12 September 2018


Hi angels!! Today I'm going to share with you all my favourite makeup products from the drugstore! I hope you enjoy this Best of Makeup 2018 and remember to ...

hi guys welcome back to you at my

channel so recently I've been getting at so many requests to do a best of drugstore makeup video so that's what I'm gonna be doing a few guys today I did actually create one of these videos like it must have been a year ago now so basically what my be doing is going through let's products I picked up from my makeup collection that my favorite drugstore makeup products there are quite a lot just because I thrive off the drugstore like I love finding really great job store products I think you don't need to spend a ton of money to look good if that makes sense there are quite a lot of products here just because I love the drugstore I'm always finding new things from the drugstore I love also excuse I look super casual right now I just filmed this makeup look for you guys it's kind of like a back to school / work / uni makeup tutorial so if you guys want to see that it's probably already up only the link on screen or down below and why we're down below make sure to subscribe as well it'll mean so much to me anyway let's go into the video the first thing I am obsessed with I pretty much use every single day is the makeup revolution at

Brock made it's completely rubbed off with one of them this is in the shade of dark brown it's littering it the Anastasia Beverly Hills dip I've made but a thousand times better it's so much more pigmented than the other stars you want and it doesn't dry out that isn't the biggest thing for me because the anastasi beverly hills dipbrow made just dries out straightaway i always i'm putting in like eye drops into it to try and like under-eye it up and it just it's always dried up so this one is like a godsend because it's an issue things like saying even more pigmented i think and it doesn't dry up as I said I look Sheen use this every single day to do my brows and never ever lets me down and this is literally like six pounds I think compared to I even know how much the a BH one is but it's a lot more than that the second thing um if you watch my channel with this will not come as a surprise this is the elf like brush and runs duo I don't actually know what the real name is but this is what it looks like as you can see I'm obsessed with the ones that it is one of the best lenses of my entire life this is in the

shade of Santa Lucia again this is a product that I literally use every single day this bronzer never lets me down especially on my forehead I always find and finding bronzers to use on my forehead - runs up it's so hard because a lot of them look so muddy and just don't blend out very well this one never lets me down it is honestly one of the best ones in the entire world it just blends seamlessly and for me this color is perfect for my skin tone I can't really say much about the blush I don't really use it to be honest and maybe I should try it out and see what it's like but yeah I would just buy this again and again just for the ones by itself because it's so good again this might come as a surprise to you if you watch my channel but this is probably my all-time favorite or not from the drugstore this is the Loreal brow artist plumper this is in the shade at like / medium I've been using this ever since I started makeup and I have never ever ever bought another brow gel but literally I don't own any other brow gel and I think this will be something that I always have in my makeup collection

and any matter what everything time I went out that I'm close to running out of there or I go and buy another one it's one of the most incredible makeup products it sets my brows in place all day my brows do not budge like I never find that my brows have like smeared or you know are less precise than I made them in the first place and the other thing I love about this is it has a little of fibers in it so it makes your brows look super hairy super 3d and just like really natural-looking if you haven't tried this product go and buy it right now is honestly the best thing of my entire life I would be so sad if they stopped making this I don't know what I would do to go this with you the next thing I'm going to talk about is the NYX butter glosses these are one of the best lip glosses I've ever tried in my entire life and the fact that they are drugstore from NYX makes it even better because they are super super affordable this one is in the shade of fortune cookie I do have a few other shades that I love as well my favorite one is fortune cookie it's just the nicest nude nudey pink lip gloss I find that these don't feel

sticky on my lips they last so so long I also find that these lasts really long like you kind of think because of the size of it it wouldn't last that long and also it the what are they called the NYX matte lip creams are the same size as these and they are an out so fast but these down which is weird I don't know I don't understand but he's actually last really really nice I always find myself reaching for more colors of these just because I love it and they have such a good color selection as well yeah I would recommend the shade fortune cookie that is my favorite one and this really goes nicely with a nice nude lip which is what I tend to wear the next thing I roam about all of the bloody time this is the collection lasting perfection concealer this has been a favorite of mine again and since I started doing makeup I used to wear this in school and it's just been my favorite ever I think so well I used to rope up this when I first ever started watching Meucci videos as I picked up and I've been in love ever since this is actually one of the new shades the extra fair one I think I mentioned this in my favorites video

like a couple of weeks ago it lasts really nicely amazing coverage am i it today as you can see it just really brightens under my eyes yeah one of the best drugstore concealers I found a foundation that I love and have loved for so long is the remote lasting finish 25 hour foundation again I had been using this so so long literally I see used to wear this in school I think the reason why I love this is because it has amazing coverage it also has SPF in it which I love because I always find it really tricky when I'm on holiday or something and I want my makeup and I feel like I can't put some cream my face like I get burnt really easily so the fact that there's SPF in this is so so great for me it lasts really well I mean it's called the 25 hour foundation I mean I have never tested it for 25 hours but it does last pretty much the whole time I'm wearing it it has serum in it as well so it's super good at your skin and yeah the coverage is just amazing it's one of my favorite foundations the next product is the next highlight and contour pro palette so in here you get all of the contour shades and then you get highlights have a banana shade like

a skin tone shade and then another skin tone shade this is like my go-to travel palette when I'm going away somewhere I've had this palette for so long and the reason why is because you can refill them so you can actually like okay I can't do it right now because I don't have any nails but you can actually take them out and refill them like I already have bought a refill for the banana one because that's running out this is refilled I think the contour one is refilled so yeah this loss was so too long the refill things I like literally three pounds I think so that is so handy yeah this is one of the best contour palette ever it blends so so nicely I actually use this all the time apart when I'm using my Kat Von D shade and light palette which again is like one of my favorite things in the entire world I'll be using this because it is a very very close Jeep to that next it's kind of two products that I would put together so this is the NYX glitter primer and then the NYX glitters the next glitters are honestly the best litters I've come across or I have tried on lots of

glitters in my life and the next ones by far my favorite I think they're like five pounds per pot and they last forever I have crystal which is an iridescent glitter I have Rose which is a pink glitter gunmetal which is like a grave black glitter and then I have one and I think the main reason why these are so incredible is because of the NYX glitter primer this is amazing for any pigments or glitters or just any like glitter eyeshadows or shimmery eyeshadows this is amazing it will make everything on your eye pop and it's just the perfect thing to apply loose powders or glitters or whatever I don't think I ever buy another glass of primer this will always be the one I go towards and it's really really cheap and I've literally gone through so many of these it's literally my favorite thing ever I'm all that recent finder from the drugstore is the miss 40 instant glow highlighter and I've recently bought this to do my full face of cheapest a secret makeup I'll link that on the screen right now if you're interested but I literally fell in love with this I was not expecting it at all because

initially this is like 1 or 2 pounds but this is one of the best highlighters I've used I'm wearing it right now again and it's just so so nice this is in the shade of golden glow which I was kind of scared about because usually gold and highlighters don't really look that great on my skintone personally but this color just looks beautiful and it's so pigmented it literally blends like into your skin you don't have to do anything yourself like it just blends by itself so yeah really recommend this especially for the price like I'm blown away by it so so nice another product are the NYX liquid liner so I have been mattes one here and the vinyl one as well I don't have one that I prefer they're both really really good obviously the matte one is matte and then the vinyl one it's more like a gel effect to it these are my favorite eyeliners from the drugstore they are like a brush applicator so if you don't like that you won't like this but the meetings are the easiest to use at the drugstore as super pigmented they are black as hell like you don't have to go over and over it like it just comes out on strike and it's there I think my favorite thing

about these eyeliners is the fact that it does not budge and also when you like tape okay this sounds weird but you know when you take off eyeliner and it can kind of like just smudge it all over your face when you take off this eyeliner it literally just comes off like straight away like there's no like smudging or anything about it you know what I mean I don't know if that makes sense but yeah this just glides on it looks beautiful it's really easy to create like the wing that you need well for me it is anyway and of course really affordable because they're from next so we never recommend try either of these out depending on whether you want the matte version or do more gel like version but they're literally my favorites I thought okay I've only got a few left I know this video is falesha total I'm trying to get through it as fast as possible but there's just so many products that I love so the next one is the duo brush on adhesive eyelash glue this is amazing I know there's a lot of people that don't like this and I honestly have no idea how because this is my favorite eyelash glue ever it literally just keeps my eyelashes on all

day all night I never have any problems with that at all it doesn't pull out my eyelashes and it just sticks them on the perfect amount and just keeps them there I always used to struggle with my inner corners because I have really watery eyes I used to find my fake eyelash will flick up because my eyes were watering and it would like unstick I literally never have that problem with this ever my inner corner stick down perfectly I never find myself taking actually about the house with me because they just are always stuck down I never have to deal with them coming off this is literally like five pounds and for me it's the best I've ever tried in my entire life so definitely try this out I know a lot of people don't like again I don't know why but I would definitely give it a go because for me it works absolutely perfectly okay I've got two products left so this is the Maybelline master contour V stick this is in the shade light as you can see I'm obsessed with the contour slide I haven't really used the highlight side but the contour side for me is just one of the best contrast sticks that ever used it is the perfect shade for my skintone personally and it

just blends out amazingly I wouldn't I've guessed that this was drugstore now I'm obsessed with my iconic London cream contour kit that is one of the best contour kids I own and I never have a problem with it like it blends out seamlessly but this does that exact thing it's not as pigmented I will say that so I tend to use this when I don't want too much of a bold contour but I just want something sat down before my powder one if it's a hot day or whatever this works perfectly and I'm really recommend turns out it just looks seamless it doesn't go patchy it just looks amazing I love it okay sorry I forgot about product so now there is actually two left the first one I talked to you about is the L'Oreal lip paint this is the matte one this is in the shade 208 which is off-white and this is actually the only color I own up on a C's but I just love the formula of this I'm so confused how I haven't picked up another one this is amazing for me to apply over other lipsticks just because this is a very nude color so if I want to lighten up a lipstick or create kind of like an ombre look this is perfect for me and I'll show this is

the nicest feeling lipstick in the entire world it is so creamy but it's still mattes and still lasts really well it literally feels like a lip balm on your lips it's so crazy but it feels so nice when it's still lasts so I love applying this with other lipsticks just to make them feel a bit nicer and to create like a lighter look if I want I'm definitely gonna try out other colors of this because it's actually my favorite lipstick iPhone and then lastly I'm gonna be mentioning the NYX do we finish the setting spray again I don't start raving about this on my channel I use it pretty much in every tutorial and I have not used another setting spray since finding this obviously I love the Giri one just because I do love the below me look they do do a maps one as well so if you prefer a matte look definitely try out the matte one because this one is initially my lifesaver whenever I use this my makeup looks amazing it soaks up all the like excess powder and just sets my makeup in place forever whenever I find myself not using this I can definitely tell that I haven't used it if that makes sense like it literally changes the makeup game and

makes your makeup just last so long I used to use the own decay all nighter setting spray and I loved that and then I decided to try a cheaper alternative I found this one and honestly I prefer it it's just the best thing ever and I loved they have the Jimmy and Matt option I think that's great so yeah if you're looking for a settings right definitely recommend this one don't bother with the high-end stuff okay guys so that is everything that I loved from the drugstore literally these are my go-to items I tried to get rid of some of them because I know that there was a lot but I actually couldn't get rid of any of them I love them all so so much and definitely recommend picking up any of them because they're my favorite products ever if you did enjoy this video please move to give me a big thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you haven't already let me know down below if you would like to see me do a high-end version of this I'm not sure if that's something that would be interesting for you guys or if you'd rather just see the drugstore one I don't know let me know down below and also let me know if there's any other

videos you would like to see I hope you guys have a lovely rest of the day and I'll see you in my next video