23 March 2017


Hey lovelies...I have been wanting to do this video for the longest time...I'm so excited and in love with these brushes though...They literally blew my mind.

hello and welcome back to our Channel

I'm joking hi guys welcome back to Roxanne's curly life so today I'm going to do a video but it's not about hey it's not about hair it's just the video that I have been so excited to do for you guys for the longest time since December 2016 I've been wanting to do this video for you guys but I just had to take a chill pill first and suss it out and get my bearings straight so now I've got everything that I need to know to give you guys this review it is about a company called BH Cosmetics they are based in Chicago from that mistakenly me just this Chicago u.s.a and i recently or in december I ordered makeup brushes from them and I have a surprise for one lucky subscriber so if you're not subscribed to my channel yet go ahead click the subscribe button and yes you might be the lucky winner of a BH Cosmetics cotton-blend 3 brush set these pressures are of the best quality that I have come across so far they are the the bristles are attained sleep act together they don't take up as much product as a normal brush would or as a sponge would I use a Beauty Blender as well basically I've been preferring to use muskoxen blending brush there further do let's

get into this video before I start rambling so this is what the box looks like I'm sorry it's bad so this is what the box looks like there are 10 brushes in the box and they do come individually individually packed they are numbered as well you got your tapered brush you got your blush brush plain define the contour define the large angle buffer brush small angle buffer brush precision flat blending brush highlight brush the large shadow brush and then you got the lip brush as well I just wanted to tell you what's it so this is the flat top brush absolutely love it look how tensely together the bristles foundation just goes on smoothly and it actually gives you that airbrushed effect so I would definitely buy these again most everything I've washed them I've used them and I've washed them and I've used them and I've watched thing so they've been washed twice already since I've had them these are the new ones that I'm giving away actually so the ones that I have this is what it looks like when it's dirty and this is the clean one so the ones that I have have been used and washed and reused in wash but they are of the best

quality I have actually ordered a something else from them as well they the bracket the yep excellent excellent quality they are not expensive at all I mean I know there's a company or a girl that sells these pressures on Instagram she doesn't have an online store she's based in Durban I think and you would easily pay for them five six hundred rifle charge you in Korea costs I think and I paid four hundred and max for these brushes I that is included the customs fees took about two weeks to get you and the customer service is absolutely amazing what happened was the first set that I ordered in December got lost in transit I think it was because of the holidays and the holidays yeah and they as well so yeah it got lost and then what had happened was I emailed them and they told me well according to the USPS that the United States Postal Service they said it got lost in transit but they have insured the package and then they were going to resend me or give me a store credit which they did what happened was there was some confusion and then I received the first set and I also received the second set and I

emailed them back I said to them this is what happen and they said well for all the trouble I should keep the first set which I did and which is now the one that I'm actually going to be giving away so yes these pressures are very nice you guys honestly I am not even lying to you and I had ordered a second set from them because I'm just so obsessed and this day actually it came in this yeah it actually came in this bag this written BH Cosmetics is over there and just look at how gorgeous these brushes are they are in a rose gold color they are 11 there are 11 of them in this box I love the packaging it's so cute this is the powder brush then there is number 2 which is your flat buffer brush then number 3 is your foundation brush number 4 is a pointed crease brush and then you gate number 5 which is your blending brush number 6 is your angled blending brush this is number 6 your angled you can see the top is over it's it's angled then number 7 is your round smudge brush I love using this brush and number 8 is your flat concealer brush that is your flat number nine is your oval shadow brush

shaped and then number eleven is just your lopressor these branches are lovely I'm not going to shine like this after those three works like I won't leave the company's website address down below and I will leave a detailed description of these just for you just remember guys if you haven't subscribed yet please do so you might just be the lucky winner of the brush set and yes just remember to give it a thumbs up thank you for watching