21 December 2018

Best of 2018 | Huge Makeup, Skincare and Haircare Haul | Mini reviews | Reccomendations

Hey Angels ! Today I am showing you all my beauty favorites for the year 2018. I hope you enjoyed this video and its helpful for you. :) Products Mentioned: Coty ...

hi guys I hope you all are doing good

2018 is going to end it was a great year for me there are so many transformation so many changes both physically and mentally in my life do let me know how much 2018 for you and are you excited for 2019 I of course am do let me know what are your plans for the next year and if you want to know what where my goals of this year and whether I have been able to achieve them or not and if I have any plans for the next year if you want to know about them then please click on the like button and also comment down below I'll make a video on that in this video I am going to show you all my favorite beauty products for this year there is so many of them but I thought of keeping the list shots so that this video doesn't get too long I have 15 products to show you today I have featured most of these in my monthly favorites earlier now these are the products which I absolutely love throughout the year and I'm going to carry them to the next year and I'm pretty sure that I'm going to love them again so let's get started the first product that I have here is a hair serum it's the L'Oreal professional Paris this unlimited now this is a hair serum which

I have been using for the last four five years ever since I was in my final year at college I don't know why I never talked about this before or I might have and I don't remember I have been using a lot of other hair serums but I always kept coming back to this one because this does the job like no one else it makes my hair so smooth installed all the flyaways and BB hairs and keeps the fists in control next I have two other haircare products these are the shampoo and conditioner from the body shop and they are in the variant green pea these are my second bottles I found a bigger sized bottle of the shampoo so I got it but there was no big size conditioner so I had to buy this one these are my favorite shampoo and conditioner this year and I'm also going to use them in the next year I have also talked about them in one of my monthly favorites video earlier we are done with haircare nulls who want to skim here and I have a lot of prana first is this exit oh no it's the pixie glued on it I've discovered it recently around two three months back now this product deserves a whole complete video I have never talked about

this cut off on my channel before but I'm going to make a whole complete preview video on this and I am currently using this in my night time skincare routine so that's that next I have another donor and it's from the face shop it's their white seat don't know I've also featured it in one of my monthly favorites earlier this one is my second mortal and it lasts for a very long time I think the first water lost it for around five months or so and I use this a lot I use this twice daily once in the morning and once in the nighttime this brightens my skin it's the perfect owner to use if you have a very dull skin it provides hydration from within the next product is a face serum and it's from kaya I've also talked about this earlier and it's one of my holy grey face serums it helps control my acne it helps control my blackheads and whiteheads it minimizes the texture on my skin next I have a sunscreen and it's from Neutrogena and it's the Neutrogena ultra schmeared right at sunblock SPF 50 have so many sunscreens but this is the one which I used almost everyday because it has all that I want in a sunscreen this

broad-spectrum as it has SPF 15 be a triple plus it's water-resistant and it doesn't go off and sweat or what know like if you wash your face it might go off but if there is a little splash of water then it's still there it protects my skin for a very long time it has a very minimal white cast it's not too thick or too oily so the heavy-duty sunscreens are very thick but this one is not this has me might hurt you for this year no actually it's my fourth you I use sunscreen on my face on my arms on my feet and I also carry a sunscreen in my bag a small one of the same or Neutrogena sunscreen and I reapply it after for arts because I stay outdoors for a very long time and when you are using a glycolic acid toner like this you need to protect your skin from the Sun even more not saying that you don't need a sunscreen if you don't use this store now you actually should protect your skin no matter what it's a winter day and there are clouds it's going to read I am sitting indoors right now but I still have my sunscreen on so you got to use a sunscreen no matter what if there is one skincare product that I

have to recommend you then that would be a sunscreen I've been using some steals and slice because I have always had a very sensitive skin and I used to get rashes when I don't pay the sunscreen okay we have talked a lot about sunscreens let's move on to the last skin care product and that's the Seleucid oil it's from mullet beauty now I was sort of confused whether to include this product or not because with Cassini who's the owner of mullet beauty doesn't stock it anymore but then I thought of featuring this brand in my video I don't have any other product from hadron plus I have loved this so much this was a limited edition product but she has now made a serum which also contains this as one of the main ingredients so if you still want it you can maybe buy the serum and use it I'll be definitely buying that in the future this is such a good facial oil works for all the skin problems that you might have beef acne beat something like maybe anti-aging beat moisturizing plus it's a dry oil it just sinks into your skin and if you have oily skin like me you can still use this product you might want to purchase

a rosehip oil from some other brand I also have one sent Botanica but I like this event more um the effect which these both have is more or less the same but it was my first Joseph oil and it's from the Cassini who I don't or not okay so we are done with all the skincare products now let's move on to the makeup first is this foundation it's from me Berlin it's the Maybelline fit me foundation matte and poreless now this is the foundation which I use in almost every other makeup tutorial that I do have so many foundations but I always love to use this one the most it's the same foundation which I am wearing today also it minimizes the appearance of my pores it gives me a very matte sort of a finish and my foundation is in the shade 128 oh God so I have totally remembered it because I keep talking about the shade in all of my videos next I have a highlighter it's the makeup revolution Pro illuminate this is the best highlighter ever it's the same highlighter that I'm going to use on my wedding day okay I guess I'm just a little too excited by the way if you don't know then I'm engaged well if you

have missed my engagement makeup video then I'll link it up in the iPad red right here as well as in the description box below I did a rose gold sort of glittery eye makeup let's move on to the next makeup product and it's a compact powder it's the Rimmel stay matte compact powder I'm in the shade full sandstorm this is a very mattifying compact powder and it lasts for a very long time the only problems that I have with it is the packaging it looks like sort of cheap plastic kind of the ones which will break when you are traveling so I don't carry while traveling but I use it at my bone and I don't miss a mirror in here if it have been great if there was a mirror along with it so you won't have to use an additional mirror when you are using this powder next I have a loose powder and it's the quantity is bundles powder I have the one in the variant translucent extra coverage this powder is very fine provides a very constant coverage it comes with this powderpuff which you still can use I hate this bungee pops which you ready rest of the compact powders they're hardly of any

use I don't use this powder puff I use a powder brush with her but it's not a bad powder puff it can be used when you're traveling maybe and you don't carry a lot of brushes next I have a blush and it's the Maybelline Color show blush in the shade creamy cinnamon this is a very neutral sort of a blush it can go on with any sort of makeup glow this is the blush which I use most often as it's very minimal and it enhances your makeup flow it doesn't matter whatever sort of eyes or lips you're wearing and also it's the kind of blush that I can wear to my office sometimes I don't generally wear blushes or foundations to my office but then there are some days when there's a function or an event and I want to dress up a little so that's the time and I can wear this blush it also has very fine not shimmers in it it's not exactly visible but it's still there that makes you have those glowing sort of cheeks when you apply this not exactly the kind of note that you get when you use a highlighter but a very minimal glow from within sort of below which also reminds me one point which I missed about this highlight of now this highlighter can be used very minimally

to give you a very glow from within sort of a low part you can also build it up to get a bang glow in your face sort of a loop you can use this the way you want to maybe you want to keep it subtle or you want to take it all off this highlighter can be used all the time the last makeup product is a lipstick and it's the basically soft matte lip cream in the shade 47 it's the same lipstick that I'm wearing right now for the color is coming a bit different it's cloudy and I am using artificial lights and I'm not very good in setting up the artificial lights so my face looks sort of form yellowish the lipstick color also looks a bit different this is a very pinky sort of a nude and this lipstick which I'm wearing in most of my videos where you guys asked me which lipstick I'm wearing now what you think which I did for the first time with this lipstick is ID purchased it yes finally I repurchase the lipstick my lipsticks never finish I'm not even able to consume 1/10 of the total quantity of the lipsticks that I have because I keep changing my lipsticks all the time so I

never felt the need to repurchase it also I sort of get bored and I want to try out new shades but this is one which I could never get bored of this is the new one and it's all sealed I haven't even finished the old one but I'm a holder when I love something I like to buy a backup of it and keep in stock the last product is a makeup sponge can you believe how much it is for it's just for one dollar it's from sharpness in it's there a Oh a wonder blender now it's difficult to get it here so I purchased it through an Instagram store they sell it for somewhere around 200 to 250 because they have customs to pee and there's a lot of shipping involved plus they're doing a business they have to make the profits out of it they have to run their business so that way the prices come up a bit higher anywho even if you're paying 250 for this it's of quality please don't mind it's dirty I use the study tour do my makeup now this dense in my foundation and concealer so well it does not even absorb a lot of product and it's very soft and squishy I have the Real Techniques I have the ybp makeup sponge they're also very good but

I love this one the most because of the price okay so that's all for this video I hope you enjoyed this video and found something new which you can buy and try if you did then please click on the like button and subscribe to my channel it's the whole world to me and also click on the bell button next to the subscribe button so that you don't miss out any of my future videos also if you have any other product which you absolutely love to use it this year then please write down in the comments below I always take new recommendations and I love using them so that's all for this video and I shall see you next time I till then bye