21 December 2018

Best of Eye Makeup Tutorials Compilation ♥ 2017 ♥

Best of Eye Makeup Tutorials Compilation ♥ 2017 ♥ kaushal beauty,makeup tutorial,grwm,get ready with me,going out makeup,christmas party,christmas ...


hi everybody welcome back to my channel thank you so much for watching so today I'm gonna show you this blue makeup look this look was requested from some of you guys and I decided to go for a purplish kind of nude purplish lipstick so it is this blue eye shadow you can put science and I news pinky coral lipstick or this purplish so for today sir I created this look if you enjoy and follow me on Instagram I'll put the link here and also here subscribe my youtube channel from our news I hope you enjoyed this look that I created and if you wanna see how I got to look please keep on watching in let's begin so let's get started I'm gonna apply this like a shadow base by NYX Cosmetics using the color you are I'm gonna apply all over my lead [Music] so as you can see I'm not going too far with these they should obey them I'm applying just until my crease line and now I'm gonna blend this eyeshadow base using this small blending brush did you create a good transition effect and will make my shadows last longer and much more vibrant and the rest flexing this brush I'm gonna play here in my lower

lash line [Music] and now I'm gonna do the same thing in the another side [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so now in my crease and outer corner I'm gonna apply this beautiful grey shadow baby choose cosmetics this is the color cap treat with this fluffy brush there's a really reformats gray eyeshadow and I prefer to use this I'm lucky with this eyeshadow because sometimes the black eyeshadow will look so dark in any look that I want to create so so I'm going to create a lighter shade of contrast between the shadows you no need to use like the black or only brown you can use this beautiful gray it will also create a good effect so I'm going to start applying here [Music] [Music] and then I'm gonna blame [Music] and I'm gonna also apply this a shadow in my lower lash line just a little bit

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so now on top of this blanket shadow base I'm gonna apply this blue eyeshadow this is a bright blue just a little bit here removing the excess this eyeshadow is also by Mateus cosmetics [Music] [Music] [Music] Wow I love this book so beautiful color what I think I love it so now I'm gonna play another side [Music] so this is it for the makeup luck and now I'm gonna apply my fake lashes this is this tie you wanna buy for the beauty I love this style these beautiful lashes here [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] now to finish my skin I'm going to apply my bulge this is why I give a beauty

this beautiful pink and then to highlight my face I'm going to use the color bridge by Gerard cosmetics this beautiful light pink here [Music] [Music] [Music] and to finish this work we're gonna apply the color ecstasy by shirt cosmetics this is a liquid lipstick [Music]