21 December 2018

BLIND FOLD MAKE UP CHALLENGE / Xia Vigor x Krystal Brimner

Vlog take over by these two.

hi everyone I hear it I think follow my

Adriana by the way and so today we're going to do a blindfold makeup challenge and I'm so excited so let's start okay let's let me just get my okay so just get the powder and the concealer oh is this like a primer yeah oh we jump wait find out my Venus foundation cuz I put a good ball no let out something on brush see my son okay I see in diamo be better starting now make sure you okay so let's type a guy up okay so I'm gonna going on a primary that was my my I own a company think of something Geralyn so I'm just using this brush that I bought from artisan come ability to brush the tangi glad key clanking so we saw a tarragon de hand de coconut rum joke a saint and then a skinny see is now fine give me sorry this is funny next up a economic explained so this is organic it's child friendly and yeah it's okay Melissa bean salmon same idea oh my god [Laughter] so guys comment down below at the end of this video home Cheney almost Megan Danna makeup

we'll be good hey not being able so far thank you yeah okay you look so white and like a white lady I thought I told you to be pretty in court I don't consider people in a very light cha you like I'm skinny baby see ya can't see their good opinion in dunya don't consider with animal eco-conscious somebody so brother signal skin did you know in a blended number so burned blended baked potato so next [Music] next step I didn't oh by the way just so you know and I yeah I love Maya had no makeup my hand down in size I don't know so coming down below and you blush again become a lamb cooked in a chemical again blush okay Abby Morgan no society but we want the middle you know my name is e DG strategy I on my diet idea you know diabetic and I know everything I said some pretty to make up so I love me so blush me makes me it's a Russian until I got into the glad game sauna a lot more blue stick to Pattaya I put blush on the cow sometimes wearing

a home ooh they have a movement some coffee and punching just a nice man I'm Jimmy palmwood button okay my only shot to G then I got I'm spell hello Atticus time in the books off camera move dr. Manson so are you gonna use that for me - I don't know okay so I liked it not mine sorry slowly so fire tapas take my light I know next step mom I should do I like to use this brown brown super and economy on a new Tom I guess a Basha a biome Dan wah near Charlotte up arrow one sheet is dark atoms when she later impossible they said I'll put an eyeshadow sorry brows tikkun olam you gotta keep good so this is the last one so this is the rest one is my finishing look so yeah so far I mean the persepolis oh my gosh your eyes white lady close your eyes close your eyes huh okay well my books have a good idea because it's okay box okay you know so Ed's an up and down um wet look yes oh my god okay so my girls

Alberto and I'm okay open sign will come oh my god wait lady no wet sand on earth actually Mohan do we a pair Opel Omega T Nagar no document element in the shop are going cooperate so there's in the part in the whole new pond a judgment but connect both na - see no um that's pretty an iguana makeup so owed me a pony Sally Lipton go salami Atticus and again so it's like me see okay okay guys so first so first up in primer check my mama brushes at the wind brain brain guys in the Oracle foundation or primer better sauna brush