pilot gets the bomb.com pack this palette is you see when I saw this pilot nut it was a dream come through like oh my god can you can you just see the sheets of this green and everything is its life I had to get this palette so we can use that for my blending brush I'm using this BH Cosmetics blending brush right here so for our traditional sheet starting off with this color right here if you guys can see yes can you guys see that this right here I'm just layering their color up that's one thing I'm doing this color blends like a dream come true I didn't even send my console and I normally I set my concealer with the translucent set about about I just decided to use it to go with my traditional shade just like that with Tottenham setting it at all and it's the bomb.com the only thing I have to say this pan I

got a lot of my logs me like the colors are just falling into this caller ID is just falling into the other colors and just the air in my color up guys I'm up the colors so guys I love you guys being up being good I'm sure a lot of you guys know where I have been where I've been if you're following me on my Instagram you should have known if you're my snapchat you should also you should have known already but if you don't know I'll let you know thank you however video coming up on that's it I'll be using this pop this collar right is it true brown color of using the light from deep brown color using this form a transitional color this pilot is pretty pigmented guys it really it's really it's been minted just up the fallouts no but I got this palette for just five years it was actually $4.99 for you or 99 thanks so we're gonna do with the fun of my dad because it's pretty cheap and it's also very very very pigmented guys very very pigmented I don't know if you guys can see that brown shade right there it's loose yeah it's popping it is poor thing poor thing

this black gel eyeliner to my crazy to my lip my eyelid as the base the beads I added would just make the color pop a little bit more and it you might duck she's right here this part is a dream come true you can get together block so thanks for my primal using this Becca ever my flawless fountain primer we are too much too much foundation in the shade deep coal Depot this foundation you [Music] it's my cuz I've used this foundation before eight there's pretty nice yeah you [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause]