20 December 2018

Best Products In 2018 | Do Over Voice Better

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hey you guys welcome in my channel so

today this is a redo over video on the video that I've done a couple days ago on best products in 2018 I had to come back and redo it because I know this when I upload it and see like it did the opposite on the music that I have planned in the background instead of it being Lord that my voice is actually higher and my voice is law and the elders are edited and I tried to reopen it out and we opened the video to like edit so I can make the music longer hustla but for some reason and won't let me do that I don't know why I don't know what's going on with this video you know with that video so I was fine well let me just go ahead and redo this video I do apologize for there because I've seen it so many people has already seen the video and I'm like ain't nobody coming about a complaint but I know that it's a complaint I know y'all probably like we came on this then I went on YouTube and I did what you can remove the music I did that but then I just checked it and for some reason remove the music and my voice so you can't hear nothing it's a silent video okay y'all so the first probability that out was this photos for my heart this

year and this is my first time first time try these probably show I know these probably not for a while I see other people YouTube videos about this fellow but I just not traveling they are the belly girls and these products do not cost that much on I got mass for Family Dollar I know other people say they get theirs for dollar Jimin which is basically by the Saints me they 4,000 stores um some people say they pay like seven dollars something for this a couple knives on sale I believe because I want to pay $4 and sell for my eyes and like I said God for family dog it was only four dollars or something and it was buy one get one half off so that was a good deal but it really does the job it's a coconut milk is a you need my gold Skrill then penetrating Google is delivering vibrant moisturize and nutrients to dry damaged shell while stealing in washer I was moving the cooler crated smooth silky and shiny hair like this brother does you know like I got a video up with arm twist out I believe and I didn't twist out when I first all these photos and my twist I came out looking the mom o for price it does good I mean it's it

worse as if you spent a whole lot of money on this probably didn't even if you paid $7 or something you still in faded much and you know what some photos they do good but it's not until you do the conditioner when you can start it taking your hair out well wait this particular product before you put the conditioner after you shampoo you can you take a little like you can run your fingers so you get a call and it would go right through know how cheese no hurt no nothing this product is in the product if you haven't tried this brother I recommend you to try it this is one of the best products I use this year they did good on my deep conditioner I will not hate about the whole collection I had a leave-in conditioner I had a treatment miss [Applause] and I have the current cream like I said they were great all right so this product and I tried for the first time this year and these are new problems I do believe that came out this year and they are attached to ID products and the father does good it too late I tried this before I tried to belly curls but

these are they sell these and they like eight dollars and something another sale and they're not that expensive and I have used these I've loose more than two times are not for sure but I know I have at least two or three videos they are posted with me doing hands down this if you shampoo you have you can easy the take that your head you do not have to wait or sleep with a conditional justice I couldn't just father does and leave your hair silky it got nice look what's my knees problem is the bomb it does good give it a try I have no regrets behind this brother if I all outside - well this is condition of my baby this is a conditioner I had a shampoo as well this is to leave it and it's the daily moisturizer spray it's less it's a leaving and the moisturizer and the detangling spray so and this stuff does good like when you wake up in the morning and you want to refresh your curls just spray it on and your crow's feet up and back in place like they supposed to it's old and I also had a styling cream and this does good night no business is amazing like braids out please out all right I thought it would come out looking so good you'll be so

amazing job the thermal foam and this is if you want to do a blowout on your hair or like for us it okay so the next photo we are gonna talk about is the ion blowout solution and I push the DS in Sally's on my camera know the price and probably they won't know more than $6 I know that but in the way I had a strap for the conditioner and this is what you want to do it blow out all your hair but this is chef way conditioner I had quick dojo spray and I have chakra and eat brother does good I use it once I have a video uploaded and it was my first time using it this year I don't know how long these products been out but I never use entertain my eye on peer and this is my first time using this particular problem didn't do and it does blow your hair out very very good and see like you use a flat out you know how when you blow out your hair did you might do one pass what you lay down and it straight but it's not going every straight it's kind of like pretty straight this side this further adieu and ilish your hair looking straight like you use a plan out when you get in your hair itself oh it got shine and it

got bounce and it straight these product does so good no also I tried if you see my video when I use I own product I also use this product where here is way to wake up right well straighten and this is what you use if you want to wrap your hair signifying the hairdryer and call me down I use this after I used it to give my hair a little bit more straighter and if you see in the video that you would know that I did the blowout because I was given to get my hair braided and so I use this product to get a little bit more straighter so I would have to use anything I need either anything so I did this I believe was on Friday but I wasn't getting my hair braided so the next week that was coming in only Thursday I was gonna get my hair braided so I wanted to try the ion product out just awful about a week before I got my braces so this so this Monday and Monday or that we that was coming in I noticed my house started to freeze back up instantly and I was like oh man before I even get my hair braided my hands gonna freeze back up so I decided to use another product which is by the same company it is called he activated Sheen

he had been sheet that most person and blow eye cream and this is what when you want to on fresh out your hell with your flat iron or whatever I use this on Monday and I did I did use my flat iron I did like a one pass to my house to get a bed straight and everything is on my help I can't bone that like it was really straight and they don't made by the same company and by the way our fresh Indies at the house by stored in I'm always talking about I'm gonna shop it but I use his brother to do a fresh out with my flame I got the braised on Thursday um I can't brace my head for Suey's it was so feed and braised want to decide I kept me for something now normally I could keep raising my hair for a month or more but this particular cell only that's the two leads and the reason why is because after about two Lee's my hair started to come out the brain and I was going to be brave you know the buddies at least my hair is coming out but I noticed that on my hair a little bit different like it didn't it's been sweet so I was soon in there since the bits of least not having

anything in my hair this year starts to turn back to my natural stage well it didn't it was still bone they were straight like I realized read wives come out everything it was still straight like I just straightened it out with my first night [Music] so I started to take all the braids out I took all the braids out in my house still phone illustrate and I was like what it's been two weeks highest ear bone demonstration started what I'll say shall put your hair up sandy debates in their state you can use a problem it can make your heart rate so I wash condition I have and guess what my hell is steer straight you know like what so I started to get a little worried all night what did I damage man you know all kind of so you have it's changing for waste opposed to being then you start to get a little rim size after maybe the fourth wash my has started to get back since natural stage so these problems get your help bone never straight out but it do take in these like four maybe five times wash your hand before a given I think it's pretty good if you don't

mind you know you have been straight for a little mini little you know I'm saying went on I don't believe it was the ion product because like I said it at the front Thursday to them Monday or Tuesday my head started to freeze that go so I don't believe it was this one product I believe was this one because my head didn't freeze back up and I always I used his father and I don't believe it was two routes training either I believe it was once I use this and on strained I have then it started and will take a coat for The Times Washington before you add to see your hair go back so the natural state that you wanted oh and I thought was did this year was Casey products now I first read these at Sally's on Sally's had these more as new products now I don't know if they knew new to the market or is they just only new to service I don't know but sell is what this is as new brothers and I only pay like six dollars for each thing also they was in their space it on this is the shampoo conditioner and I don't know if you can see right here okay this is leaving the girl cream curd vada and the curd children

so I actually already brought in the whole Commission they do nothing this one did a bit some night out with these brothers and my resources good I really enjoy him I mentioned that I came out because I did I had a little best night in a while I don't think I want any dishes I'm doing my first I try not to mention that again for this shield and I try to retain these products and like I said these this is my first time using it this year and maybe get my bed too much came out I thought it was good enough today I decided to see a concrete back and do a so good but you would be amazed like I say due to the production work it's not even a space like so proud of its PC and don't do what you do for your hair so yeah these product is good and I want to know have you try these photos yeah I thought what's the additional is the own natural is control and I think about a week ago I want to say a lot even to in shape but I didn't do on this Prado I don't know that actually what Jesus brother leave when I did try watch it go half or half down to kick see brothers and I split my age style with this I

came back video right after day to show you how they did home put it so this product is like it only no white residue did only no place looking i actually purchases on housing in georgia start to hair store just to browse around I've seen this mess today magic trap like I say it was a just a stinking to all right child so those are the problems that that was good it's definitely a team with your video I wanna know what if you quit proud of you thousands yes but did that a solution don't forget the comment and like [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music]