08 December 2017

BH COSMETICS X ITSMYRAYERAYE $22 Highlight Contour Eyeshadow Palette Review Swatches Tutorial

Congratulations ITSMYRAYERAYE such a beautiful collaboration with BH Cosmetics Lets swatch it, then demo it on the eyes and face and I'll share my first ...


hi guys its moe welcome to today's video we're gonna be playing around testing out swatching the it's my ray ray and Beach Cosmetics collaboration this palette for the price point you're getting contours highlights and eyeshadows so let's swatch it let's demo it on the face and eyes let's see how it goes this is what the packaging looks like it's very pretty get rose gold with a beautiful pink goes very well together so on the back you have all the fun details descriptions ingredient lists all the things you need to know this is a 21 color eyeshadow highlighter and contour palette these slider out of her sleeve and she's not bulky which I like for all that you're getting your first fold over reveals the contour and highlights and it's got a seal on it so here are what these look like let's watch them in a minute and then you open up again and you're getting your shadows not to blind you but you are getting a really nice mirror so let's watch shall we for my swatches nothing fancy no primer just finger swatches so you can get the idea of what the colors look like personally I think applying products to

your actual face as you would use them normally is your true test as to how the products will perform so so we're gonna swatch the top row which is all highlighters this first shade here is moonlight radiant I love what they did there and then french toast so here is mood light radiant and french toast I love how this it looks somewhat white in the pan but it has a lot of gold in it alright so next up we have the bottom rows of contours we have chai mocha and brownie bite so here's chai mocha brownie bite right there [Music] [Music] [Music] they definitely swatched beautifully I kind of wanted to try to do all of them on my arm so let that worked out nicely but base products and the eyeshadows swatc beautiful-- 8 so let's try them all the eyes and see how they perform so I'm priming my eyes with my Marc Jacobs undercover perfecting coconut eye primer so I'm going to take the shade nudist which is the lightest shade in the palette and it's matte and I'm just going to use that to set my entire lid

all right so we're gonna start off building up the transition crease area and then I'll figure out what I'm gonna do on the lids but I'm gonna take the shade pancake on a fluffy brush they're blending really nicely very smooth I mean you're getting kick up I mean it's eye shadow it's not excessive or anything I'm gonna go into the shade spice kind of warm things up a little bit on that same fluffy brush this is like a warmer Brown [Music] I love how pigmented these are look a much product comes on my brush with just one time going in I really like this color so I want to play around with it the shade sunset girl this I'm going to concentrate in my crease [Music] alright I'm gonna go back into the shade noticed and I'm gonna put that as a brow bone highlight I'm gonna go into the shade Alison and then let's see how that listen applies I like the way Alison swatch but I liked how all of them storage I bet you if I were to dam my brush this would be like liquid metal I want to try the shave Tiffany this

kind of pinky whoa so much product I'm just flipping my brush around I'm going to go back into Alison and then back into space same brush that they used in my crease just gonna clean it off on my color switch and I want to deepen up my outer feed off with midnight on my outer-v [Music] I like I'm not darkened enough but it wasn't per se like a black so I'm gonna use a brown pencil in my waterline and then I use a brown liquid liner [Music] you know I think they should make the same saying for winged liner that they do eyebrows their sisters not twins great but I think I look but I think I look somewhat symmetrical so I have these velour lashes it's like a kit um I get to try them so why not now so you get glow little applicator and [Music] I've never tried anything from the lore as far as lashes humble interesting that comes with a little brush go to the tiny little brush blue socks

I hate the blue it sucks I really like the lashes and this little thing but this glue is just not working for me all right so I went with my usual house of lashes glue and the lashes are perfect I don't know why the little glue that came with it it's like already lifting off so like the lashes and the little applicator but the glue is enough for me currently these are the foundations I have in rotation but I'll be honest with you this was a little dark so I can't really use it because this is like my summer shade of these three the one I've been reaching for the most this is my newest foundation so we're gonna use this one and the primer would be good and I use the fenty primer I like it because it feels like a moisturizer it's just that Pepsi asked 14 free cherry flavor like 9:00 in the morning gonna be a long day and I got lots of stuff to do and I have clients today so I'm going to use in reminds own treatment this is super mattifying that's my tube is so small because you do not need a lot of it and they really use that much I keep it where I need it which is right here I can't even say T's on anymore I have

to say like I zone because it's just a gray hair that helps me to stay super matte and not have to touch up as much and in the meantime I'm just gonna apply this grande lips plumper primer I don't like the plumping part of it I just like how it kind of helps to fill in the fine lines cuz I have so many lines on my lips thank you a Lolita hi your lips please my holy grail my favorite my Marc Jacobs velvet nor no idea were the Fenty sponges so we'll just use my Beauty Blender lazy girl hack I'm gonna use the fancy stick thing this is my concealer and I don't like to apply it directly to my face because I'm getting older and I don't want to be tugging all my under-eye so I just swipe it along my Beauty Blender [Music] all right face is ready so I think I'm going to go into mocha and use that shape I like the shape I like the shade a lot I don't per se like a harsh contour I like a very subtle one whose vocal shape is good alright so I'm gonna use the Shh try down here to highlight [Music]

so now let's just finish up the ends right I'm gonna take my crease shade sunset I just buff that on the lower Lodge I'm gonna go into the shade midnight that's shame shade we used to smoke out the outer-v all right so for inner tear-duct highlight I want to use this shade a yo [Music] yeah now we got to figure out a nip and I think I know the color that I'm gonna start off with max night moss [Music] you super dramatic eyes stupid Ematic lip all right and then I have this lip color here it's number four from bite sorry this is the Velvet Rouge I love the formula of this liquid lipstick it's not transfer proof though it's literally a liquid lipstick and it's not matte it's like very healthy if you know what I mean all right so let's highlight and I'm gonna use the shade radiant all the names so cute yes and I'm actually gonna try french toast on the side [Music]

so here is radiance a lot more cold is peachy and then here is French toast alright so here is the finished look I loved I loved it I loved the overall performance of this palette you know don't sleep on BH Cosmetics they've been around for as long as they have for a reason so the first thing the packaging it's very practical it's very travel friendly you have everything you need all in one land it's not bulky it's not you know anything too excessive so it'd be nice and easy to travel with beautiful highlight I didn't even put blush on I don't need it love the contour it's soft its blended nicely these highlights are intense insane you can definitely use less and it'll be less but you know let's just go all over the top the look is already over the top why not love the shadows beautiful I love the mix of colors if something for everyday you have something for going out you have something where you want a little color beautiful palette definitely a great value for all that you're getting so if you were thinking about it it's not thinking about it I just do it and all at the same time you get to support

a great youtuber I love being able to support others you know someone do well and do good why not so overall great first impression definitely I want to keep using it and playing around with it and coming up with more looks but I'm happy this far let me know what you guys think down below thank you so much for watching stay beautiful guys I'll see you soon