14 September 2018

Bob Ross Makeup: Making my face a Bob Ross painting

I use eyeshadow, concealer and eyeliner to make my face into a Bob Ross painting.

hi guys yo is exactly what the title

says I'm gonna make my face into a progress painting because I want you and because again I'm just gonna use a bunch of old makeup that I have so I'm gonna actually I'm gonna follow a bob brass tutorial um it's the bob brass tutorial called gray mountain and I'm gonna do my best if you don't know what what to expect from this video neither do I um I've kind of been thinking about it for a while one of my favorite youtubers jenna Marbles just recently today bob ross video and so we're gonna hold on the theme and I'm gonna do it promises because I'm not a makeup artist and I'm also not pop your ass so let us start he like coffee or cyst entire canvas and liquid white I am neither a canvas nor do I have liquid white I'm going to conceal my face and take it from layer [Music] okay so canvas is ready so we have like a really warm yellow clear that's about halfway to two-thirds of on the painting and so I'm going to we're gonna go for it this seems and you like just has a slab of it so that's what we're gonna do [Music]

time to get crazy and oh this is wrong yeah give me a minute [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay if you're still with me we're caught up with Bob I look like the Joker really hope this video turns out okay [Music] just happiness and makes a good shape alright pause oh we got a blend [Music] Oh okay kind of cleaned it up a little bit I'm gonna go in with some eyeliner No [Music] okay okay I briefly died but touched things up a little bit um got some ground for my trees so now I'm going to this [Music] okay my face will click this yes no no all this is fantastic