22 November 2018

Black Friday: My Wishlist + Sale Recommendations

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hello fellow makeup lovers how are you guys doing today so I'm pretty excited for this video because I've been planning on doing it for a while and some of y'all have requested it so today we're gonna be talking about Black Friday and I'm gonna be splitting this up into two categories the first part of the video is going to be my personal wish list what I am eyeing planning on buying if the sale is good I have a few things written down I actually have all my notes here and you can see is kind of messy cuz I went back and forth and there's some things I'm interested in like I blink I blanked them out I crossed the mouth I'm trying to not spend as much so I'm trying to just focus on the things that I want to try the absolute most and then the second half of the video is going to be things that I recommend purchasing some of it is based off of sales that I've already seen and then other I'm thinking like if they do have a sale I would recommend purchasing blah blah blah um so I hope you guys enjoy this video and before we jump and I just want to say I hope you're all having an amazing Thanksgiving and eating lots of food and

pumpkin cake pumpkin cake is good actually know what I love so much is pumpkin roll but my mom never makes it I begged her to make pumpkin roll every year and she's like it's so much work but it's so good and I bought the ones from like Walmart and it's just not the same but also I don't want to have to make it I'm so glad that Thanksgiving and like fall is almost over because I've got like some cute little pumpkins in my background right this is what's happening my beautiful pumpkins so basically like everything else in my life I'm just gonna turn it around and pretend that there's not a problem here alright so for the wishlist portion this is just for me personally wha no presents nothing that I'm planning on getting for Roman or for my family or anything like that even though I've got a few deals in mind so first off I really want to try Menagerie Cosmetics I think that's how you say it so I will be like the little picture here all scoot over I will leave the pictures here of their two pallets they've got the dragon child palette and the farro palette and I've seen such amazing reviews

this is one of those purchases I really wanted to buy right away as soon as it launched but I was like you know what I'm gonna wait I'm gonna watch some reviews I'm gonna take my time I'm not gonna buy it right away which was hard plus I have so many things already that I haven't used so I was just like you know I'm gonna wait it out and they just announced that their palette I don't know if it's gonna be both palettes but they said that the Farrell palette will be on sale for $29.99 so they're taking $10 off 25% off so I think I am going to end up purchasing one or both of their palettes so that is one of the things that's so um let's see and next Lethal Cosmetics is on my list and I think that they are located in Europe so I'm not sure about shipping they recently came out with some know they're launching on Black Friday some singles that look really really beautiful specifically the green ones I'm not interested in making a huge purchase from them just trying a few things to start off with I don't think I've ever heard anyone talk about them before like I mean I guess I've seen people talk about them and will I buy a type of videos but no like actual

reviews but also I don't know if I've researched that so maybe I should go look but I'm interested in trying just a few things so it just depends on the price slash shipping we'll see how it goes so the next thing on my list that I threw in here is enchanted luster cosmetics and they are I'm not I don't have them necessarily on my Black Friday wish list but they are releasing a palette on November 28th and it's definitely a little bit more of a pricey palette it's all duo combs they look absolutely beautiful the owner of enchanted is so so sweet so I really want to buy that palette so I have that on this list specifically to keep me grounded like you're gonna buy an expensive palette in like three days so don't don't go crazy and then the okay next on the list is M cosmetics and I'm not sure if they're doing any sales I have not seen any information from them yet but they're on my list because I bought a few eyeshadows from them and a lipstick and the lipstick was fine I liked it but the eyeshadows I thought were really really good like their mats are so creamy and pigmented and they just feel really really

they blend really easily the shimmers are super pigmented and really soft and I also am really interested in trying their highlighters I didn't pick any up so I would like to purchase a few more things from them because I think that what I've tried so far I've been impressed with I think they're not on the top of my list to try over Black Friday they're there so we'll see we shall see if I end up purchasing anything but I think I am it depends on what like I said if it's a really good sale I'm trying to like limit myself and then the last thing on my list is maybe maybe I keep trying to remember how to pronounce pronounce their name correct maybe cosmetics they recently came out with a bunch of palettes and they are all 23 dollars each which is not a bad price per se but the fact that I want to try like three or four of them it adds up really quickly so they are a very new brand so I'm not sure if they're gonna have sales for Black Friday or not I figured I will hold out till Black Friday and see if they have a sale and if they don't about I might wait to like next month and end up as purchasing one or two to start off with but I'm hoping

that they have some sort of discount for Black Friday so I can give them a try because I've seen nothing but good things so far so that is personally what's on my wish list the last thing I have here I figured I would mention just in case you guys want to help me out at all although hopefully hopefully I find it or I find some deals so last month I had a video do well and I thought you know I want to go like put it back into my channel so I was really kind of going between I was like should I get a camera lens should I get some new lighting should I update my lighting or should I get a mic and I ended up deciding that I really want to get a new mic because I just hate in my videos when you turn the volume up I feel like there's like a slight buzzing in the background and I think that if I improve my audio quality I would just really like that a lot I don't know if you guys care like I don't think it's the biggest deal but I would like to be able to improve my video just a little bit more so I asked around on Instagram and luckily so many of my creator friends were so kind to tell me what they use I honestly cannot tell you guys how appreciative I

am when other youtubers tell me their secrets or like what's her name what's her YouTube name thrifty beauty page I think it is I'll leave her Olly I'll leave her I will leave her channel down below but I posted something on Instagram stories I think editing and she ended up giving me two different tips on my editor that literally while the one was just like I was exporting some really weird file I don't even know what I'm doing honestly technic technology is not my forte and then she told me like how to do like gosh I don't even know how to describe it like you like it leg goes through all the content that you have first and it makes it so that there's no lying or anything and I would like sit there and edit for hours for a simple video and after she told me that like it's literally made editing a hundred thousand times easier so I cannot be more fit more thankful to her and everyone who told me about their different mics or just any any tips it's such a knit like I feel like it's almost like hush hush for some people like they don't want to share their tips or their advice they just want to like do good on

their own so whenever someone tells me tips or helps me or whatever I'm so appreciative so anyways I asked for mic suggestions and overwhelmingly was told the rode mic Pro specifically not the mode prep mode specifically not the to go version because the to go is not as good to get the pro and I think that retails really $230 ouch but I feel like it'll be a worthwhile investment so I am really really hoping to get a good deal for Black Friday I have not seen a single thing on mics yet I've been searching through all the different Black Friday ads and everything so if you guys happen to see the rode mic Pro feel free feel free to leave it down below I wish I could rhyme something else so now moving on to my recommendations the first thing I wrote down is the Anasazi Beverly Hills highlighter palette so they are going to be I believe I think it was 40% off on Ulta for Black Friday and I can't speak to the ones with the 4/4 pan palettes because I feel like there's always only one shade and those that'll work for me i've swatched them in store and i never end up purchasing them because i don't think they'll be

worth the money however they're gonna have the dream glow kit and the or or sorry the moonchild glow kit on sale and i think those are both really really great palettes I'm not gonna go into a full review right now but I actually just uploaded a few days ago um a whole battle of jewel chrome highlighter palettes so I will have that link down below and I talked about the dream and the moon child so if you are wanting to purchase them now is a great time the next thing on my recommendation list is davina Cosmetics and they are going to be having a 50% off sale if you don't know about Divina they are an indie brand and they have really really great customer service and eyeshadows and I personally just really like them here so these are some of my single shadows from Divina just to show you some of the colors one that I would personally really recommend is this one called Kourtney is so unique this blue one called candy is really really beautiful the rest of the shimmers in here except for like these two are actually I think except for those three are from the dirty beautiful collection or something along those lines and I feel like I'm

very impressed with the quality I think they're super nice and to get these 50% off is such a great deal I also have a highlighter from them which I haven't used yet and then I have a really beautiful red shade called blaz'd which is like a fiery metallic red which I'd also recommend that shade so I think these are really really beautiful also this green so beautiful so I would definitely recommend these if you're looking to try some indie singles 50% off you literally can't beat it and then I also wanted to recommend Luxy beauty I'm not sure if they're gonna have a sale or not they have not announced anything like I'm pulling my looksie palette out so actually these are majority there's a few missing now but these are some of my look-see shadows which I think are absolutely stunning so so beautiful so many amazing colors specifically their new um actually sorry I think I mix them up but they're no temptation collection I really enjoyed like the shade close your eyes it's one of my favorites and then this teal one sleep forever is the teal and then the other shade I would really recommend let me double check the name Tesla this pink

shade right here called Tesla is like a pink with like a blue duochrome it's very very unique so I think these are really really beautiful and I've seen looks you do some really great sales in the past and they've done 50% off before so if they okay what the heck they've done 50% in the past so if they do that I would also recommend checking out some of their shadows the next brand I want to recommend is makeup slave I really like their products from what I've tried um for one they are restocking the autumn equinox palette which just looks like this it's a tiny little palette but it is super super beautiful fall shades and I will say the matte shades in here have a very very soft formula a lot of kick back so if that's not your favorite you might not like this formula but they will be restocking this on Black Friday and then they will also have their single eyeshadows on sale for a dollar fifty each that's like a crazy crazy good price so I'm kind of tempted to buy a few few more singles from them I feel like I really don't need to I also have quite a few things from their brand to play with I have their confessions of a confessions of a cancer palette

confessions of a cancer palette so I feel like I'm good for now I might end up picking up some but I really wanted to mention to you guys because a dollar fifty for some singles is really really good the next brand I want to recommend is over cosmetics highlighters and I'm not gonna do a full review here but I really really love if you have fair skin at pillow-talk star Island and glazed donut I have videos on all three of those which I'll leave a link down below in case you're curious there's some of my favorite highlighters they're so so beautiful I think my top one is pillow talk that's just my personal preference it has a little bit of a pink tone to it and I believe over I had like a whole week of deals like today like a few days ago from when you're seeing this they had 50% off all highlighters which I posted on my Instagram stories but I think that on Black Friday they're having 40% off their entire website and personally there are highlighters are what stands out the most so that's what I would recommend picking up from them next off I wanted to mention JD glow cosmetics and I feel bad because I have

not had the chance to do a JD glow cosmetics collection video yet although I plan on it I even moved my JD ghost shadows into their own palette so that I can film a video on their shadows but I really really love these I did a whole like video like doing three different looks using a ton of these I think they're absolutely beautiful such amazing shimmery shades the matte is fine it's fine it's just a good map but the shimmers are like so intense so pigmented a bunch of them are really glittery the galaxy shadows so I would 100% recommend picking some of these up and they also announced that they're going to have some new shades come out on Black Friday so they're another brand that's kind of on my wish list I'm gonna check what the new shades are because I really really love their formula but I feel like I don't don't need to buy them I'm I'm I don't need to buy them I really wanted to recommend those to y'all they also have highlighters which I have have here too which just looked like this and they are all duo chromes I think these are nice here's one that I accidentally broke and had to repress that's sin synopsis and then there's

cloud 9 which is like a blue to purple this does not look great on the skin for me I would use it more as an inner corner highlighter and then the last one is chaos yes it is a pink pinky green duochrome again I don't really like the way that one looks on the skin so it's in your corner thing for me so these personally aren't my absolute favorite highlighters they're a little bit glittery I like the lightest one a little bit more so I wouldn't say like I wouldn't go out of my way to buy those ones but the eyeshadows so good alright so the last thing on my recommendations list is dose of colors and I really don't know what sale they're planning on having they have not announced anything yet but I did want to go ahead and mention them because I really like the brand and personally they're liquid lipsticks are my absolute favorite my favorite shade is Monday's which is like a really berry like such a pretty fall shade that I feel like no one ever talks about the other shader really like right now is stand it's a super super nude shade but I'm kind of really into it I also like stone truffle lazy Daisy I like a lot of their red

shades I've done a full video on lip swatches for Joseph's colors like with lipsticks but I actually have like several shades more since I did that video so really a big fan of those I also like their lip glosses I think they're pretty nice and comfortable I like their lip it up satin lipsticks I think they're really comfortable um I liked the block party eyeshadow that I bought but I only bought one because it was expensive and I really haven't bought anything since then although some of their palettes have time to me but I know I didn't need them so I just thought I'd mention them specifically for their lip products I think they're really really good so have you been looking to try a really nice liquid lipstick formula you'd like it to dried out all the way but you don't want it to be super drying I would go for dose of color so I think that is everything for today's video I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did don't forget to Like comment and subscribe let me know what is at the very top of your Black Friday wishlist I would love to hear or if you're not buying anything and you're just focusing on the holidays because that's I

personally really don't like when brands start their deals like early especially they extort that open at like 5 o'clock on Thanksgiving I'm like you should be with your family so that's really a pet peeve of mine but anyways I digress I hope you guys have a wonderful day and I'll see you the next one bye