22 March 2019

Binging with GameChangers S2EP2 | Part 1: Banke Meshida

Banke Meshida Lawal is a professional makeup artist and a leading force in Nigeria's beauty industry. Her BMPRO makeup brand boasts of over 65 products ...


as we speak the global beauty industry is worth over 445 billion dollars I think I want a bit of that cake this is V injury game-changers where we captured success from different perspectives with delving for the minds of people we celebrated brands and careers who have turned their dreams into reality and their ideas into lucrative empires I'm your host shape an EP and your welcome to the show see you in a bit [Music] welcome back to the show and yes you about to meet our game-changer for today hmm gee I get excited she's a pioneer the Nigerian beauty industry referred makeup artist and creative director of the BA program there's hardly any Nigerian Alisa that she hasn't blessed with a beauty makeover she has a start strength of over 20 people and has trained over 200 makeup artists you can say she has revolutionized the perception of what meaning Nigerian makeup artist is and of course I have here with me today bacha bazi de la joie yeah I know right yes yeah yeah all that a bag of cheap you know finite person i'ma say they're nice but they don't do you I'm quick to

tell any lady I mean that trumps her pictures I think it's important you know what you think yeah so how are you today I'm fine thank you it was exciting read it upon you I noticed you actually wanted to be a diplomat yes I did at what point did you were you so sure that ditching the diplomat dream for a makeup brush was the way to go I think I started when I was in unilag by my second year first year I think I just found that I was always doing makeovers for people and career change I was always earning money and I just so the money companies that's what I heard if you miss mishaps with makeup artist I've had them do rubbish yeah on my face so what's that one thing that I think is essential for anyone that wants to you know stand as I'm makeup I was I wanted in to do too you know not to be it's solid ranks Island you have to hone your craft you have to put in a lot of effort you have to practice and just never stop learning you know because I was it is a talent it's a gift what I do so I didn't I wouldn't say that if you know as much of it it's a gift it's a talent I still do master classes

I still learn from people who I value their work who I am drawn to their artistry so it's important to keep learning pick a brand pick an artist that you would like to be like and find a way to learn from them it can be now these days everything is global it's a click away there's YouTube but that's never enough so you have to have a proper makeup artistry training for you to pick up the same is apart from whatever you're watching on YouTube or in any way there must be a time where you are following a makeup it's easy makeup real around yes what is good make it keep it real you know for example if you watch a YouTube video do you know why they're using a particular product you don't know except to tell you and it's never explained a tree as having someone actually tell you there isn't whether using a particular product or the reason why they're creating this style so training is important as well and what was the time range what would you recommend to learn today um you you you can do an initial I mean our training programs are being proved we have a 1 month of course that's what it that's short it's pretty

much like physics if you do this if you do this you're gonna achieve this but going on is for a lifetime so I never stop learning in as much as I I teach the the rudimentary of makeup artistry you still as an artist have to keep finding ways to learn ok so you touched on something quite important you said for you you know it it gives I can't even explain it you can't explain in unanimous you know it's just the way the artist is well the people are saying I'm you know you mean see happy but yeah they welcome people you know that so I said God give you something yeah they're people that want to be makeup artist and they know they don't have that gift is they hope for them why do they want to be makeup artists is it money driven is it it's a financial or is it that you just like you like to create if it's artistry that's but drawing you to becoming that's making you want to be an American artist you will succeed but if it's only for financial gain you're not going to make it it's that simple okay do you want makeup everything we the people that pay you guys the truth is now if you want to sit down under your

full face of makeup then you must be jobless so if you see makeup artist that is always slaying welcome back to the show and of course I'm still speaking with banking me she'd lol don't forget to drop your comments questions and feedback on our social media pages at the BtoB G show on Instagram Facebook and Twitter by K you existed way way way before the flood of makeup artist and you are still soaring even now apart from your ability and gift of applied flawless makeup what else would you say is keeping the customers pouring in I would say the fact that we keep reinventing ourselves at p.m. Pro and I think we have the most amazing customers who keep referring so you have we have people that we have done their makeup for years and it's a really have a relationship and those people with refer people to us but I think the longevity of the brand stems from the fact that we we do beauty makeup we create beautiful faces so we are like a confidence boost to a clientele and the trust that people have you know come to have in the brand so what's that what are those things you do daily or weekly to keep quality the

quality of your service delivery Tito first of all I look at my kid every single day I go through it okay my kid makeup artist is you know you mine okay um so personally I know I'm able to create easily once I know what I have and of course with the rest of the team not daily but we do trainings weekly um and just go over art we are talking about you the artistic please tell me you can also discuss picture taking photos none I do have makeup artists also it is personally I had to get a a professional camera because I had only feud with a celebrity photographer and I wanted images of the client the client had said you can go and meet the photographer Mike go to this photographic studio I was there for about eight hours and he just kept telling me with him on hard drive it's a long hard drive obviously he didn't want to give me those images and the very next day I called my brother I said you know please can you can I make yes and he bought made the top-of-the-range one which I was very easy for me to use and then I I did it photography course yes they're not that easy to use yeah that's pretty

kind of pet friendly yes yeah well edited okay so the editing part I took a few classes yes and so now we we need any image in the studio for anything we're able to just rustle it up yeah it's the best thing because our artistry won't be slowed down because when you do have a face you take a picture immediately you can review it you can see where you've gone wrong so you can imagine if you're waiting for a professional photographer every time the guy won't be able to keep on writing everyone on your team can take good photos yes so once you get hired it beer for you how you're taught how to take one yes yes so it's only it's such an integral part of what we do yes and the thing is not to take bad photos or not do proper makeup you know everything goes together so the work has to be excellent then the photography and then you have minimal editing I'd like to also look at images of that I've done from past from the past and critique it that way I know that oh okay I'll publish interviews this particular product for those brows and then we're just able to get better so like I said

it's a continuous process I'm sure I'm sure anyway I'm sure I know of your clients would they're gorgeous oh yes we do really do I mean I I also we have researched your Instagram and I see you're quick to actually mention and say oh this makeup was done by our staff or by this person you don't take all the accolades I mean I run and I enjoy passionately fashion business yeah I know how difficult it is when you have people on your team and how sometimes is it going just let go and give up all the information and give up everything I mean we have seen things how do you manage that incidentally I learned the hard way there are some incidents earlier this year and I was very quick to project my my staff my team because I felt that it would help their confidence you know because what we do is based on relationship I really wanted the customer to be familiar with the artists but you know that was taken in another way and the summary of it all is that we've learned now that it doesn't quite work like that you may trust someone but never 100% so

that when when you're when it gets dashed you know you're able to recover quickly in as much as you know you you want your team to be confident I'm able to relate to the client just like you would I think they have that there has to be procedure there has to be structure so that people are accountable for their actions make sure that customers remain your custom yes yes and people will come and go but as long as you business owner can do what your can render that service without even having to call on any member of your team you'll be fine and the tendency to even be partial to part of your team members that you like it's very high and it's bad for your business because then everybody knows that oh these are very well their hair so spreading make sure that everybody is at PI everybody still yes everybody skill is the same clone yourself in ten or twenty people don't pick out three or four yes because they're human after a head yes and even its customers that would put all of these things in their head and you know everyone said oh you should be your own boss you not everybody has the capability to be their

own boss some people are better directed this right yeah some people unless you move them physically they won't move they'll move excellently when you help them but if you leave them they'll just be stagnant so not everybody is going to be their own boss not everybody thrives that way haha so I joined bees you know the ups and downs you have your dome your cosmetic line how easy was it because I do I do work from China as well and I know how easy it is guess who I have terrible you know products and all of that how are you Chris I heard oh okay so now that you say China I had a bad experience in China a couple of years ago no I'm I'm factory in Turkey when I started I was doing the US so we went on did this fantastic makeup boxes in China we saw the sample oh my god when everything shipped on landed in Nigeria even as we were on boxing tires were flying off it was the worst thing in the world people bought and we had to and so for me that sort of dented my Chinese journey yes because the thing with yes there are some good ones but the thing I think with doing Asian businesses you probably have to go there yes you have

uh-huh so you make sure that you have you have to see you you have to count everything one bank check everything we didn't do that so we just know we went once and then we came back and then we left an agent that it was the worst thing so I just kept just gently went back to Turkey so now we do Turkey and you know it's quality quality control measure it's better China Turkey why they weren't so the US wouldn't do particular pigments for example they tell you they can't put red on the eyes yeah so it was that yeah so and then for artistry I wanted something abroad I wanted something that wasn't found in other brands and the Turkish were willing to explore with me and for me that also dictated the pace of which our products we accepted because we brought something new something fresh she's not going anywhere yet when we come back we'll meet our corporate game today and then they'll be a game between vodka and the corporate game changer you