30 January 2019

Best of Branded Lipsticks: Lakme, Maybelline, Elle18 All for just₹639💄😱 #worth or worst Let's see!

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hi guys - welcome back to my youtube channel I know guys it's been quite a few days since I haven't uploaded any videos the reason being I was not at all well guys you all can make out from my face itself it has not been seeking well it's been more than four to five days and still I am not well but the thing is that I cannot skip videos for more than many days because I know a few of subscribe of clean like the person is not uploading video so what's the reason to be subscribed to this channel I know every subscriber every viewer has pivoted expectation from their youtuber so the reason being guys that's why I am here back with one of my videos even if I am NOT well although I doesn't seem to be well and fine in Finnish please please please sorry for that just excuse me for that without for the few more delays let's just start the video so guys in today's video I'm going to unwrap one of my car packages and this Nyko packages consists of three lipsticks guys and the price of all three lipsticks is rupees 639 hair tends to off Alateen lip street LACMA lipstick and Maybelline lipstick as we all know these three are the best brands known

for lipstick since quite a whole lot years back so let's just reveal what are the lipsticks what are their shade what are the price and all three are under discount guys there was a great sale going on they still agreed still going on at Nike and even a purple dot-com there's a huge sale going on I'm not sure about my car but it's still going on or not but at purple calm still they are like up to 50 to 60% of on lipsticks and various cosmetic products so you can just go and buy the stuff that you want to so there's just start this just unwrap this pouch and let's just see what all the ups take what all shades and for how much discount we have got this okay guys so guys here you can see the box is completely angry they are just few apples the packing sheets and it consists of a bill from mica soap as I have said before also have shown be fruits and going to give my viewers of truths like for how much I have purchased these lipsticks and I will clearly see guys all the three lipsticks are for total amount 600 39 so yo I'm right I'm honest with my viewers so let's just unlock these

sheets and let's just see what all lipsticks are they and whether the shades are actually what I expected in order them or are the different all the guys being very honest a little happy with the like a package in this time as I have said many times in my earlier unboxing videos it I am a huge fan of my cup stacking but this thing I am really unhappy because the packing is not kind of that we expect from Micah and the lipsticks are guise of such a great brand so it's not that you have purchased something cheap so that they can put on anything for packaging it's great stuff good stuff and still we are getting very cheap kind of packaging so Micah people if you're listening over there please please please please keep on maintaining the kind of level that you maintain for your packaging so we have unwrapped this hail ah being honest guys I didn't expected this to be so tiny this is literally very tiny what I inspectors was a good great pencil for the lipstick I thought it would be a good pencil but it is too mini it's too mean here actually it's 2 2 mini but okay fine the original price of this is the original price of this is guys

rupees 225 so this is Lakme enriched lip crayon and the shape is 0-5 peach magnet and this is for a piece 225 as being the original price before the amount which I have got this is rupees 169 so this is for rupees 225 I got it for 169 but this is not it all expected as I thought I thought it would be a quite good full pencils that you can use as a lip gradient talking out the shade the shade the fragrance it's kind of vanilla if you're going to apply this you're going to feel like you're having one of those vanilla ice creams it's completely of vanilla enriched the shade is 0-5 peach magnet let's just watch it and see what's the shade come out to be okay guys I am going to swatch it for all of you were there this is oh cool so this is the shade this is a pure peach shade this is amazing shade and talking about the application guys the way I swatch it you can easily make out that it is really very smooth it is very very smooth and very easy to apply on your lips so it is very much buttery very soft and very much smooth you can easily apply I want you all to just go ahead and try this okay guys I'm not going to show you by applying on the

little because I'm not create well so my lips are very rough dry and you know clogged up passed up so it won't be a good application and gonna be a good outcome for showing with lipstick on my lips as I've washed it you can easily see you can easily make out that the shade is very good it is as shown as in the screen itself going on on to the next lipstick that is this is Alateen colour-pop matte lip color this is in the shade deep pink so this is a lateen color pop Mac the one which comes alloting did you take a normal lipstick up evil with you creamy substance valley creamy consistency valley but you have kyle it income matte color pop and this is in the shade as i told you this is in the shade deep pink so the shade is deep pink okay guys and the original amount the original price of this is rupees 100 although this is very comic 100 piece key editing lipstick that - in that is amazing guys but yet I have gotten on discount I have got this for rupees 85 okay so guys I just cannot explain this fragrance of this it seems to be as if as if you're eating a what do we call it as the one which flavor I love not actually I left my brother loves that is

butterscotch exactly this feels heavenly like butterscotch if you're going to apply this you will just feel like you're having a butterscotch ice cream or butter squash pastry something like that but the fragrance is amazing I cannot tell about the application in all let's just watch it and see how the application comes out to be amazing man it's so smooth it's so easy to apply but one thing that I want to make sure to all of you guys it is said to be mad but it is not Mack it is completely of a creamy substance consistency it can be called as semi matte kind of consistency but it is not matte it at all the lipstick which is not glides on smoothly but it feels to be not at all creamy but this feels to be creamy as you can see I have got the stink on my finger so this is still on a creamy side or a semi matte side but this is not at all complete match up stick okay for Opie's 85 great shade deep pink deep pink we can say this to be a kind of slightly very light mustn't a kind of color so this is the shade the application is great the fragrance is amazing but this is not non-transferable this is easily transferable as you can

see so you can just apply this for a short interval of time if you don't have to eat something if you don't have to go on a function or something this is just two regular go on lipstick moving on to third lipstick that is actually a lipstick for a lip gradient that I've even shown in my earlier video but the shade is different today this is maybe in your color sensational depredation and the shade is more this is more one the shade is more one the packaging of this is super amazing it's very nicely packed as a name diantha's naveen it has to maintain its level it's known greatly focus Matic when Maybelline has increase a whole lot of range in cosmetic the original price of this is guys original price of this is rupees 550 but on discount after discount have got this 550 lipstick for rupees 385 which means a lot to save on a great lipstick like of a Maybelline the shade is more fun as I've told you all before we're just going to open the pack of this it's just nice debug this lipstick is nicely packed that might be because of its Maybelline so it hastily minutes okay hey it's just same as all Maybelline liberal in here you find the

cushion embedded that you can use us to just intact your lipstick and just smudge it as much as you want and she is again like in a pencil kind of stuff it looks like now let's just watch it and see how the sheets come out to be Oh being a nice guy is this shade is not as I expected it to be this is slightly on Brown kind of texture the texture is smooth the texture is creamy and a semi matte like editing one and all the gradient but the shade this is the shade you can see this is the more one shade as you can clearly see guys this is slightly on you know that we see as coffee brown kind so this is like of a brown shade so these are all the three lip shades guys you can clearly see these all the three lip shades and these are the swatches you can easily see you can easily recognize all these three so that's it for this video guys I hope you all liked this video do share do comment and do subscribe to my channel if you have not take care of your two guys stay tuned with my channel I keep on liking keep on sharing keep on giving your support love and all bye bye guys take care of this