18 October 2016

BH Cosmetics Vegan Brush Line Review

Hey Guys! I just wanted to share my thoughts on this relatively new brush line from BH. I have had these brushes for a while and wanted to put them to the test ...

hey everybody welcome back and today I

have a really quick review for you on the new vegan brushes from BH Cosmetics now I'm gonna say BH Cosmetics has really stepped up their brush game I've had these for let's say a month or two because I really wanted to give them some use wash em all that kind of stuff before I reviewed them but I did buy these when they first were released on BH Cosmetics website and they were like 60% off or 50% off so I got all of these brushes I got 10 brushes for like less than $40 and I think they all range from like $8 to like $8 and down but what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna just put all of the the prices and the names right here as well as all link them down below so you can see what their actual prices are and BH Cosmetics is always running all kinds of sales what are you doing PETA thank you so you know you can always get these babies on sale so what I'm going to do I even just the packaging for you just because I was so impressed with it just so I could show you so I'm gonna go in order and yeah let's get started which I have is this one right here this is the brush v1 so vegan large powder brush and I'm just gonna read the back of these for you this plush vegan large

powder brush swirls on pressed or loose powder quickly easily easily and evenly also applies a subtle wash of blush or bronzer so yeah so this is just the v1 powder brush first of all we talked about the brushes beautiful I mean they have it says the H cause BH Cosmetics right sure it has the and it has the actual number of the brush and I gotta say I was really impressed it's got a beautiful kind of gun row it's like a mix between rose and gunmetal it's really interesting and then they got the handles on them they are wooden handles and I will say I've I've used them I don't know if you can see right there and wash them and traveled with them some of the paint has worn off but that's okay because they still feel really solid so it's not a really heavy brush but it still feels solid nicely put together so the bristles on this are absolutely beautiful they're like multicolored bristles they are vegan so they are a synthetic it's extremely soft brush but I like this as a powder brush and I do think you can use this for powder foundation you could even do if you've got big ol cheeks like

I do you could do blush with it I think it's a beautiful bronzer brush as well because I don't know if you can tell but the ferrule let me show you the ferrule is pinched not a whole bunch but just enough to where it would be good to get around the corners of the face and down through the hollows of the cheeks so again really soft beautiful powder brush I use this mainly just to set my face and I really really enjoy it and I have to say with these brushes I have not noticed any shedding at all first we have is the v-2 vegan pointed blending brush and on the back it says control placement of powder and cream makeup and blush and blend blush bronzer and highlight effort with effortlessly with this vegan pointed blending brush for a smooth seamless look so this is what the box looks like I've been holding on to these forever so I could show you and this is the v2 so again you can kind of see where some of the paint has worn away again I love this it's got a nice round ferrule to it and it's got there is a little bit I will say on this one it is very soft but there is a little bit unevenness in the cut but it does come to a point I do like this for

setting powder right underneath my eye I also like it for highlighting and every now and then I will use this for blush as well so it's a little bit softer than I like to use for blush because I like something that's really really gonna be a little bit stiffer so I can blend it out but a beautiful brush I really do like this for highlighting so gorgeous gorgeous brush and that is the V 2 is the V 3 and this is the vegan contour brush shade and highlight effortlessly with this V and contour brush to sculpt cheekbones and accent accentuate and accentuate features also effective for blending blush and bronzer bronzer I have used this for blush but mainly I do use this or contouring and bronzing up the face it is a little bit smaller so I don't do use it I firstly don't use this for highlight I just use it for blush and bronzer but it's a little bit smaller and it's very akin it's very soft it's not gonna be a really dense brush but it is soft and it does that so I tend to use this brush more when I'm doing just light contouring or bronzing it is beautiful that contour and the fact that is smaller I think it's gonna make it

more universally helpful to more people especially people that don't have my big old sized head but I really do like it gets in the contours of the cheeks really nicely blends out powder just again a really nice beautiful brush so it's got a nice cut on it which I find to be very even a nice pinched ferrule just nice nice brush I can't I can't complain about any of these brushes really it's the V for the vegan foundation brush and it looks like this and it's just a flat Pat brush really really like this brush as well and it says liquids and creams glide on like a dream with this flat dense vegan foundation brush also applies moisturizer and primers what I do with this brush is I really put this to the test I use it to mix my Aztec clay face mask so this gets a lot of washing and applying and I do mix that mud mask with apple cider vinegar and I have not noticed this brush shedding I have not noticed it falling apart I have not had any problems with this brush and it gets I get washed every time I use it so I've got to say if you like using these paddle brushes to apply your mask I think this is a great one because it is

such a nice solid brush and for a paddle brush it's got it doesn't have a lot of gifts so it's got a lot of just density to it which I find just great for applying that all over the face so that is what I use this brush for and I'm gonna say I've really put this brush to the test and I am impressed we have got is the v5o throwing things all right the next purse we've got is the v5 vegan blending brush this is what it looks like and on the back of the box it says this synthetic vegan I'm blending brush buffs and blends powder and cream pigment pigments pigments on lids crease and brow bone for a soft diffuse look I've got to say this is my favorite type of blending crease brush it's fluffy and it's soft but it has just the slightest taper to it but because it's a little bit smaller it's really good for getting in and really buffing out the crease I love this brush now I have noticed with this brush more than any of the others that the hair gets a little wonky as I'm looking at it and I have so you do have I don't know if you can see but some of the hair is kind of going out and bending in different ways and I don't know if it's just because I go hand with

this brush but I love this blending brush I just think it's really really nice so and it's one of those brushes there were brushes in my collection that I have multiple of and this might soon be one of them next brush is the v6 which looks like this and it is called the large I shadow brush and on the back of the box it says this vegan large eye shadow brush sweeps dry and wet shadows smoothly across the lid in the crease and across the brow bone again I really like this brush I think it's beautiful it's extremely soft it's that type of brush that could be so multi-purpose because it is dense enough to where you could pack it on the lid I love these types of brushes like the elf eyeshadow see brush the flowery a one brush for getting my highlighter right underneath the brow bone and just placing my base shadow all over the lid I think it's just a beautiful for that because it's soft it's large enough to where you don't have to do a whole lot of work and it'll really just kind of buff out that initial eyeshadow shape which is what I mainly again use this for this is also really good for getting underneath the eye and smoking out your

eye shadow so again a great multi-purpose brush really like it have no complaints about it again I've washed these this one has no shedding no funky hairs anywhere so this one's good all right the next brush we have is the b7 is the vegan concealer brush and it says this vegan concealer brush target small areas with precision to cover under eye circles discolorations blemishes and other imperfections and I'm not gonna lie I like these types of brushes these concealer brushes to pack I shadow on my lid I just feel like this kind of flat paddle brush it looks exactly like the the foundation brush but smaller I just love them I think with the tapered the tapered top it's just great for me for getting right in my crease and cutting the crease and just applying my lid shade very intensely which is what I use this for again really good brush have no complaints about it have is the v8 this is the vegan lip brush very teeny tiny very nice it's got a very elongated like oh it's it's very long very long bristles on that one and this one it says the smooth stiff angled bristles of this vegan lip brush ensure precise placement of lip color and clean edges

around the mouth now I will say that for me it is a little bit long for a lip brush I prefer something shorter because I feel like I have more control but what I will do with this one is I will carve out my eyebrows and put concealer underneath my brows I love this kind of brush for that usually I do use the lip brush and this one is a little bit longer and I feel like it just gets in there perfectly so this is what I use that brush for again no complaints about it I'm really really liking it be my favorite brush out of the whole bunch this is the v9a vegan i precision brush and this is a this vegan high precision brush allows controlled even application of concentrated color on lids and lash lines ideal for creating smoky eyes and I've got to agree it is beautiful its soft but it's got a lot of density to it so this is definitely my favorite brush in the collection because I feel like it's the most unique because sometimes pencil brushes are too big sometimes they're too soft and they're not good for really getting in there and packing out you know packing on color in these delicate areas so I really do like the 9 brush we have is the v10 and it is a

double-sided brush and this is called the vegan brow duo brush and it says this vegan Brown to a brush perfects brows and lines eyes with precision angled brush applies colors please blush are we try that again angled brush applies color spoolie brush blends and grooms brows and D clumps lashes I do I like this I like this for my brows because it is a it's a nice spoolie and it's got larger gaps in it but I feel like it's fluffier or softer so it really is good for feathering up your brows and I love love this angled brush for my brows you know I love the revlon double sided one this one is a close second because it is extremely thin I don't know if you can see that that's that's not gonna help but I'm what I'm doing it's extremely thin and it's great for just getting in there and getting precise details along the tail and just around the front feathering you know it's just a great brush I just really like this brush and I like that it is as dense as it is because I feel like it makes it more effective favorite brushes from this line again I really like this one I love it for my brows I think it's amazing that's the v10 brow duo

I love the v 9 the little tiny precision brush I love the blender brush you can never have too many blending brushes in your collection it's just impossible and then I love the V 2 brush I love this one for highlight or setting my under eye powder I think it's just nice it's soft it feels good and it's just a nice affordable brush so those would be my favorites out of this line what I recommend these brushes absolutely I think BH Cosmetics is really really stepping up their brush game they look beautiful compared to the ones that I thought when I first started getting into makeup geez are just awesome I think they're a great price and I think BH Cosmetics and Coastal Scents 2 are really overlooked as far as brushes I just I'm surprising I heard more about these because they are beginning or cruelty-free and they're nice quality brushes and I think this is great for beginners too because not only is it great to add to your collection but if you're a beginner you have everything you need in this set to create an entire face which i think is fantastic I think it was well thought out I love the

packaging I love the quality of it and I love the price point so if you're in the market for some inexpensive brushes I would definitely definitely recommend these but I hope this was review was helpful again I loved BH Cosmetics brushes and I loved where they're going with them but this set just definitely intrigued me I was really glad I got it but I wanted to really try them out and form some thoughts on them and how I use them and I ever in my everyday routine so they have been out for a couple months and I have you know for my thoughts on them but I hope this was helpful for you guys as always thank you so much for hanging out and talking about makeup with me but I hope you guys have an amazing day have a rockin week and I'll see you next time bye