06 November 2017

BEST Pro Makeup Artist Products 2018 | Brands, Tips, Secrets

Hey Beauties! Today I'm gonna share with you my favorite makeup products that I constantly purchase for my Pro makeup artist kit. They're easy to use, don't ...


hey welcome to my youtube channel those of you who follow me on Instagram know that in the real life I work as a makeup artist and I hear Spanish mostly on way so I would like to share with you the information about the new products that I just purchased this month why I keep it in my kit why do I like them so much a lot of comments and a lot of tips safe you interested take a notebook and take some notes I do have only bread makeup on my table I have a lot of turban I have Mac I have to face to have a Nastasia Beverly Hills and it cosmetics I have a kiss on day or two as well say if you interested in all this information please keep on watching like the video and don't forget to subscribe to my channel I love you guys and I'll see you very soon first of all let me explain you why do you have to have only brand products easy okay first of all a long-lasting on your face something's gonna lock in into your skin and it's gonna stay there all day on the second of all color pale the texture the easiness of application something that's going to look very light and natural on an HD photography

something that's not gonna crease in your lines something that's not gonna run off or something that's gonna stay on the entire it or what a day it's not gonna crack it's not gonna fade it's not gonna go away or disappear if throughout tonight and of course last but not least the wow factor your professional and you have to have professional products to put on your clients face that's why they pay me of all this money for I had that actually happened last week with my Kylie cosmetics liquid lipstick in my kid the bright side and she was like oh my gosh I heard of it so much I don't even like this color but I want you to put it on me so that's a definitely a plus when are you not ashamed to show what he actually got it is so important to gain the trust of a client if they see in this professional products they know that you know what you doing so let's just go ahead and jump in first product okay shall we it's a Too Faced shadow insurance 24 hour and decreased eyeshadow primer I used to use eyeshadow primer potion but a romantic a for the longest time as far as I can remember myself but still

did change the packaging now look at that now it comes where the brush and I absolutely hate it for myself yes for my clients no it is a very unsanitary I cannot touch the brush and put it back in it just so I had to change the packaging to have the eyeshadow primer in it too next product is my favorite concealers in the world for the clients they absolutely love it they a spurt of all the time they love the result they'll love the way it stays on the eye it just washes off all the darkness under the eye area it just amazed and it works wonders especially on older clients that is bye bye Andre I buy em cosmetics up concealers and I have them in two different colors medium and medium thin the colors that I use the most and I have other ones by Tim to and MAC Cosmetics either lighter ones or darker ones to mix with this one's for short as a base it works wonders it's so flawless it doesn't crease it doesn't run off it just gorgeous it really complements the airbrush foundation it looks like a clean slate on your face I am in love I love this concealer is full coverage very thick and you only need just a

little little itty-bitty tiny dot little bit ago such a long way so this is gonna last me probably for another half of the year in this and if I need something just a little thinner I always take the as a base and fix them with the Mac face and body foundation I have the lightest shade and the darker shade so dependent on the skin tone of my client I put a few drops of each to make the compact concealer just a little better I'm getting way too excited next product we're going to talk about of course it as Anastacio Beverly Hills clear brow gel this is in Hairspray for your brows it's absolutely amazing it just goes your brows all together it doesn't let the room with the winter wind blows see your photo shoot or whatever you doing it just this stay on they all sleep the whole time I use them on absolutely every single client all the brights all the bridesmaids moms grandmas everybody this tube actually is a very thin stick metal tube last me for probably a month or two it just i buy this all the time it's crazy it also helps to brush out the product that I'm gonna talk about the next next part of the dinner I already mention a

brow powder duo by Anastacio Beverly Hills in color and dark brown and I'm gonna tell you why I love this product so much first and foremost it doesn't take a lot of room it's a small packages and one it has two different eyebrow shades it has dark brown and blonde colors inside I also can mix and match them I to use it on brunettes and blonde like it a lot the quality is really good and the brows will they look so natural just how the brides who want them next product I have this beautiful palette by Tarte C volume three it is super Bridal it has enough pigment it's not good in rate it just sparkly it glides on like a butter it is so pretty and this is what I use on all the bright all the time and look how cute is this it looks like a like it anyway so brand-new look at this colors it goes from white gold to rose gold to dark brown and beige colors this is all the one on think it's in their special day it has a great color gray off it does increase it stays all day it just it's just a really good quality product next product again by Tarte beautiful blush palette and oh my gosh I have to tell

you they are a very pigmented look how pretty the packaging is and look at this gorgeous eight blushes and two of highlighters a warm town and cooler tone it has a blush for every single skin tone every single makeup look it has a peachy pink and rosy shimmery blushes it just awesome and this is what I'm talking about save in the one little palette and we have so many choices in and so easy you just open it up and you mix them all together if you want to I really like this palette a lot this is probably my favorite thing on this table today next product I have it's a shame in life palette but Kat Von D and I used to use Anastacio Beverly Hills concrete palette but I think I like that someone even more it's more it's creamier for sure it's more pigmented and it just slides on a Sebata it has a look at this yes I already used it it has a cooler chill and it has neutral and warm tones so this is how you save a room and app in your kit a be a country in bronze and shades and you also have your mat highlighters and also you can use them as your eyeshadows last but not least palette I have my card as well clay plays face shaping palette this is

the completely matte palette it has bronzer contrary has eyeshadow and everything is it is so beautiful and I actually I open it up just to make sure it's not broken but I probably never as you said yet or maybe even maybe I'm gonna give it just somebody as a present it was so beautiful I really wanted for a long time and might as well I'm paying for shipping already while ordering from the website it just got it just put it in now anyways look at this it smells like chocolate it's just so pretty look at this and this same idea it has nitrile tones cooler tones in the warmer shades it is so pretty happy highlighter so you have the eye shadows contrary bronzer sculpting whatever whatever you want to call it it's all here it is so beautiful I'm really satisfied with Tarte products it's the veer creamy it stays on it just glides on as a bar it's amazing now look at this packaging is so cool in a lush product I have our just passing by and Ulta and I notice they do not have any full-size Mac products so I got two small Mac fix is it a lot all my clients just set make up altogether lock the

face in or it to spray on it I shadow brush small small synthetic brush just like this and dip it in a shimmery eyeshadow to make it even more pop I like this product a lot it's a very fast and doesn't have any specific spent flavor I wanted to say but it really it really helps to last your makeup the longer I use the spray all the time on every single client in the end of the makeup application for sure and this products full of and it doesn't make your skin break out afterwards which is very important as well and that's it for today your kind of guys got familiar what's in my kit obviously I have a lot a lot a lot stuff more in it this is just the brand new stuff that where you can see there's still in the boxes that I just purchased this month October feel but maybe I'll film another video and show you what exactly is in my kit and other stuff I carry with me so let me know if you want to see that I love you and I'll see you very soon please follow me on Instagram I have a lot of Bridal stuff and makeup artist to strap the stuff going on there and now please subscribe to my youtube channel like this video and I love you all I'll

see you very [Music]