21 December 2018

Best of Foundations 2018 | Dry & Oily skin #foundations #makeup #brownskin

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hey everyone welcome back shams makeup artistry today it's time for me to share my 2018 top favorites of foundations I'm actually gonna split it up into a few different categories so I'm going to start with foundations and there are a couple of foundations that I've been using throughout the 2018 mostly there are like all-time favorites and some of them are pretty new in the 2018 and if you guys have been with me for some time you know that there are a couple of foundations that I just died for so without further ado let's just get started I do not have many of them hopefully it doesn't take too long I'm gonna randomly share them and then also share why I am in love with these foundations for the 2018 so the very first one has to be my dear forever foundation I am in the shade 0 for 5 when it comes to this particular foundation this is a perfect makeup everlasting wear pore refining effect with sunscreen and SPF of 35 for me I personally feel this foundation is like a medium to full coverage foundation depending on the texture of your skin I personally use only half to one pump of this foundation on daily basis and this

foundation is my most reach out for foundation for the entire 2018 I'm into my second bottle and I've already repurchase my backup for the third one because I'm pretty sure that I'm gonna be done with the second bottle as well with this foundation I had no issues because I do have a combination to dry skin it gives me a beautiful glow at the same time it gives a beautiful coverage and at the very same time it lasts me throughout the day even on hot heat rather I just have to set my t-zone and I'm good to go for the entire day I personally would recommend this foundation for combination to dry skin girls for those of you who have oily skin do not mind to have glow over your face you may want to try out this one it will definitely work out for you if you set it well but during the colder months I personally believe that every one of us would love this foundation because this function gives you a beautiful glow to your face and on colder months even though you have oily skin it will tend to look a little bit more drier so you definitely enjoy this one and of course I personally believe that every one of

us love to have like a glowy shiny healthy looking skin any looks very flawless when you put it on the skin and it's easily blendable I personally like using my Real Techniques face brush sometimes I do like to use my Beauty Blender to apply this foundation evenly it works fine so this has to be one of my most favourite foundation ever I believe it's not only for 2018 but I personally found myself this foundation this year 2018 the next foundation that I have been loving and I've been reaching out for for the 2018 has to be from Becca cosmetics and this is the ultimate coverage 24-hour foundation and I am indeed sheet cafe this is a full coverage foundation and I personally would recommend this for those of you who have combination to oily skin or oily oily skin or combination to dry skin however you want to make it work if you love a full coverage foundation you would totally enjoyed this function it doesn't look dry on the skin it's not like a matte finish it does have like a sheen glow finish to it but it losses throughout the day and you do not need tons of this foundation you only need like maybe like half pump or lesser than

a half pump to get the coverage that you need and I personally feel that with this foundation I love using my Beauty Blender because it blends in into the skin much more better than a brush I feel that using a brush it kind of like sits on the top and it doesn't melt into the skin if that does make sense to you guys sometimes certain foundation tend to just sit on top of the skin that like melt and end up looking like skin with this one that's the problem if you use a brush some of us may be comfortable using a brush with this foundation but I personally felt that a beauty blender works really well with this foundation and on the days that I want something like a full coverage and then I want my makeup to last all day long and on a day that I need not really like I need to touch on my skin and block my skin this is something that I'd go for the next one that I'd like to share with you is from bare minerals and this is the a bare Pro Foundation it's a performance wear liquid foundation with an SPF of 20 just like the Becca cosmetics this is again the ultimate coverage 24 hours foundation this is also a full full coverage foundation and

I am in the shade nutmeg 24 hour definitely stout all the details on the description bar below and for this foundation I really love this foundation again it's not a full coverage foundation it doesn't look matte on the skin because for me I do not prefer foundations that look really matte on the skin having a combination to dry skin I kind of prefer something which looks a little bit glowy on the skin but not like an oily oily feeling on the skin but this one it gives a beautiful finish to the skin the only problem that I have with this foundation is if I continue to use this foundation like five days in a week or seven days in a week I tend to get bumps on my skin my tiny the bum starts appearing on my skin that's the only problem I had with this foundation I don't know why maybe my skin is sensitive to the products or ingredients that I invest foundation which I kind of like read on sufferers website the ingredient doesn't really mention that something that would really feel sensitive to my skin because with some of the NARS foundation they do have like turmeric or something which kind of like I am very sensitive to it and I

start freaking out but with this one I don't know what it is I just have like bumps over my skin I do not really break out into like big big huge pimple so anything like that but the tiny little bumps with white fillings in it which I kind of fear that I'll break out now that my ski is clear I'm very careful with the products that I use over my face area so with this varnish I'd kind of be very careful I'll use it like two days or three days or maybe occasionally but for those of you who do not have sensitive skin and you want something full coverage at same time looking very beautiful and natural you may want to try out the bad minerals bad Pro foundation the next one that I have here is from NASA this is the only NARS foundation that has been doing me justice for 2018 because like I've mentioned earlier I do breakout with most of the NASA's foundation but this one has been doing me good and this is the NARS natural radiant long wave foundation and I am in the shade Tahoe I really really love this foundation with all the foundations that I'm sharing with you guys today you do not need tons

of it like to apply it over your face area I person do not like to apply heavy foundations over my face area and with this one you can only need like a half pump most most one pump of this monofin would do it good it gives a beautiful coverage it gives a beautiful glow to the face and it lasts us all day long the only negative thing that I personally felt about this foundation has to be it transfers on the clothing if you're wearing something light or ever wearing call it or of course like these days I love wearing turtleneck because it's cold it kind of transfers on the clothing that's the only thing and sometimes when you know you had someone and say hi you kind of like give a tap or kiss I kind of feel like oh my god I think my foundation has transferred to their clothing so I feel so guilty this function totally gets me into the guilty kind of feeling so that's the only negative thing about this function otherwise is a beautiful beautiful foundation and I've been loving it for 2018 the next one has to be an oldie oldie but a goodie and I've been totally liking this for 2018 on the days that I want something on the go and

I want something glowy at the same time gave me the coverage that I need I have reached out for this particular one and it's not really like a foundation it's actually a tinted moisture and it's by Laura Massey and this one is the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer and it's the oil free version and an SPF of 20 and I am in the shade 10 if you have been with me forever on my channel you know that my very second video here on YouTube was a review on this particular tinted moisturizer I've been really loving this this one is equivalent to a foundation it gives you the best coverage that you need and it gives you a beautiful coverage you will have like a flawless looking skin with this particular tinted moisturizer and you need not to worry to touch up throughout the day I personally feel that it works for me throughout the day it wears really well and you do not need to work hard to get it blended into the skin so if you're not a foundation person but you want something on your face like you prefer tinted moisturizers you may want to check out the Laura Mercier one they'd lost you forever now I have three more on my list let's move

on to the next one this one is a drugstore foundation and it's by Maybelline and this one is their up to 24 hours Foundation and it's their super stay full coverage foundation I am in the shade toffee caramel most of the function that I've shared with you today they do have a pump so it makes it easy when foundation comes with a pump it just gets the job done on the go and this one has to be another one that comes with a pump and it's a drugstore function and it's totally affordable this again it promises a 24 hours wear of course I've never worn foundation for 24 hours but this foundation really was so beautifully on my skin again I'm in the shade three-30 toffee caramel this foundation is a long lasting foundation if you tend to have an oily skin or a combination skin you will definitely love this foundation for me I did not find this foundation looking dry over my skin most of the full coverage foundations today that I've shared with you for the trainee 18 they do not dry my face having a combination to dry skin I of course do not like my foundations to end up looking patchy

over my skin and none of this that I've shared with you does look dry over my skin's so that's the reason I love them even more so this one has to be another favorite of mine so if you're looking out for something at the drugstore you may want to check out the maybelline superstay full coverage foundation again I am in the shade three-30 the next foundation that I'd like to share it's a stick foundation and it's by Lancome and this is the our teint Idole ultra wear makeup stick sunscreen broad spectrum of 21 all day color wear and comfort foundation and I am in the shade four five zero sweet neutral I totally loved this foundation and when I'm on a rush I want something really very quick and stick foundations are the best when you're in a rush stick foundation has to be the best I personally loved this foundation more during the summer months when it's really-really heati but you can use this function throughout the year I do not find this function looking dry over my skin again it's a stick formula which makes it so so easy to work on the skin you can use a brush can use a Beauty Blender it gives a beautiful coverage it doesn't dry skin

and it lasts us throughout the day they do have a liquid formula I personally feel the liquid formula would work better for oily skin girls but for me this formula itself was totally fine and I would totally recommend it to any skin type the last but not the least from my vanity for 2018 the best foundation has to be make up forever ultra thick foundation this again is another stick foundation but our personally recommend this foundation for those of you who have combination to dry skin this foundation looks very glowy on the skin at the same time it kind of gets oily throughout the day for me on my t-zone area so I'll personally recommend this for those who have combination to dry skin for oily skin girls you may want to skip on the Spanish enduring the summer heat months but during the colder weather you might enjoy this mansion because it does give a beautiful coverage to the face area so I do hope that you enjoy the best of foundation for 2018 there are more to come I will do it part by part so I hope video be patient with me and make sure to subscribe to my channel to my next and I'll see you guys again good bye