26 November 2018

Blue Eyeshadow Tutorial - James Charles Artistry Palette

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hi guys welcome to my channel most of my

previous videos are videos that I have done with my friends I've deleted a lot of videos that I don't want on the internet anymore because they're just very bad so first things first I already went ahead and did my brows and my face which I just took this mousse it's just kind of like this random brand I think mom got it and her brush box whatever and I just stole from her so I put that on my lids and I went ahead and took a flat little brush like this and went in with this hand shadow and set to the eye base and for my eyebrows I took the morphe pomade in latte and an angled brush and carving them out and everything so first things first is to tie my hair back yes so for today's look I am gonna go for blue so I'm gonna be using these select shades in the palette and I'm doing blue just because I have like a lot of blue liners and mascaras and lips and stuff and I also ironically have blue hair but for some reason I just keep like getting blue things when I get makeup so it'll just all go together pretty nicely I don't really know what I'm gonna do yet so I'm just gonna kind of wing it go ahead and swatch all of

the colors if I'm creative enough I'll put the shade names next to them and basically just swatch these six right here okay so I definitely have an idea of what I'm gonna do so first things first I'm gonna go in with a crease shade so I'm just going to take fluffy brush this is the m-44 one it's just a nice round little fluffy brush and I'm gonna go in with this shade here don't know the name of it I lost my little paper and I'm just going to blend that into the outer crease and I'm just gonna start off with tapping motions and then soft sweeping motions okay so I went ahead and zoomed in just so you can see a little bit more hopefully the quality didn't just get worse I can't really tell um okay so I went ahead with the crease shade on both of my lids so now I'm gonna go in with what I believe is playground which is this bright teal color and I'm just going to start off by really just packing it all over the lid with the same brush just the m41 now I have been using James's palette for [Music] probably a little under ten different looks I have not worked with the Blues yet I've mostly played with the neutral

colors and I can definitely say it mmm most of these shadows are pretty difficult to work with they definitely aren't beginner shadows I would say especially the colored ones mostly the oranges and the Reds because I've worked with those the most so far as well and if you're not very good with eyeshadows this will probably not make it very much easier for you to practice and learn with and I've definitely tried my best to take James's advice especially on the tapping the shadow on and then blending it instead of going in and blending and slowly building this shadow is actually looking pretty nicely blended so far some of the shades I mostly the five one eight I will get patchiness with he when he says cheese an eye primer that will definitely help the shadows look the best I went ahead and blended that all out I'm gonna do that to the other okay so I went ahead and blended both of those out to the best of my ability and um they look pretty good to me this eye looks a little bit patchy which I can fix I think okay so that's good enough so now I'm gonna start to deepen up the outer crease and I'm taking this very

small pointed fluffy brush I got it in a brush set so there's no actual name on it like this one was the m4 for one this one no clue what it is but if you can find a brush very similar to this then go ahead here's the size difference as well just as I want to be more precise with be blending so I'm gonna go in with the one right below the tail shade also don't know what the name is I know that this one is brother but I don't remember what this one is but it is a nice dark navy blue and is the third one right here so I'm just going to start packing that in and deepening out the crease I'm also going to go in with the m4 for one that just has a playground still kind of on it and go around the edges a little bit just to help get a more seamless blend okay so I definitely like how this looks especially compared to the other side going in with deeper colors in the outer crease really helps a look look nicer and just come together more so what now I'm going to do that on the other side okay so I went ahead and did the other eye and I can definitely see patchiness kind of around my eyes but um you probably can't if you can

then well I have good quality for once I'm gonna go in with a really flat thin brush this is the brush that I used to carve on my eyebrows it is by Coastal Scents I stole this brush for my mom because I needed something to cover up the brows and the preferred one so now I keep it I'm gonna go in with my mini tart shape tape because that is the only concealer that I have right now and I look you love it a lot and definitely go buy a full size so I just put a little on my hand and I'm gonna start carving out okay so I went ahead and cut about halfway so I just go in with my finger and blend that harsh line as best as I can we're gonna go over it with more shadow so it doesn't have to be necessarily perfect and honestly you could just stop here and play some shadow over the concealer like a base shade or a white shade and pick up with that because half-cut creases like this are very pretty but I want some shimmer I'm gonna try and take this small little Packer brush and I'm first gonna start off with this deeper shimmer in the palette right underneath brother so I'm just going to pack some on the

brush about that much so I'm just lightly packing it on I finished blending the darker shimmer this way mostly if it's not blended towards the inner corner that's fine because I'm going in with a with a lighter shimmer now so I'm just gonna take the same brush now the part that I have desperately been waiting for I got a bunch of more cities around here I'm gonna take this beautiful shimmer that I've been dying to use on their eyes and going to put that on the rest of my lid okay so I finished blending that the two shadows on my eyelids so now I'm gonna go in with my base I have no full-size primary except for this NARS sample size parameter I went ahead and zoomed out to again and I dampened a morphe highlight and contour sponge that I'm taking this color pop foundation in the shade affair 35 which is too dark for me so I only use it kind of from here up then the rest I use a lighter foundation so now I'm going to go in with the maybelline superstay foundation in 102 which is my liner foundation if you can tell which I am running very very low on my brother bellowing running low on my darker foundation like this barely comes out I

just like to blend right about here I normally don't go any higher than that and blend down then I'm going to conceal with my mini tart shape tape in the shade fair neutral so I'm going to set my concealer with the Laura Mercier powder and very might leave the rest of my face and then before I brush off the powder and would you take some setting spray at the face so that the powder and concealer everything will really start to sink in I'm going to take this really light fluffy brush which I also use for my blush but it's also a very good powder brush and very gently just kind of stipple my face and brush off the powder but not too aggressively alright and now my skin is looking pretty snatched so far I look like a very blank canvas canvas so I'm going to just take this small blending brush but I was using before and blend this out a little bit because we can't leave it like this that's for sure okay so now I'm gonna do the under eyes so I'm just gonna go in with a playground and then I'm going to take a much much thinner packing brush and I'm gonna go in with the deeper navy blue and get in a little bit closer to

my lash line now it's time for eyeliner by the way this is the elf liquid liner this is the only liner that I have that doesn't bleed a lot it bleeds but not bad don't ever really worried about your eyeliner that much because it probably looks fine so that's the eye look done we'll put lashes on at the end and now for the fun part I'm gonna go in with some bronzer this is take home at the bronze in the shade Oliver by the balm cosmetics it is just this little mini is a mere just this and I'm gonna go in with this fluffy brush really dig in there and when I contour bronze I start from the back and build my way this way just because you don't want to do a line because then you have a bunch of pigment right here and that just doesn't look good you want to slowly blend it out but I put bronzer on my cheekbones I also put it right on my temple here and usually right here to help hide my double chin so now I'm going to go in with I'm pretty sure this is technically bronzer but it's just a deeper shade so I'm gonna go in with em 4 to 7 which they display as a blush brush and it actually

looks different on the website it's kind of not a brush that I would normally pick out but I bought it online so I just use it now and it is going to deepen this contour okay so our contour looks a little bit messy which normally does here this so I'm going to go in with my powder I'm going to take this side of the sponge which is slightly damp still and what we're going to do is cut the contour and we're also going to bake a little bit and then I'm going to set it with some more Singh spray and I'm going to let it sit for a little bit to kind of just settle and sink into my skin so now I'm going to start wiping the big off and you will notice that the contour and everything else just looks a little bit more brightened before we do it lips we're gonna do with some flashes if these are just some kiss splashes and I already have some pre-cut ones if I could find another one and go in with this Milani blush in the shade Luminoso I think is the name it's this really pretty buttery Orange it there's me orange peachy shimmery kind of blush I also like to just kind of smother some blush on my nose just for fun and with

that time I did it is by city color I think Andy shade nebula stellar iridescent highlight looks like this okay so I went ahead and highlighted everything and going to go in with this milk cosmetics cuz crush mascara mania which I used 101 myself four points four and I definitely say this mascara is pretty nice it does bleed quite a bit though so I probably won't get a full size and I think it looks pretty nice and this will have to solve but first I'm going to take this Kat Von D lipstick in the shade bow and arrow and it's just this nice nude color and before I do that I wanna put on chapstick and then I would have fun and add my jeffree star lipstick in the center for the fun controversy but I don't know where it is so I'm gonna go in with this mellow matte lipstick in the shade bizu and put that in the center just for a little bit of an ombre lip this is the hyouta beauty lip stroke in the shade mystical it's this pink with blue specks in it oh there was a lot time for some Beauty shots like a real beauty guru that I wish it was that is it for the finished look that

took me about two hours of filming and so hopefully I can not take multiple days to edit this but I will have my Instagram in the description if you want to go follow it for me also comment any suggestions or thoughts that you had so that I know what people think don't know really what else say it other than see you in the next video that would probably be weeks from now and maybe if I'm lucky we'll see so